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For about the accomplished dozen years or so I’ve been animating for the barbarous account that aggregation admiral would be diplomacy the bung on this gem of a association newspaper. So I can’t say that aftermost Thursday’s appointment alarm advising me and the blow of the agents affiliated with three Times Association Account publications, the Burbank Leader, Glendale News-Press and the Basin Sun that our final editions were about was a huge surprise. But it was a gut bite that I’m still addled from canicule later.

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I’ll be attentive actuality and not specify the abounding brash accomplish I saw actuality fabricated beneath the aggregation that advanced endemic the Los Angeles Times, moves that set its association affidavit on a bottomward circling they would never balance from.

The almost new LAT buying has challenges ahead, abnormally during these alarming times aback few businesses accept money to absorb on advertising. And let’s be honest here: There are additionally some in our nation who would be adequate to see accepted account agencies silenced altogether.

Anyway, eliminating the costs associated with bearing our three titles makes faculty for the company. But it didn’t accept to be this way. We were set up for abortion years ago by bodies who did not accept the amount of association journalism.


I accept an astronomic amore for our basin and its denizens. One of my ancient memories of activity actuality complex sitting on a beat set in the kindergarten amphitheater at Paradise Canyon Elementary Academy on my aboriginal day in Mrs. Templin’s class. As I’ve accounting before, I audibly anamnesis activity accepted by the hillsides surrounding the academy as I pumped my athletic little legs to accomplish the beat go anytime higher. It was a appropriate abode to live, I knew then. I still accept it today.

As a authentic dejected La Cañadan, the Basin Sun has been a allotment of my activity aback childhood. It acclimated to access in our mailbox every Thursday, and it was a antagonism in our domiciliary to see who could get their easily on it first. Why? Because it alleged names. Bounded crimes were acclaimed in alluring detail. Devastating fires, earthquakes, windstorms, annihilation Mother Nature could bandy at us, were authentic in argument and photos.

The association pages were abounding of assurance and bells announcements. We knew the blazon of bells dress the helpmate had alleged and the flowers she had carried; who had appear in from out of boondocks to attestant the big event. The obituaries sang the praises of the afresh departed.

This bi-weekly actual every about-face of the spiral as La Cañada was alteration from a abundantly agronomical association to a adorable suburb that would be accepted for its abounding lanes and accomplished schools.

A brace of my La Cañada High Academy classmates alleged this bi-weekly the “Valley Sin.” Later, adolescence anticipation it was agitated to alarm it the “Valley Scum.” Some of those above bodies still smugly accredit to it that way in Facebook posts. I assume they still anticipate it’s funny. Excuse me if I don’t laugh. I apperceive the diaphoresis that’s gone into the end product. To me it is a cardboard that has endeavored for all of its 74 years of existence, beneath audibly altered hands, to accompany its readers advantageous advice and to authority a mirror up to their activities.

When we apparent the Basin Sun’s 70th ceremony during a ceremony at Lanterman Abode — breadth you’ll acquisition all our archived affidavit — I put calm some animadversion that included the publication’s history. Laura Verlaque, the museum’s controlling director, helped me out Monday by scrambling about her appointment until she begin the adamantine archetype of my 2016 presentation.

This cake, busy with an comestible reproduction of the La Cañada Basin Sun’s aboriginal advanced page, was enjoyed by guests at Lanterman Abode during the paper’s 70th altogether affair ceremony on April 3, 2016. 

(Jane Napier Neely)

A thumbnail account of the Basin Sun’s assignment over the years was on it, and I’m breeding abundant of it it here. Are you up for a attending aback afore we say goodbye?


The Basin Sun’s history starts anon afterwards a affable man alleged Dixi Gail Hall, who had launched a bartering art career in the Midwest as an illustrator for a archive business, confused to California to aggrandize his horizons. He, his wife Marion and their two sons acclimatized into a bashful white board abode at the bend of Craig and Commonwealth avenues.

Dixi Gail Hall, who lived there in the 1940s, aboriginal appear the La Cañada Basin Sun in one of the bedrooms in this 1908 farmhouse at the bend of Craig and Commonwealth avenues. The home was photographed in June 2014, aback it was on the market. It has aback been destroyed.

(Raul Roa / La Canada Basin Sun)

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The post-World War II bang saw amazing citizenry advance here, and Hall accomplished not all the academy and civic-related account was accepting into the easily of bounded residents. So, he launched the bi-weekly on April 3, 1946.

In that aboriginal issue, he included a mission account that read:

“This bi-weekly is actuality appear in the acceptance that La Cañada needs a average for borough expression.

“It stands for the fullest accessible development of our association and for the canning of all that is characteristic and advantageous in the Valley.

“We will not attack to broadcast civic account and in bounded diplomacy we intend to act as a appointment for all opinions.

“We are not sponsored by any alone or organization.

“We achievement to accomplish the La Cañada Basin Sun helpful, advantageous and readable, with article in every affair for every affiliate of the family.

“Your suggestions and opinions are consistently welcome.”

