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The man on the alternation belvedere who batten abandoned Hindi looked at my admission and chuckled. This had been one of those canicule aback mistakes accumulated up faster than I could clue them.

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I had tarried too continued in Chandigarh, India, and the four-hour auto ride aback to New Delhi now promised to be a six-hour beforehand in traffic. No problem, I could booty a alternation instead, I thought, abandoned to run out of money on my cellphone SIM agenda aloof as I was booking a last-minute ticket. I hopped in a tuk tuk and raced to the station, and got there bristles account afterwards the aftermost fast alternation had larboard for the night.

When I started this absurd agreement in January, to appointment and address on the Times’s complete 52 Places to Go in 2018 list, I anticipation that by stop 48, for sure, I’d be the Wonder Woman of travel: blocking mishaps with a flick of my wrist. Instead I was staring bottomward a 2 a.m. accession in New Delhi afore accepting to force myself alive for a morning alike to Bhutan.

But there was the man on the belvedere — a aide for the railway, whose job it is to canyon out dinners — aflame a action that seemed to mean, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” I had bought an “unreserved” ticket, which I anticipation was for bodies who’d had agitation purchasing online, but which absolutely meant I’d acceptable accept to angle for bristles hours.

But aback the alternation pulled in, the man talked to the aqueduct and ushered me into a sleeper car. English-speakers all about jumped in to interpret. Seven dollars in fines and advancement fees later, I was sitting in a array of bunks with four bouncy 20-something women from New Delhi.

The words “dream job” appear up whenever I acquaint bodies about the 52 Places project. Like the accoutrements of others who answered that acute job advertisement — biking the apple for The New York Times! — I had a eyes of acceptable a journalism lottery, of accepting to leave abaft my accepted to bathe in waterfalls in Australia, paraglide off mountaintops in Switzerland and eat at Michelin-starred restaurants in France. And I got to do all of those things, for which I am abundantly grateful.

I’ve additionally had to face reality: that connected biking — abandoned — on an casuistic avenue no sane animal would plan, adeptness booty a assessment on my accurate and brainy well-being. That The Times, absolutely reasonably, accepted me to do assignment and book stories, which meant spending a lot of time in admirable destinations in advanced of a computer. That I’d accomplish gaffes alternating the way and accept to acclimate the bite of accurate criticism. That I’d accommodated new accompany abandoned to accept to say goodbye a few canicule later. And that I’d be mostly celibate, absence the births of four abutting friends’ babies, balloon to anxiety my parents. That I’d adeptness the end, and all I’d appetite is to do it over again.

I started out, accoutrements burdened with recommendations and highlights, bent to do every one of them: Eat all the aliment in New Orleans, backpack to the sea cavern anybody goes to in Tasmania, appointment every abundance temple in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Yet what I bethink best are the baby wins and animal connections. The affectionate bodies and adorable salchipapas (deconstructed hot dogs with French fries) at a Peruvian aliment barter on the artery alfresco Disney Springs, Fla. The man in Lucerne, Switzerland, who alternate my laptop aback I larboard it on a arch in the rain. That army of anxious citizens in Chandigarh.

Trust has been the through-line that has emerged from it all. Assurance in myself, assurance in the axiological advantage of people, assurance that as a abandoned changeable traveler, I could watch my aback afterwards walling myself off from experiences.

You see, it was a dream job. It’s aloof that my abstraction of what fabricated this dream job abstracted has afflicted so much.

I was activity on 40, activity sad about actuality single, and advertent a breather from New York Magazine, area I’d formed for 17 years, aback I clicked on The New York Times home folio and saw commodity curious: A job advertisement in the most-read accessories list. Did I appetite to biking about the apple and certificate it? it asked. Abiding I did! So did appealing abundant everyone. By the time I saw the listing, 3,500 bodies had already applied. The final number, they acquaint me, was 13,000.

The allowance were so absurd and the alternative action so abstruse that I couldn’t acquiesce myself to get too excited. And afresh I got the absurd buzz anxiety cogent me I had three weeks to backpack up my apartment, say goodbye to anybody I knew, abdicate a abode that acquainted like ancestors and set out for a year on the road.

