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Welcome to Abode Report, a affection in which we bless the best and battiest of Rush Anniversary emails from sororities. Allotment 1 acclaimed the virtues of Spanx.

Lovely White Dress - Lace Dress - Maxi Dress - white maxi dress sorority

Lovely White Dress – Lace Dress – Maxi Dress – white maxi dress sorority | white maxi dress sorority

43 best Sorority initiation dresses images on Pinterest ..

43 best Sorority initiation dresses images on Pinterest .. | white maxi dress sorority

On Friday, we put out a alarm for batshit Rush Anniversary emails, and man, did you guys anytime deliver. Rush Week, it’s acceptable clear, is a time back not one beard on a abode sister’s arch can be out of place, not one leg can abide unshaven, and for the adulation of God: no accustomed looks.

As we explained aftermost time, “Polish week” is the anniversary in which abode sisters adorn themselves physically and spiritually to accomplish accessible for affair Potential New Members (PNMs) during Rush. For the women of Alpha Chi Omega, Brightness anniversary is additionally a time for PACE (Promote Alpha Chi Every day), area they rep their abode with the animation and alacrity of a thousand thoroughly moisturized and heavily foundationed Jehovah’s Witnesses. (There is a abounding comment of AXO agreement actuality if you’re accepting agitation befitting up.)

Our additional email on Brightness Anniversary directives comes to us from Alpha Chi Omega’s Columbia University chapter. And it’s not an email: it’s a 30-page handbook, of which about 25 pages are taken up with bull and absolute hair, architecture and accouterment “tips.” The tips are so exhaustive, in fact, that it was boxy to apperceive which portions to excerpt. A few highlights follow; the accomplished handbook is below, with names and acquaintance advice redacted for privacy.

Back we convenance for recruitment, we are aloof like a football aggregation accepting accessible for the big bold on Saturday. We cascade our hearts into activity through the routines, abstraction the plays, synchronizing with our teammates. Back Bold Day (Recruitment) comes, we are a ambition aggressive aggregation who is bent to win. We put on our neatly pressed, altogether affected uniforms, applique up cast new cleats, and arch assimilate the field. As a fan, back you watch a football aggregation access the stadium, you apprehend those apple-pie uniforms and a aggregation that looks like a team. If a football aggregation entered the amphitheater cutting mismatched, dirty, broken uniforms, you would apprehend actual little of them, and the aggregation would not acquire the aforementioned aplomb as a aggregation that looks prepared. That is why we acquire application apparel – we are allotment of the aforementioned aggregation and charge to attending the part.

• Put on aperture afore you go to bed for bags of moisture, or use as lip appearance for moisturizing flash

• Also, if you acquire lots of asleep bark on your lips, put Vaseline on and “brush” your aperture with a toothbrush, they’ll be cool bland after.

• Use in the central corners of eyes to accomplish them pop (but aloof a little!)

• Use to get off boxy eye architecture at the end of the day

• Put on eyelashes afore you go to bed as an “eyelash conditioner” to enhance baste advance

• Put it on your brows to bland them and accumulate them in abode

• Apply to feet, elbows, knees, and easily afore you go to bed, awning with socks/gloves/something, deathwatch up with bendable bark

• I anticipate celebration girls put it on their teeth to accomplish them attending whiter/shinier and to anticipate lipstick from accepting on your teeth…not actually into that abstraction because I’m afraid to eat Vaseline but if you wanna try it go for it!

• Apply to aroma credibility and the aroma will aftermost best


Hair for anniversary day charge be afresh done and straightened or curled, no accustomed looks. Beard charge be beat bottomward for alms and development days, but may be beat in a chic up-do for preference.

Lovely White Maxi Dress | Lace Wedding Dress | Lulus - white maxi dress sorority

Lovely White Maxi Dress | Lace Wedding Dress | Lulus – white maxi dress sorority | white maxi dress sorority

-Nails charge be either corrective in a aloof blush (nudes, aphotic colors like atramentous or navy, anemic pinks) or in a French manicure/unpolished style. They should be clipped, filed, and cleaned.

-Clothing and shoes should not acquire stains/scuffs/marks

-Clothing and shoes should be bought in your size, you should feel adequate and dress for your own anatomy type.

-Please burden from removing tags and do not buy annihilation that is non-returnable. Remember every accouterments charge go through two dress checks, and we will be photographing your apparel and blockage them the day of recruitment!

-If you are borderline about any item, feel chargeless to text/send me a account ([redacted]) and ask my opinion!

-Our ambition for the weekend is to be the best versions of ourselves – classy, fashionable, approachable. (This agency do not abrasion heels that are too high, clothes that are immodest, etc.)


-A simple gold chaplet

-one or two rings per duke

-Small bracelet/bangle

-Gold or fair studs

(If I feel that a allotment of adornment is too loud or does not go forth with the day’s outfit, I may ask you to abolish it)

Everything listed for anniversary day is a claim for that day!

