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The all-overs goes off at 4 a.m. and Kylie Widhelm presses the catnap button. Aloof once.

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She gets up, nurses her 9-month-old babe and checks on her added two daughters. She makes a breakfast smoothie, packs cafeteria and leaves her Gretna abode in her CHI Bloom scrubs, Caribbean blue.

The anticipation says 70 degrees, but it’s adamantine to accept at 4:45 a.m. Fog condenses on her windshield. A algid south breeze whips flags beside the highway. She could calculation the headlights on one hand.

Widhelm didn’t acclimated to go to assignment this early, but again COVID-19 came to boondocks and she confused to the advanced lines.

On her 20-minute drive to Creighton University Medical Center-Bergan Mercy, she plays a podcast, a Christian address blue-blooded “This is how I activity my battles.”

We all accept our ways.

To abduction the arising communicable and its effects, added than a dozen World-Herald staffers fanned out beyond the busline breadth Wednesday to certificate a day in the activity of Omaha. Hour by hour, we batten to dozens of accustomed bodies adapting to an amazing moment in history.

We visited retail shops and donation drives, churches and schools, parks and cemeteries, the airport and the river.

On Wednesday, March 25, added than a dozen World-Herald staffers broadcast beyond busline Omaha to appearance some of the agency we are active through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporters interviewed bodies in being but complied with amusing breach guidelines, while photographers captured images. All those scenes are alloyed calm by Dirk Chatelain in this report.

Writers included Erin Duffy, Rick Ruggles, Erin Grace, Joe Dejka, Christopher Burbach, Evan Bland, Jon Nyatawa, Chris Heady, Sam McKewon, Mike Patterson and Dirk Chatelain. Photographers included Chris Machian, Anna Reed and Z Long.

We begin a burghal active by what’s draft and abashed of what’s next. Grocery abundance shelves are empty; abandoned shelters are full. Academy buses are gone; Amazon trucks are everywhere.

In a amount of 24 hours, we begin affections leaping from one acute to the next. From animation to anxiety. Sorrow to inspiration.

When bounce assuredly awkward through the clouds Wednesday afternoon, you could about see the grass greening and alcohol lifting. But aback at 5 a.m., aback Bergan Mercy’s capital doors opened, it still acquainted like winter.

Upstairs in the maternology ward, a Vietnamese immigrant arrives for a continued day of labor. On the fifth floor, a 51-year-old ancestor spends his 12th ceremony abroad from home. At any accustomed moment, a hospital juggles hundreds of responsibilities. But aggregate revolves about the coronavirus.

Widhelm enters at the hospital’s agents aperture and exchanges her claimed items for a surgical mask. Her ability is anatomic analysis — she supervises adjust — but now she spends the aboriginal block of her 11-hour about-face screening admission patients.

At one of Bergan’s six added defended entrances, Widhelm settles in abaft a table abounding with sanitizer. Aback the aboriginal accommodating walks through the automated door, Widhelm greets the aged man with a smile. Again she asks the aboriginal catechism on a COVID-19 account she knows by heart.

“Have you accomplished any fevers or chills?”

• • •

On Omaha’s riverfront, bristles academy girls access an abandoned parking lot and discharge out of a white sedan. They put on their coats and stocking caps and backpack accept to accept against the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Their purpose? Adventure.

COVID-19 amount two of them part-time jobs this month. It amount them all a additional division and bounce breach trips.

Olivia McMahon was declared to fly out to Arizona today. Sarah Harrison appointed tickets for Denmark, Ireland and Italy. Yikes. Aback her cruise got canceled, Harrison advised abutting her abbey accumulation in Texas. Sorry. How ’bout California for her friend’s wedding?

“That was a no,” Harrison said.

A mile away, at Eppley Airfield’s arctic terminal, the 7 a.m. aegis band should be backed up to the Scooter’s booth. Some 300 cartage per hour should be abounding through the checkpoint. Instead, the Scooter’s administrator has apparent aloof two cartage all morning.

Southwest 2531 to San Jose? Canceled.

Delta 2003 to Atlanta? Canceled.

American 2540 to Dallas-Fort Worth? Canceled.

So the bristles academy girls crouch bottomward in Omaha, amusing breach from best anybody except ceremony other. If one of them has the virus, they amount they all accept it. And absolutely a aurora cruise to the beach can’t aching anything.

At 7:24, they ability the acme of the bridge, area a assurance abstracts the Missouri River’s history of change, area a ablaze orange brawl should’ve broiled their faces. Instead, their noses are algid and they can’t see a thing.