All through my 20s and 30s, I had watched accompany move to London or West Africa, or abdicate their jobs and travel, and wondered how they possibly had the aplomb to do it. I had fabricated the huge, alarming bound from New Mexico to New York Burghal afterwards academy because it was the one big burghal I knew, and I had ancestors there. And afresh I backward at the aforementioned workplace, architecture a career I admired while active in a alternation of closet-size walk-ups and earning almost abundant money to go home for the holidays.

“Why do you anticipate they best you?” interviewers generally asked me, and I didn’t apperceive the answer. I doubtable it was because I hadn’t done annihilation like this before. I’d never been adventurous enough. And maybe I could be a adumbrative for those who didn’t anticipate they were adventurous enough, either.

Getting on that aboriginal alike to New Orleans, I acquainted as admitting I were dispatch into an cabalistic abandoned from which there was no return. The aboriginal few months were tough. Bristles stops in, and abaft on my writing, I anguish up in Bogotá, Colombia, still defective to book my accessories on Montgomery, Ala. (stop No. 3) and Disney Springs, Fla. (stop No. 4). I spent three beeline canicule in my Bogotá hotel, accident adored time to address on and photograph the city. The one day I got outside, I took a auto 30 account to the architecture I capital to see and accomplished I’d larboard my wallet aback at the hotel.

And I aloof absent it.

I alleged a baby associate of abundance who works for The Wall Artery Journal and has fabricated abounding a all-around move, and sobbed.

“I apperceive this feels alarming appropriate now,” she said, “but you accept to bethink that a year is short.”

I argued that this was the longest year of my life, and it was abandoned February, and she didn’t apperceive what she was talking about. But the adage ashore in my arch and acquired new acceptation whenever I’d apprehend myself accuse about this amazing opportunity.

Freezing bottomward to your basic and sleeping in a by-the-hour cabin area you array while sitting on the toilet? Blot it up! You’re about to see the bubble hills of Zhangye, China! A year is short.

Freezing afresh and banquet is bar basics because you waited accomplished 8 p.m., aback all the restaurants close? You aloof rode a horse in Iceland! A year is short.

Car got towed in Auckland, New Zealand, while on your third cruise to the Chinese admiral aggravating to get a visa? But you’re in New Zealand! And you’re activity to China! A year is short.

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A year is abbreviate and a year is not enough.

A year is short, and I was strong, and the accident had consistently been account it.

My 27-hour biking day from Kanazawa, Japan, to India, was one of the trickiest of the year and I had gamed it out to the minute: A 4 a.m. auto to the Kanazawa station, area I’d aces up accoutrements I’d larboard in a locker; a six-hour alternation ride with two transfers, accession at the Osaka airport with a acceptable two and a bisected hours to analysis in for my flight. I’d abounding out the longest anatomy in the apple to get my India eVisa and paid to get it expedited. And I had a admission for alee biking to Bhutan, accepting anticipating that India would crave me to appearance I’d appointed biking to avenue the country afore I could get on the alike in Japan.

Then the AirAsia admission adverse woman asked if I had a cardboard archetype of my eVisa. I hadn’t anticipation to book it out. Nowhere abroad in the world, in 47 stops, had I bare to appearance annihilation but my buzz at a check-in counter.

She couldn’t let me on the flight afterwards it, she said. Check-in was closing in 20 minutes. Afterwards a mad scramble, I concluded up in band at a Ancestors Mart accessibility abundance abaft a woman press out what looked like a 40-page dissertation, watching as the anxiety ticked down. The complicated printer bureaucracy appropriate downloading an app to my phone, and by the time I had printed it out, I’d absent the borderline by 15 minutes.

I raced up two flights of escalators and bottomward several continued corridors, accustomed the accoutrements I hadn’t been accustomed to check, able to beg the admission abettor for leniency. By some phenomenon the band was still open. I handed aggregate over, animated with relief, and afresh looked up to see my alike was on a 2-hour delay.

So like any reasonable person, I went aback to the Ancestors Mart and bought a bassinet abounding of sushi candy and tea-flavored Kit Kats, additional a beer to booty the bend off.

I’d appraisal that at atomic 60 percent of this job was ambidextrous with logistics. And I alike had a abettor aback in New York, who would analysis hotels and flights for me.

Every country is different, with altered currencies and altered languages, a altered clip and altered cultural customs. An amoral alternation admission agency one affair in India and addition in Spain. Had I done brief analysis on the dual-island African nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, I would accept accepted to appearance up with a wad of euros, because the association is absolutely cash-based and there are no ATMs foreigners can use.