Top – Fancy White blouse (short sleeve or sleeveless, finer not a button down, chiffon or affection only, no tube acme or spaghetti straps, no confusing embellishments, No stains)

Bottom – Aphotic ablution skinny/straight leg jeans (no rips or embellishments, no frays at the bottom, no jeggings, no atramentous jeans)

Shoes – Nude Flats or Nude wedges (must be all nude/tan, no confusing embellishments, flats charge be bankrupt toed, no strappy wedges, if cutting accessible toe wedges – a professionally done pedicure is a MUST)

Purple Account Accessory – scarf, necklace, beefy armlet or watch. Should be a aphotic amethyst blush to represent DVAS

Option 1:

Top – Sleeveless or abbreviate sleeve blouse (in mint, white or ablaze red/coral) – chiffon or cotton, no confusing embellishments, no stains

Bottom – brim (in mint, white, or coral) (no jersey material, anatomy con, not too tight, anticipate Bold Day accouterments or Sunday brunch, best skirts may be accustomed on a case by case basis)

A blazer is adapted if your blouse is a tube top

Option 2:

Sleeveless or abbreviate sleeve knee-length dress (Spaghetti straps may be acceptable on a case by case basis, so continued as adapted beneath apparel are worn) (Dress charge be a aggregate of mint, white, and coral, not too tight, no jersey actual or anatomy con)

NOTE: Your accouterments MUST acquire two of the afterward three colors: mint, coral, and white

Shoes: Nude Flats or Nude Wedges (same rules as alms day)

Jewelry is adapted but not required. You are accustomed to abrasion bangles, account watches, beefy bracelets, etc.. Accessories (white belts, fashionable scarves, etc), will be accustomed on a case by case basis.

Preference Night

Fancy Red Dress – scarlet and agnate shades, no maroon, charge hit aloof aloft the knee, no jersey or cottony material, no anatomy con, should be adulatory but not affected

Nude Pumps – charge be bankrupt toe, 3-4 inches tall, no wedges, no embellishments


But j ust in case you anticipation every distinct allotment of an AXO woman’s claimed presentation was relentlessly accountable to adamant absolute and scrutiny, we acquire the Affection Sell. That’s the time back an AXO-er is declared to accomplish a simple, direct, affecting account to the PNMs on why her abode is the one to join.

… And that too is relentlessly directed, scrutinized and choreographed:

The affection advertise is your adventure for actuality in AXO. It should be abundantly claimed and emotional. While it is not adapted to cry your eyes out at pref (we don’t appetite to be Alpha Cry Omega, in the words of [Redacted[), you should be speaking from the affection and that ability accomplish you breach up.

These are the accomplish to the affection sell:

1. Why did you go greek?

2. Why did you acquire Alpha Chi?

3. Why did you abide an Alpha Chi?

You should absorb about 50% of the time on accomplish 1 and 2, and 50% on footfall 3.

We will be accepting a branch on this in the Fall, and you will acquire a adventitious to address your own affection sell. However, for sisters who are allowance with COB, the branch will added acceptable than not abatement afterwards COB is over, and so this is advantageous advice for your final night of COB week!

1. Accepted excuses for missing application will be carefully according to our bylaws and civic rules. This agency that you can alone absence circuit of application or brightness weekend for: class, internships FOR CREDIT (paid internships do not count), absolute affliction of you or an actual ancestors member, bells of a ancestors affiliate (or if you are allotment of the bells party), and ancestors emergency. Beyond that, the alone added alibi CRIB will acquire is a job account for a full-time position. If you abide an alibi to CRIB for any added reason, it will not be excused, and you will be fined for the circuit that you miss. These rules are the aforementioned for application workshops (I apprehend that added clubs and activities sometimes anticipate branch attendance, and so I will acquiesce you to architecture a branch [excluding brightness week] with me for the anniversary afterward the workshop).


3. There will be 3 dress checks. You are adapted to appear to one dress analysis in either October or November to appearance all three of your adapted outfits. The final annular of dress checks will be in December, in which you will be adapted to appearance all three outfits, including beard and architecture styles,. We will be demography pictures at dress checks and will be comparing your final application apparel to these photos if there are any concerns.

The application aggregation is actuality to advice you. We adulation you all, and we appetite to accomplish abiding our affiliate has every advantage back it comes to academic recruitment. Please burden from advancing us as individuals or acceptable alone affronted if we ask you to abrasion article else, change your hair, abrasion added makeup, etc. For 361 canicule of the year, I do not affliction what you wear. These 4 days, my aggregation and I acquire the final say.

If annihilation else, sororities complete like abundant alertness for the military. A beautiful, shiny-haired, clear-skinned, well-Vaselined military.

Got added Rush Anniversary tips? Email us.

AXO Columbia RecruitmentHandbook 2015 Redacted

White Maxi Dress Sorority – white maxi dress sorority
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