“We were aggravating to watch a sunrise,” McMahon says. “The anticipation looked promising!”

They accumulate walking. Maybe they’ll acquisition something.

• • •

8 a.m.

In burghal towers, skeleton assignment crews — added accidental than accepted — go to their corners on awkward elevator rides. Who wants to draft the button?

At 180th and West Dodge Road, Kiley Gerdes washes little easily at Babyish Miracle Preschool and Childcare. She commonly welcomes 135 kids; today it’s about half. Parents can abolish their kids but assets their spots by continuing to pay a fourth of the accustomed charge rate.

The cafeteria at Babyish Miracle Preschool and Childcare abreast 180th and Dodge sits abandoned about lunchtime on Wednesday. The allowance usually seats 24 kids at once, but the accouchement are now bistro commons in their classrooms.

At 131st and L, a Nebraska Anesthetic activity and commitment assistant sanitizes the central of her van while her bedmate pumps gas at Sam’s Club — apple-pie your hand, dear. They arch home and Robyn Stephen crashes from a 12-hour night shift. But not afore sealing her clothes in a artificial bag and demography a hot shower.

At 51st and Center, the Hy-Vee doors opened at 7 a.m., but alone for “high-risk” customers. The approved army is declared to delay for 8. By then, the run on Charmin is over. Toilet cardboard and cardboard towels are gone.

Downtown, a breakfast figure sits quiet. Pettit’s Pastry, 66 years in business, has cut aback assembly on aggregate from eclairs to altogether cakes. COVID-19 took abroad the NCAA basketball tournament, the Academy Apple Series, Berkshire Hathaway affairs and the Olympic Swim Trials, all contest that should’ve brought barter through the door.

“I’m aggravating to breach optimistic,” says Mark Pettit, who co-owns the boutique with his brother.

That agency blockage open. Pettit is accomplishing his best to booty affliction of his 40 employees. What he doesn’t sell, he donates to abandoned shelters, aboriginal responders, alike the adjacent brewery that afresh began authoritative duke sanitizer.

“We appetite to accomplish abiding annihilation goes to waste.”

And no loyal chump goes unrecognized. Like Darryl, who years ago absolved a mile from Central Aerial to get his amoroso rush. Wednesday morning, he comes in with affairs to bear to his friends.

I’ll booty a dozen, he says.

There aren’t abundant Darryls to accumulate anybody afloat.

At 19th and Vinton, amusement groups of 14-year-old girls should be acrimonious out quinceañera dresses. Bridesmaids should be combing through racks of glassy and lace.

Maria Kaczor’s Modest Bride boutique is open, for now. She’s kept active altering dresses and suits. But she closes the boutique an hour or two early. No charge for her bedmate to exhausted by afterwards assignment to advice out.

“I can handle it myself.”

Proms are off. Weddings are on hold. How can you bless aback the Douglas County Bloom Department restricts gatherings to 10 people?

Even browsing isn’t the same. Kaczor can’t acquiesce barter to try on dresses for sale. They charge put on disposable gloves afore affecting the sparkly earrings.

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“We’re praying aggregate is done soon, but we don’t apperceive aback it will all be OK.”

At 16th and Farnam, S.Y. Cleaners planned to breach accessible alone two added days, admitting racks abounding of clothes cat-and-mouse for pick-up. Aback bodies assignment from home, buyer Anon Kang said, they don’t charge dry cleaning.

She’s hopeful she’ll reopen eventually. Her built-in South Korea has rebounded from COVID-19 and her ancestors accept alike offered to accelerate help.

Not money. Not clothes.


There’s no argent ammo to exhausted the virus. No anesthetic to alleviate shuttered windows and blush slips. How can Omahans feel some faculty of control?

They give.

Cecilia Saavedra devotes hours to arcade and carrying advantage for the elderly, the ill, the immunocompromised. Her mission today at Supermercado Nuestra Familia on Vinton Artery is a ancestors with three adolescent children, two of whom accept asthma.

The 26-year-old University of Nebraska at Omaha student spends about 5 account wiping bottomward a arcade barrow afore bushing it with broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, bananas, 5-pound accoutrements of broiled pinto beans and rice, six cans ceremony of amazon booze and blooming peas, a box of Frosted Flakes — a tiny amusement for the kids.

The bill: $51.52. It comes out of her pocket.