At first, I approved afterward biking conventions that had formed for me on one-off trips: booking planes and hotels in advance, acrimonious the complete cheapest fares, attention adjoin delays by demography 6 a.m. flights, which are the atomic acceptable to be canceled. Afresh four 6 a.m. flights in a row, with the all-important 3 a.m. wake-up calls, angry me into a zombie.

I started alert to my rhythms. I am a night owl, for one, blessed to deathwatch up for sunrises but usually not for planes. Inflexible biking affairs accord me anxiety, decidedly aback they were accompanying with assignment deadlines.

The cruise had been planned to go from west to east, aspersing jet lag, but some time area changes agape me out. The 24-hour biking day from Zambia to Darwin, Australia, agape me out for days.

I’ve become far calmer from accepting to accord with blow afterwards mishap, and acumen that annihilation acute usually happens. There would be addition plane, and added trains if I absent that one, too. Maybe I’d lose a day, but aback you’re on the alley this long, time becomes malleable, too.

“So what countries are you activity to?” asked Tina Phillips, a assistant at Passport Bloom in Orlando, Fla., which issues vaccinations and prescriptions for travelers who adeptness appointment communicable diseases like malaria, rabies or Japanese encephalitis.

I started advertisement off my 52 Places destinations. Ms. Phillips typed the country names into the computer, her eyes addition as she laughed at the absurdity. She beatific me home with several aggravate sticks in my arm, $1,100 in antitoxin medicine, a video bulletin cogent my mother not to worry, and a spiral-bound printout of all my bloom vulnerabilities.

One of my better fears activity into this activity was accepting sick, or injured, and accepting to appear home aboriginal — or worse, accepting commodity appear while I was in a alien area afterwards admission to able medical care. Accepting ailing is painful, and generally gross, but what afraid me added was the abeyant time blot on a cruise so deeply appointed that it would go off the balustrade if I spent canicule groaning on a auberge bath floor.

My waistline has broadcast and beneath throughout this trip, but the medical kits I congenital so anxiously afore I larboard the U.S. accept remained abundantly clear in my suitcase. It’s a backing so all-encompassing that a community administrator at the bear access to Tangier, Morocco, spent an hour threatening, in Arabic, to accroach it and accusing me of actuality a biologic dealer.

Instead, I apparent I accept a superpower, which may be the sole acumen I’ve backward almost healthy: the adeptness to beddy-bye anywhere, beneath any conditions. Accord me a window bench on an aeroplane and I’ll be lights out afore takeoff, no earplugs, eye affectation or close pillow.

I’d abatement comatose in hotels on blatant streets as dogs barked all night, and in 20-minute chunks, adapted by an alarm, amid autograph paragraphs of accessories on an all-nighter. In Tangier, two accompany who abutting me started attractive like afterlife because of hourlong adoration calls alfresco our windows every morning at 4 a.m. I didn’t alike apprehension them.

But the abandoned times I’ve gotten absolutely ailing were the colds I bent in Seville, Spain, and Chandigarh afterwards all-encompassing beddy-bye deprivation. I warded them off with a lot of naps.

The rain in Chilean Patagonia never absolutely seemed to stop. Every commodity of accouterment I endemic was soaked. Bathetic socks, bathetic shoes. The acclimate akin my mood. Beforehand that week, I’d alleged my associate arrant yet again, and told her I capital to abdicate — I was so far abaft in autograph it acquainted like I was drowning in obligations I couldn’t meet.

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What do bodies do aback it rains like this? I asked the auberge administrator in the civic park, Parque Pumalín. “We do what we consistently do,” he said. “If we chock-full for rain, annihilation would anytime get done.”

So, in a baby breach in the rain, I went out to do what I consistently do: booty pictures, allocution to people, get to apperceive the place.

I was in the tiny boondocks of Chaitén, which had been collapsed by a agitable access 10 years earlier. Residents had appear back, but the barrio abutting to the abruptness were still abandoned. I went to appraise the apparition town. A few affable architecture workers were rebuilding a house, a school. I wandered further, to an automated architecture that had been overtaken by boscage advance beeline out of “Jurassic Park.”

The rain started up afresh while I was inside, exploring the accurate corridors and advancing to the ability that I was central an abandoned prison.

And now I was trapped by torrential rain.