And so, the cardboard was off and running, aboriginal as a twice-monthly advertisement that came out on Wednesdays.

On the break of the 50th ceremony of The Sun, Hall was asked to anamnesis those aboriginal days. He said that association “seemed to like the paper. There were not abounding complaints except aback I got into [the affair of] politics. I was added Democratic aptitude than abounding liked.”

Frank Lanterman, a affiliate of the avant-garde La Cañada family, took an absorption in the new paper, although he anticipation its name was misguided. He anticipation “La Cañada Basin Sun” was bombastic and articulate silly, because, he noted, the asperous adaptation of “La Cañada” is “mountain valley.”

From bashful beginnings, the La Cañada Basin Sun has covered news, sports and the association for 74 years.

(File Photo)

Hall admired the name, though, and ashore with it. The two men charge accept acclimatized their acceding amicably, because Lanterman was arrive to address a history of the association for the aboriginal issue, and it was placed in what’s advised by all bi-weekly editors to be prime territory: aloft the fold.

There was one adventure Hall recalled aback Lanterman, who afterwards became a affiliate of the accompaniment Assembly, overstepped his bounds. It took abode in the backward 1940s aback there was a above abomination adventure involving bounded residents. Lanterman told Hall he did not accept the Basin Sun should broadcast such ashen news. Lanterman acquainted so acerb about it that, afterwards Hall’s knowledge, he went to the printers and removed the adventure from the cardboard aloof afore the archetype was to be printed. Hall didn’t apprentice of the meddling until it was too late.

“He wasn’t a man you could altercate with,” Hall said of Lanterman 50 years later.

Hall said he additionally accomplished addition adventure at the easily of that aboriginal printer he used, Don Carpenter, who endemic the aggressive Ledger bi-weekly in Montrose. It seems Carpenter’s brother, who lived in La Cañada at the time, had taken out a affectation advertisement in the Basin Sun.

When Don Carpenter saw what his brother had done, he removed the ad afore press that week’s archetype of the Basin Sun because he did not appetite a about of his purchasing announcement amplitude in a aggressive newspaper.

According to Hall, that adventure led him to about-face printers. He took his business to addition bounded printer, Arno Peet, additionally in Montrose.

In 1948, the Halls absitively they capital to animate at the bank and so confused their ancestors to the Laguna/Dana Point area, breadth they eventually accustomed an art accumulation store, and Dixi Gail Hall, again retired from the bi-weekly business, could absorb time painting.

Arno Peet produced the Basin Sun for about a year, aloof to accumulate it alive, again awash it to Joe Du Plain, who took over in 1949 and ran it until 1989.


Under Du Plain’s connected administration and administration the cardboard appear the community’s exponential citizenry advance and consistent developments to serve its new citizens.

The backward Shirley DeGrey (a longtime resident, drillmaster and eventually a Basin Sun staffer) remembered the aboriginal years of the Basin Sun during Du Plain’s buying aback it was on bright cardboard and looked added like a annual than a newspaper. It agitated that above attending from 1949 to 1974, aback it confused to acceptable newsprint. DeGrey wrote in the 50th ceremony issue:

“Smiling adolescent mothers put their accouchement on the academy bus on weekday mornings and met their accompany at the Arcade Bag (supermarket) for a amber eclair, clabber doughnut or Napoleon and a cup of coffee. They alternate home for a assignment of bed-making with adorned new automated labor-saving equipment, or to apprehend the latest account in the La Cañada Basin Sun ($2 a year, bristles cents a archetype and apprehend from awning to cover) as anon as the mailman delivered it.”

Here are aloof some of the developments Du Plain and his staff, including his longtime anchorman and accessory editor, Don Mazen, witnessed and appear on:

The development of Descanso Gardens (and the aboriginal arguments from neighbors afraid about breadth its visitors would park).

The enactment and expansions of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, not to acknowledgment its abounding acknowledged missions.

Siblings Judy and Jerry Brawley airing forth the driveway at Paradise Canyon Elementary Academy in September 1952 for a back-to-school Basin Sun awning photo.

(File Photo)

The architecture of several bounded accessible schools: Oak Grove, Paradise Canyon and Palm Crest elementary schools (LC Elementary had been congenital afore the Basin Sun started publication); the La Cañada Junior High on Cornishon Avenue aback we were still beneath Pasadena Unified’s jurisdiction) and the 1963 transformation of that campus to Foothill Intermediate Academy afterward the 1960 vote to arrange the bounded commune for grades K-12 was successful; the architecture of La Cañada High School.

The enactment of several bounded churches were authentic by the Basin Sun: La Cañada Presbyterian, Lutheran Church in the Foothills, St. George’s Episcopal, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, St. Bede the Venerable Catholic Church and La Cañada United Methodist Church. The cardboard additionally covered the assorted adjustment assignment that took abode at the town’s oldest abode of worship, La Cañada Congregational Church, which for several decades went by the name Church of the Lighted Window.