At the Red Cross on 132nd and West Dodge, donors band up to get poked. There’s Greg Stolp, who knows the accent of advantageous claret — his son Raef has cartilage cancer. And Paul Wortman, who’s donated claret for 46 years. And Ken Stier, who acquainted a all-powerful assignment to help.

“I’ve been accustomed a gift, and it’s not a allowance if you don’t allotment it.’’

At Holling Heights Elementary, Connie Goeser shoves a thermometer central a allotment of meat and studies the display: 160 degrees.

It’s 9:30 and the aboriginal accumulation is hot abundant to serve. But Goeser, 57, gives it a few added minutes, aloof to be safe.

Goeser manages the kitchen at Abbott Elementary, addition Millard school. She had to awning today at Holling Heights because the accepted baker had his car burst into overnight.

Millard aliment account artisan Connie Goeser prepares and distributes commons to families at Holling Heights Elementary School.

The plan is to serve 144 meals. She wraps the aboriginal accumulation in antithesis and packs them into cream trays with cucumber slices and a alacrity packet.

Just afore 10 a.m., cars alpha affairs up to the curb. Goeser pushes carts of meals.

“Here you go, sweetheart.”

“How abounding do you need? Six?”

“Thank you. We’re actuality every day. Whatever you need.”

Seven-year-old Kemma Grace lays eyes on the day’s alms and grins.

Corn dogs!

• • •

The blurred billow mixes with the bankrupt of dabbling semis. Aloft them blinks the red lights of the behemothic Sapp Bros. coffee pot appearance one of Omaha’s best-known fuel-and-eat spots for barter drivers.

They cull their rigs into the capital for agent fuel, their authorization plates spanning from Florida to Arctic Dakota. One truck, a adipose hauler out of Wisconsin, appearance a finger-drawn bulletin on its arenaceous backside:


Around the account center, Sapp Bros. posts a continued account of coronavirus changes. Self-serve doughnutsare out. Bathrooms are sanitized hourly. New Plexiglas hangs bottomward from metal chains in advanced of the counters.

Opposite one of the cashiers is Ron Gruhn, a Sapp Bros. Petroleum disciplinarian the accomplished two decades. He delivers ammunition to account centers aural 150 miles.

He walks alfresco to his blooming red cab clutching assignment orders, climbs central and alcove for his Clorox wipes. Too abundant depends on his industry; 18-wheelers can’t apathetic bottomward now.

But truckers can’t backpack a accomplished economy. Look at Village Pointe, the acme jewel of burghal arcade centers. Late morning, it’s about a apparition town.

Eric Molina, 40, emerges from Scheels accretion a babyish white bag. He works for a architecture accessories aggregation and worries he’ll anon about-face from bacon to commission.

Eric Molina shows off his new fishing lures afterwards a Wednesday cruise to Scheels at a near-empty Village Pointe. Molina said he’s “gotta get out.”

But appropriate now, he’s cerebration about a lake. He shows off his purchase: fishing lures.

“I should apparently be adapting to quarantining,” Molina says. “But I aloof can’t advice it. Gotta get out.”

So do apple champions. At 11 a.m., central his battle academy at 30th and Sprague, Terence Crawford hammers out a ablaze workout. Weightlifting. Stair-stepping. Treadmill.

No punching today. And no battle anytime soon.

Crawford flew to New York two weeks ago to plan his abutting bender for June or July. The affair never happened. Now one of America’s best athletes will acceptable lose months of his prime and potentially a seven-figure paycheck.

B&B Battle Academy, which draws several top fighters from about the country, has already absent about $250,000 from draft cancellations.

“Lot of f—ing money,” says Brian McIntyre, Crawford’s trainer and partner. “We’ll get it back.”

• • •

Back at Bergan Mercy, Kylie Widhelm finishes a morning of staffing, training, rounding and meeting. COVID-19 changes procedures afterwards notice; there’s no such affair as a accepted day anymore.

In maternology allowance 3, My Du and her husband, Fabricio Diaz, allotment a video bold on their phones as they delay for their aboriginal adolescent to arrive.

He’s from Omaha; she’s from Vietnam. They met online, aboriginal as friends, again article more. They affiliated two years ago in her home country and she came to America in May 2019. Now they’re abrasion their easily every time they leave the allowance and discussing how activity will be altered in 24 hours.

“Not the best time to accompany a adolescent to this Earth,” Diaz says, “but I assumption God has his reasons.”

On the hospital’s east wing, Jenny Daup spends Day 80 abroad from home.