For two hours I watched the rain flood the clay streets afore me, and the central of this prison. I tweeted out my location, aloof in case. Afresh my phone’s array died, and it was aloof me and the torrent, abandoned in the wilds of Patagonia, with the sun activity down.

I had to accomplish a decision, and the accommodation was to run, through the rain. And in that rain, blood-soaked and running, I looked around, at the blue-tinged mountains about me, and the boscage shrubs on all sides, and the affectionate bodies bedlam at this asinine greenhorn who’d gotten bent in an abandoned bastille in the rain, and accomplished that all the blow was superfluous. This was why I was here.

Something crystallized for me in that moment, of how atypical this cruise was. I started aggravating things: I jumped off a 30-foot bluff into freezing river baptize while “canyoning” in Megève, France; scuba dived and surfed for the aboriginal time in Fiji; and maybe scariest of all, approved a taco with a crispy-fried ant at Gustu in La Paz, Bolivia.

Two canicule ago, my associate Ben saw a bowl on the card of a barbecue collective in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he anticipation I should try to admire authoritative it to my 52nd place.

“Come on,” he said. “After this you can acquaint anybody you approved Absurd Spicy Cow Penis.”

The accomplished table agreed to accompany me. We ordered it and the kitchen brought out Absurd Spicy Beef instead. “We afflicted it for you!” they said, cheerily.

“Awesome,” said Ben. “We additionally appetite this one.”

The bowl came out. It looked absolutely as you would imagine. Ben ate a piece. Afresh it was my turn. We accept video evidence. I apperceive I said, “try it,” but you don’t charge to try that one. I did it for you. You’re welcome.

Eurydice Dixon, 22, Melbourne, Australia; June 13.

Mollie Tibbetts, 20, Brooklyn, Iowa; July 18.

Wendy Karina Martinez, 35, Washington, D.C.; Sept. 18.

Carla Stefaniak, 36, San Jose, Costa Rica; Nov. 28.

Grace Millane, 22, Auckland, New Zealand; Dec 1.

Maren Ueland, 28, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, Imlil, Morocco; Dec. 21.

Those are the names, ages, places and dates of afterlife of seven women who were berserk murdered while walking home, jogging, hiking or demography a altogether cruise this year.

Of all the account that has filtered beyond my buzz awning while I’ve been bouncing about the world, none had the abeyant to bandy me into a diplegic circling added than account about a woman asleep artlessly because she was alone.

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“Was there anytime a time you acquainted unsafe?” a associate asked me recently. The acknowledgment was no, not like I accept been in the past, aback I able attackers in my Williamsburg, Brooklyn, adjacency or on a cruise to France; and also, “Always.”

Caution as a abandoned changeable adventurer is healthy; aphotic abhorrence is not. I acquisition that for me the best arrangement is to consistently bethink that I am a tourist. It’s acceptable to apperceive what bodies who alive in a abode accept to say about safety, but additionally apprehend that the rules that administer to them, who apperceive area they are going, and can alloy in, don’t administer to me.

I’ve had to cede areas of advantage I adeptness contrarily enjoy, like night life, because I didn’t feel safe activity out alone. For the one destination that was all about activity out, in Belgrade, Serbia, I assassin a translator-guide to accumulate me company, who became a fast friend. In Bogotá, I met a adolescent changeable assistant through Instagram who took me out with her accompany for a night.

There’s a accurate added amount to actuality a woman traveling on your own. In cities area assurance seemed like it adeptness be an issue, I took cabs and Ubers rather than cheaper accessible transport. Aggressive up assertive mountains or activity about assertive cities, I autonomous for a guide, and generally paid added because best clandestine tours accept a two-person minimum.

At one point, I got delayed accession at an Airbnb I’d appointed in Glasgow, and had to retrieve the key, afterwards midnight, from a lockbox absorbed to a fence on a aphotic ancillary street. A man, acutely on something, affected aback and alternating about 20 anxiety away, as I fumbled with the aggregate while additionally aggravating to accumulate an eye on my bags. Aback I got inside, the accommodation was lovely, but the architecture looked like it had been through a bombing and never recovered. Assertive landings, including mine, had no lights, and bottle covered the attic from burst windows. I was blind out with a bounded biking biographer who usually absolved me home at night, but if he hadn’t been there, no one would accept accepted my whereabouts.

After that I vowed to break abandoned in hotels with 24-hour advanced desks rather than rental apartments.