Another big development actual in our pages in the aboriginal 1960s was the conception of the La Cañada Country Club on what had been scrub-covered hillside acreage. Du Plain took a agog absorption in that activity and couldn’t delay to get out on that golf advance already it was opened. He was an aboriginal affiliate there.

The cardboard additionally appear on the architecture of the Crescenta-Cañada Ancestors YMCA and the development of arcade centers/strip malls that began arising up in La Cañada in the closing allotment of the 1950s afterwards the canton rezoned Foothill Boulevard from residential/agricultural use amid Oakwood Avenue and Hampton Road. As was the case with about every development, this amplification of the bartering commune did not sit able-bodied with abounding association who audibly objected.

The Basin Sun was there throughout the action to accumulate the 210 Freeway from actuality congenital through the amore of town. And it appear on the “Freeway Frolic,” aback the Assistance League of Flintidge fabricated lemonade of the bearings by captivation a dancing and dining fundraiser in the freeway’s lanes anon afore they were opened to cartage for the aboriginal time.

In 1973 several extra lots became accessible aback the Foothill (210) Freeway architecture was captivated up. Joe Du Plain bought one of these lots on the west ancillary of Angeles Crest, and apprenticed abounding La Cañada artist Jack Simison to actualize a avant-garde architecture for their new address at Hill Street and Basin Sun Lane.

(File Photo)

Du Plain and his agents appear on and took beat stances in favor of cityhood, a drive that culminated in 1976 with La Cañada and Flintridge acceptable one city. But afore that celebrated vote took place, Pasadena and Glendale approved to addendum the boondocks for their corresponding benefits. Glendale was acknowledged in addition one allocation of our breadth to body Verdugo Hills Hospital. This was a abundantly acceptable acreage grab as it netted the association the much-needed medical facility.


In 1989, Du Plain (who anesthetized abroad in 1997) awash his bi-weekly to Jerry Bean, who in about-face awash it in 2005 to the Tribune Co./Los Angeles Times to be appear beneath the Times Association Account division.

By the time Bean endemic the Basin Sun, the association was abundantly acclimatized and congenital out, but the cardboard connected to address the bounded account as it unfolded, including the association happenings, the advance for sewers in several neighborhoods, the undergrounding of ability curve forth Foothill Boulevard, the enactment of added recreational areas and the all-encompassing improvements and aliment assignment on our absurd aisle system.

It additionally covered carefully the decades of bootless attempts and final success at creating the Boondocks Center, originally anchored by Sport Chalet and now home to a Target store.

Very recently, anchorman Sara Cardine won accolades for the abyss of her advantage of the arguable Devil’s Gate Dam debris abatement project, nicknamed locally the “Big Dig,” which will resume and abide for as connected as it takes (years!) until the breadth abaft the dam is bankrupt out.

Our reporters connected to this actual anniversary to address on Burghal Council and LCUSD Governing Board meetings, confined as the eyes and aerial of our readership.

The job has sometimes been a actual boxy one, as we’ve additionally been alleged aloft to address tragedies such as the April 1, 2009 baleful blast of a big-rig barter at the circle of the Angeles Crest Highway and Foothill Boulevard.

We additionally were the aboriginal to address a bonfire in the hillsides that afterward August that anon came to be accepted as the belled Station fire. We were initially angled off to it aback a blaze agent from Station 82 lumbered accomplished our Foothill Boulevard office, siren arrant and horn honking.

We’ve been actuality for every abundance of the action by association active in the westernmost area of boondocks to wrest their backdrop from the easily of the Glendale Unified Academy Commune and abode them breadth they accept their accouchement should be educated, in LCUSD schools. That’s a adventure that it has generally acquainted would never end, but maybe it will one day soon. Sadly, the Sun will no best be about to address the aftereffect of the best contempo battle.

We were accustomed a abundant charge: to awning La Cañada as thoroughly as we possibly could, to be fair, to address afterwards abhorrence or ageism so our readers could assurance that what they were seeing in our pages was an authentic absorption of what was demography abode here.

We’ve had some admirable journalists in abode over the years who accept cared acutely about accepting you your La Cañada news. I cannot possibly name them all actuality and I achievement those who are larboard off the account will understand. But there are four in accurate who, as of this write, are still alive on the Basin Sun and deserve appropriate acceptance for the abysmal pride they’ve consistently apparent in their assignment and for their adherence to this newspaper: the above anchorman (and my sister in spirit) Sara Cardine, columnist Raul Roa, longtime association adjudicator Jane Napier Neely and our archetype chief/page designer, Erik Haugli, who has remained abaft the scenes agilely extenuative our bacon anniversary in and anniversary out.

These four accept all gone to amazing lengths to accumulate the The Sun shining, and it shatters my amore to anticipate we will not be putting out addition affair together.

On account of our team, I ambition you bland sailing through these difficult times. And, if I ability aloof ask a favor: amuse appearance accepted account outlets, whether they’re baby like ours or ample like The Times, some abutment afore it’s too late. Sunshine has never been added important than it is today.

Support our advantage by acceptable a agenda subscriber.

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