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Her husband, Alan, is a 51-year-old anatomic therapist — aloof like Widhelm — who cautiously entered the hospital in January with acute abdomen pain. Emergency anaplasty bankrupt up the array amid an avenue and his babyish intestine. He hasn’t been home to Gothenburg, Nebraska, since.

Four added surgeries followed. And 79 nights on the east addition of the fifth floor, the Affection and Vascular Institute. The nurses of 5E accept approved to affluence the stress. They afraid Alan with a allowance on his birthday. They’ve alike let his dog, a Shih Tzu alleged Dobey, breach in the room. Afore Alan’s aftermost surgery, nurses brought in the hospital clergyman and they all prayed together.

“Alan cried and cried and cried,” Jenny says.

Because of COVID-19, she can’t hug the nurses anymore. Can’t agitate their hands. Wednesday, though, Jenny noticed the afternoon anticipation and alleged her babe Maddie with an idea.

Sidewalk chalk.

• • •

In a quiet, babyish allowance abutting to the capital chantry at Papillion’s St. Columbkille Catholic Church, Joan Norman bows her head.

She prays for God to watch over his bodies and for the argent linings of the pandemic, such as her bedmate animate at home.

The capital abbey is bashful and dark. Banks of votive candles, lit by the hopeful and the mourning, bonfire in a corner.

The chantry can’t authority services, so the pews are empty. But the dim ablaze reveals faces.

Parishioners taped photos of themselves on the backrests of the pews, adverse the altar. A agenda to the priest hangs in the advanced row.

“Dear Father, We ambition we were here. This is the pew we like best. We’re with you aback you bless Mass on YouTube.”

North of downtown, it’s lunchtime at Omaha’s better emergency shelter. Rice-beef goulash and canned peaches.

Also on the card at Siena Francis House: warnings about amusing breach and changes to meal times to abstain adjournment lines.

So far, so good. Four hundred twenty-five bodies beddy-bye nightly here. No absolute COVID-19 cases.

Staff associates in surgical gloves apple-pie tables and chairs as Director Linda Twomey motions to red band spaced about 6 all-overs afar on the gray walls. That’s how far afar you should be continuing in lines, she explains to residents. Wash your easily as abundant as possible. Use the sanitizer stations.

“Thank you for your patience. We’re all in this together.”

But Twomey can’t cure sickness, nor can she abstracted association 24 hours a day.

Kelly Behrens, who’s been blockage at Siena Francis aback August, acquainted a draft of paranoia one night aftermost ceremony as her bunkmate fabricated a complete that may accept gone disregarded afore COVID-19.

Cough. … Cough. … Cough.

“I’m scared,” Behrens says.

• • •

The bare headstone, a ablaze gray, weighs 800 pounds. That’s why the chicken Swinger tractor is actuality at Voss Mohr Cemetery to advice lower the bean into its final comatose abode abreast a arid tree.

James Hawkins and Terry Webb — who assignment for Milacek Monument Aggregation — dig the aperture for the stone. Four inches deep, with an alike added auger aperture in the average to accomplish abiding the bean doesn’t achieve into the earth.

James Hawkins and Terry Webb install a headstone at Voss Mohr Cemetery.

Rap music blares from their barter as they backpack clay about the bean for a close fit. These monuments men set stones at any cemetery aural a 100-mile radius. Three to set today.

“I’m not afraid about the virus,” Webb says. “I’m aloof activity through my accustomed life.”

“It’s not abundant worse than H1N1, bird flu, barbarian flu,” says Hawkins, the taller of the two, with a abounding bristles bit-by-bit up his cheeks. “All this has been advancing about for the absolute time I’ve been alive. I’ve watched bags of these sicknesses draft by us and cipher absolutely cared as abundant as this one.”

“The media’s alarming it out of proportion,” Webb says.

Hawkins, who has a wife and babe at home, says he’s annoyed of seeing COVID-19 all over Facebook. But he recognizes the affliction is yet to come.

“We haven’t ailing yet,” Hawkins says. “We accept not peaked.”

At Cedardale cemetery nine afar bottomward the road, Karen Walters and her three developed accouchement sit beneath a canopy, grieving.

Richard Vernon Walters died six canicule afore his 74th birthday. Complications from branch disease. Amusing ambit restrictions prevented a abbey funeral, or alike a visitation.

Just a scattering of mourners accumulate at the graveside, amidst at a ambit by babyish groups broadcast on the old cemetery’s greening grass. Added sat in their cars.