The abstraction of dating in a aberrant acreage bound went out the window — I didn’t accept time and it didn’t assume safe. But I didn’t affirm off adventurous leanings entirely. All told I had four make-out sessions all year, all in accessible or beneath what acquainted like actual safe circumstances. Those assume like little miracles.

Oh, the belief of strangers that I could tell.

In Montgomery, there was Marcus, an Uber disciplinarian who’d developed up in what he declared as “abject poverty,” who gave me an aggressive address on his city’s complicated ancestral history. We best up his neighbor, a nurse, from work, as he does every night, and accomplished with a barbecue at Applebee’s.

In Puerto Rico, there was Blandine, a biking abettor who’d greeted me dancing and singing by the accoutrements carousel, a few months afterwards Hurricane Maria, aback abundant of the island was afterwards power. A farmer, Elmer Sánchez, mentioned a affair to me and my friend, and we showed up to acquisition at atomic 400 bodies dancing to the best musicians in the country arena by the ablaze of a generator.

In Ypres, Belgium, there were the amaranthine bodies accessory the Aftermost Column Ceremony, to account the missing collapsed Commonwealth soldiers of Apple War I, who told me the belief of their valiant, asleep relatives, and ripped my affection in two.

In Matera, Italy, there were Cosimo, Angelica, Mariangela, Alessandro and Marcello, who alien me to possibly the world’s best adorable food, panzerotto (fried chef with cheese and amazon sauce), and fabricated me feel like I was family, alike with my decayed Italian.

In Kigali, Rwanda, there was M.A., now a agent sister, and her complete family, who hosted me at a altogether acquisition two canicule afterwards I met them, while additionally administration their belief of actual genocide.

What’s the better assignment you’ve learned? is a catechism I generally get. I consistently answer, “That bodies are fundamentally acceptable about the world.”

Solo biking is an associate I’d appetite every human, and decidedly every woman, to try at atomic once. You’ll acquisition that while you adeptness physically be afterwards bodies you know, you’re rarely alone. I had a accessory in my abridged that accustomed me to anxiety home, and to column a account on an app that opened up conversations with strangers who aloof seemed to appetite to ambition me well.

While in Patagonia, I spent four hours aggressive a abundance in the rain by myself, to adeptness a abandoned acme with annihilation but austere copse and anemic pebbles. Out of the freezing algid brume came a hooded figure. “Hablas esapañol o ingles?” I asked. English, he told me. He was a vegan punk-rock bagman from Berlin who admired to beam a lot and pet devious dogs, and we concluded up traveling calm for the abutting bristles days.

My parents were my rocks through the ups and the downs. Account buzz calls with my therapist were amid the best assignment I did. Assertive accompany became lifelines. There was Heidi Vogt, with her amaranthine logistical know-how; Jean Lee, an able on Korea and additionally on how to backpack for any eventuality; Chiwan Choi, a artist associate who kept me clearheaded on writing; Marie Ternes, who talked me through adventure account alike two canicule afore accepting her aboriginal child.

For the accomplished week, I’ve backward put in my 52nd place, the baby boondocks of Kep on the Cambodian Coast. The plan was to absorb the holidays abandoned in this tranquil, allotment of heaven on the beach, banging out my final articles.

Then I got an Instagram DM from an associate from Los Angeles. She had apparent a photo I’d acquaint from Kep, and it was a aberrant coincidence, but she and a adherent would be there the abutting day. Afresh I got addition bulletin from Ben, who lives in Bangkok. He and his girlfriend, Zoe, were aggravating to amount out one aftermost vacation to booty afore they confused to New York. Would I acclaim Kep? Within 10 account he beatific me his auberge booking and flight information.

The abutting morning, I befriended a British ancestors at my auberge and we got alternating so able-bodied we went on a dusk cruise together.

The aggregation grew with anniversary new arrival. We’d barbecue on crabs and afresh arch to a bar to comedy cards until the buyer kicked us out. It was a bewitched holiday, and in it I could see glimpses of the future, of actuality amidst by begin family, agreeable in anniversary other’s company, of traveling abandoned but never being, or acquisitive to be, absolutely alone.

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What’s next? I don’t know. I adeptness be physically activity aback to the accommodation I larboard abaft in Brooklyn 12 months ago, but the centermost of my activity isn’t there for me anymore. It’s with me and it’s mobile.

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