Two granddaughters apprehend Scripture passages. A niece tells a admired ancestors adventure about alert Rich block her and her kids in a bazaar scooter.

The pastor gives a address and offers a closing prayer. The artist sings “Amazing Grace.” “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free.”

Karen Walters hears her grandchildren bawl abaft her, but she can’t hug them. Can’t eat cafeteria with them. Can’t blot their belief of her husband. She gives a little wave, and her ancestors goes its abstracted ways.

• • •

Henry Doorly’s all-inclusive parking lots are empty. A assurance at the advanced aboideau says: “Zoo briefly closed.” Aforementioned goes for libraries, theaters and restaurants.

But the burghal beats a little faster afterwards lunch. A parks aggregation disassembles a adulteration timberline on Franklin Street. Two ex-furniture movers bung horseshoes in a advanced backyard off Cuming. At Pittman Animal Hospital, an 83-year-old ex-Marine cradles his new accomplishment dog, Pepper, who’s aloof accustomed a apple-pie bill of health.

“She’s a Shih Tzu,” says Richard Christensen, the retired letter carrier. “My assignment baker alleged me article a lot like that.”

In Benson, wheelchairs band up in the capital alley of Maple Acme Bloom Center.

“The aboriginal song is ‘PYT’ by Michael Jackson!” a adolescent woman announces. “Can we comedy it over the intercom?”

Eugenie Ahounou and her aerated agents organized this dance-off to area off abhorrence and all-overs and bareness — no visitors accustomed during a pandemic.

The music starts and association in wheelchairs agitate their booties. Workers apprehension a few moves, too. An activated Kim Britt, who’s endured bristles strokes, needs oxygen all the time but finds the animation to clarify on his back-in-the-day basketball prowess.

“I acclimated to distill amid my legs, douse over you, appear bottomward and say, ‘What you doin’ on this court, man?’ ”

Ahounou is fatigued to the absolute by a virus that threatens her high-risk population. Fatigued by the draft of her brother, who died of leukemia Monday aback home in Benin — bisected a apple away. She can’t accompany her big, crazy Catholic ancestors for the funeral. But she’s animated now.

“You accept to affected it till you accomplish it,” Ahounou says, attractive about the allowance at her agents and residents. “I accept to lift them up.”

• • •

2 p.m.

That’s a about-face change at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. According to Capt. Wayne Hudson, amusing breach has meant beneath 911 calls, draft letters or bottom cartage central the burghal courthouse.

But COVID-19 has produced a advancing trend line: ascent calm abandon calls. Families don’t leave the abode to draft off steam.

Hudson can’t advice but analyze coronavirus to aftermost year’s adverse floods. But this is worse because there’s no escape from the threat.

“That danger, that hidden danger, you can’t see it, feel it or draft it,” Hudson says. “But it’s everywhere.”

Against that backdrop, pawnshop business is up. At Sol’s Jewelry and Loan on 72nd and Maple, the activity feels like a approved weekday. Maybe alike busier.

Customers are affairs added than selling.

“I accept a abundance abounding of people,” administrator Chris Gillespie says, “and they’re all attractive at altered things.”

Game systems. iPads. Laptops. TVs. So abounding TVs.

There’s one added conspicuously accepted item. At a bottle case, a woman checks out a gun as her two grade-school kids angle and watch. Why buy now?


• • •

The 70-degree anticipation was wrong, but 60 feels adorable enough. Beyond the city, cooped-up families discharge out of dawdling and into the yards and parks.

On Walnut Street, Scott and Abby Jordan admix with neighbors in their advanced yard, agreement chairs 6 all-overs apart, as their kids socially ambit on bikes and scooters.

Abby is part-owner of eCreamery and Carson’s Cookies. Aback her youngest, Frankie, was built-in prematurely, she advised aloof added than a pound. Now the beginning air fills Frankie’s 6-year-old lungs. Anon Mom’s unsold accolade will ample her stomach.

“A absolutely acceptable day,” Abby says.

On Underwood Avenue, dueling advanced yards allure attention.

On the south side, Beth Engel buried a bootleg assurance in the arena — “Take what you need” — blood with bright Post-Its advised to accord neighbors a boost.

“Hug,” one says.

“You’re amazing,” says another.

“Patience,” counsels a third.

Across the street, the Nearys went all-in, decorating their accommodation with ceremony inflatables.

The Statue of Liberty and Pumpkin Arch Man. Two Santas and one snowman. A google-eyed Thanksgiving turkey and a ample bespatter hat with a banderole that said, “The affair is here!”

Come aback Friday, implores Amy Farha-Neary. That’s aback the new big Easter bunny arrives.

At Bergan Mercy, My Du, the Vietnamese immigrant, is still cat-and-mouse on her baby. Eleven hours in the allowance leaves too abundant time to think.

Do we accept the appropriate name?

Kylie Widhelm, who accustomed at assignment moments afterwards Du showed up with her maternology bag, changes out of her scrubs and into a apple-pie set of clothes. She’ll drive aback to Gretna and aces up her daughters at day affliction — the aftermost afternoon afore it shuts down. Addition coronavirus complication.

As she leaves, Widhelm walks accomplished a adolescent woman adamantine at assignment on the sidewalk outside. Is that chalk?

Jenny Daup’s bedmate is still in 5E, but her daughter, the UNO student, has angry the accurate beneath into her canvas.

Hurry, Maddie, the nurses change accouterment at 7.

• • •

Stephanie Gaston fabricated the plan months ago.

First, hit the casinos. She and her accompany capital to bless her 21st altogether beyond the river. She’d accelerate her new cardboard ID beyond a bar, acquisition a aperture apparatus and sip her aboriginal acknowledged alcohol at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

COVID-19 abolished her plans. “I got appealing bummed,” Gaston said.

Instead, she picks up margaritas from El Vallarta, assuming her ID through a car window. Her aboriginal alcohol comes as Mom prepares her admired meal, backtalk legs, afore a night of ancestors games.

Without slots, charades will accept to do.

As banquet time arrives, Omaha’s temperature rises to its circadian high, 62 degrees. The wind ceases and you’d affirm the accomplished two weeks were aloof a dream. An exercise to admonish us why abandon and acquaintance matter.

In the Old Market, a bedmate treats his wife to a altogether and ceremony meal from Le Bouillon. They can’t go inside, so he sets up a table, chairs and flowers in the aback of their auto truck.

In Blooming Hills, Mary and Jess Faber administer 500 flyers, one for every abode in the neighborhood, alms to aces up advantage for high-risk neighbors.

In Bellevue, Matt Walter pitches to his son on an abandoned baseball diamond. The 9-year-old swings the metal bat — ping — and circuit the bases — “Woohoo!” — afore sliding into home. Bottomward the street, a atramentous auto rumbles by a aliment abdomen administration site, area volunteers had beforehand handed out pasta, potatoes, aliment and apples to a band of cars three blocks long. The disciplinarian asks if the aliment is gone.

Yes, sorry.

At Memorial Park, women in hijabs hunt kids who hunt soccer balls. An old man closes his eyes in a anchorage absent — at atomic for a few moments — to the apple about him. The sun sets over St. Margaret Mary, the oranges and pinks bond aloft the 112-foot alarm tower.

The church, congenital during Apple War II, has offered the burghal a alarm through endless conflicts. From chase riots to bread-and-butter collapses. But this antagonism amid alarming and affront — this airy foe — feels new. Different.

Back at Bergan Mercy, Maddie Daup puts the finishing touches on bristles hours of artwork. She’s covered the sidewalk that connects nurses to their parking lot. Flowers and bicycles and copse and, best important, messages.

Bloom area you’re planted.

The apple needs you.

That affectation makes you beautiful.

As nurses acquit one aftermost time and arch out the door, they stop and booty photos of the concrete. Jenny Daup watches it all from a fifth-floor window, smiling.

In the maternology ward, the afraid bedmate and wife absent an absolute day alfresco — aurora to sunset. And 14 hours of confinement hasn’t produced a baby. But aloof afterwards 7:30 p.m., nurses say it’s time. They caster 24-year-old My Du into a commitment room, area she labors, her bedmate captivation her hand.

Baby doesn’t appetite to appear out. Doctors about accord up and opt for a C-section. But Mom keeps trying. Three hours.

Finally, at 10:33, a 7-pound, 8½-ounce babe arrives. Her name is Lina and, according to Dad, she looks like her mom.

My Du and her new babyish girl.

Moments later, a woman in scrubs pushes a button at the nurse’s station, activating a song that Kylie Widhelm and Jenny Daup accept heard hundreds of times, a 19th-century German melody that plays for 15 abnormal on hospital speakers — alike in the ICU — every time a babyish is born. Day or night. Advantageous or sick. In accord or panic.

A lullaby.

Goodnight, Omaha. See you in the morning.

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