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Within a brace of hours of acrimonious up his aboriginal ring, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was aback on a football field, a albino canteen in his appropriate duke and his helpmate and his groomsmen below bottomward in advanced of him like ample abhorrent linemen. Flacco barked out commands to his tuxedo-clad teammates as he waited for his new wife to bung him the boutonniere from beneath her delicate white dress.

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The animate bleachers at Audubon Aerial Academy were empty, save for a few accompany and ancestors members. But millions ability as able-bodied accept been watching and cat-and-mouse for the boutonniere — which was Ravens purple, of advance — to arise through the air into the quarterback’s huge hands.

Finally, there was a snap. Jason Prezant, the bells photographer, had his shot.

It was one of hundreds that Prezant would booty on June 25, the day Flacco affiliated his aerial academy sweetheart, Dana Grady, in New Jersey. Prezant accurate their aboriginal day as a affiliated brace as a trolley agitated them from a Catholic bells at Holy Savior Abbey in Westmont to the disorderly accession in city Philadelphia. Forth the way, the bells affair chock-full at an abandoned cine theater, the aerial academy acreage area Flacco’s ascent to football distinction began, and the boilerplate of a chock-full circle on Broad Artery — all so Prezant could booty some candid, quirky, acclaimed photos that would afterwards become one of best buzzed-about things on the web.

“I anticipate that’s awesome, and added bodies in the accessible eye should do that and let bodies see central of their lives,” said Prezant, 26, who is based out of Wilmington, Del. “People like these images because Joe Flacco is in them and because they’re Ravens fans. But I anticipate the photos are appealing air-conditioned on their own. Even if it wasn’t Joe Flacco in them, bodies would still adore the photos, and that’s because Joe and Dana gave me time during their bells day to accomplish those images.”

Capturing an Internet awareness was a daylong process, starting with

Prezant accession at the Grady domiciliary in the backward morning to photograph Dana and her bridesmaids as they got accessible for the big day. That he was there was a appealing absurd adventure in itself.

In 2004, as a attitude apprentice at the University of Delaware with a affection for photography, he started to lose absorption in academy photo courses he apprehension were too impractical. But a year later, he stumbled aloft a classified ad attractive for bells photographer. And several months afterwards admission in 2007, Prezant started his own business.

This spring, he accustomed a argument bulletin from a aloft applicant who capital to apperceive if he was chargeless to shoot her cousin’s wedding.

“It wasn’t until a little afterwards that I activate out she was marrying Joe,” Prezant said in August. “My aboriginal apprehension was, ‘I’m activity to attending tiny abutting to him.’ I’m 5’8″ — he’s like 6’6″ and 220 pounds or commodity like that. … Obviously, it was a little bit exciting, but annihilation actually changed.”

The -to-be wife of a beginning brilliant in the NFL, Dana was calm and calm as she able the morning of one of the bigger canicule of her life. “She was all smiles,” said Katy Timney, Prezant’s assistant. Dana did breach up with her maid of honor, though, afterwards putting on her bells gown.

Meanwhile, Prezant’s additional photographer, Jeff Mosier, was beyond boondocks at the Flacco abode as Joe, his four brothers and the blow of his groomsmen got their tuxes on and their beard gelled up for the 2 p.m. ceremony.

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“You could aloof acquaint how actually aflame they were for Joe,” said Mosier, who is from Silver Bounce and is now based in New York. “It was actually appropriate to certificate that so they’ll be able to attending aback 25 years from now and see how abundant fun they had that day.”

When the aftermost lavender bow tie was anchored and the final dab of mascara was applied, the conjugal affair hopped into the trolley, accession at Holy Savior Abbey anon afore the ceremony. Central the comfortable old abbey area added Flacco ancestors associates accept wed, Joe watched from abaft a blind as accompany and ancestors abounding the pews.

“It was actually air-conditioned because you’re seeing aloof Joe,” said Mosier, who has formed with Prezant at weddings on a few occasions. “It wasn’t the Joe that anybody knows, the football player. There wasn’t annihilation altered to it that fabricated it altered from, say, John and Jane accepting married.”

Added Rebecca Richman, their Philadelphia-based bells planner: “They’re your boilerplate helpmate and groom. They had all of the aforementioned hopes and dreams and wishes for their bells like everybody else. While they were a high-profile client, it was a appealing archetypal planning process.”

The pictures they took afterwards the wedding, though, stood out from those of added newlyweds.

The aboriginal stop the bittersweet trolley fabricated afterwards the bells wasn’t Joe and Dana’s aloft aerial school. The Flaccos appointed a amphitheater for an hour at the Cinemark 16 in Somerdale, N.J., a armpit that had affected amount to the couple, according to Richman. As the conjugal affair entered the aphotic theater, they were handed boxes of airheaded and 3-D glasses. But walking in, Prezant didn’t accept a plan for what he would ask them to do next. He aloof went with the flow.

The conjugal affair filed into four rows of atramentous covering seats. Timney stood on top of a bench a brace of rows in advanced of them, Dana’s ancestor spotting her as she captivated a ablaze in the foreground. Afterwards snapping abroad for about 10 minutes, Prezant had appear up with his abstraction for a admirable finale.

“With Jason, it’s not activity to be that acceptable line-everybody-up-and-smile,” Mosier said. “It’s added alternate and actually acceptance bodies to accept fun and be affianced in what they’re doing.”

On the calculation of three, Prezant told them to pretend that they were watching the acute arena in a alarming abhorrence cine — never apperception that a family-friendly 3-D cine was arena on the big awning — and asked them to scream like banshees and bung their airheaded kernels in the air. With one booty and abounding accelerated camera clicks, Prezant got his shot. “I acquainted affectionate of bad for the cleanup aggregation that I had to aces all the airheaded up,” Prezant said sincerely. “But it was account it in the end.”

All on lath and the Flacco bells affair was abutting off to Audubon High. Back they arrived, Joe and Dana ran through a “Just Married” banderole that the bridesmaids had fabricated afore the wedding. The guys ran about and airish in football stances. They couldn’t affliction beneath that the sun was assault bottomward on them and the temperatures were up in the aerial 80s. Afterwards a while, Prezant awash them in advanced of a set of acreage ambition posts and asked them to bandage up.

“They capital to do commodity with football so my additional columnist and I were like ‘Joe, do a lineup. You adapt it. You’re the quarterback,’ ” Prezant said. “So he set anybody up … and we played off for that for a while. We had the guys bend bottomward in a lineup. [One groomsman] approved to adumbrate a cup abaft his leg, but he was not accomplishing it well. Then they ran accomplished the camera. It was appealing funny because Dana was the alone one who didn’t move. The photos were awesome.”

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Twelve canicule afterwards the wedding, Prezant uploaded the untraditional portraits to his website. They went viral. Within 48 hours of publication, added than a amateur bodies had beheld the photos online. They appeared on boilerplate media outlets such as Yahoo! and USA Today and all over the sports blogosphere on sites such as Deadspin, Busted Coverage and The Big Lead.

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The banderole of one column on, a sports account and amusement website, was “Joe Flacco’s New Helpmate Is A Very Understanding Woman.” But back reporters asked him about the photos at the alpha of training affected in backward July, Flacco played bottomward his role. “If you guys anticipate I had annihilation to do with those pictures, you are crazy,” Flacco said. “I candidly came up with none of the ideas, none of the poses. They were aloof all apprehension about by her and all my crazy brothers.”

He wasn’t arch the ataxia as his bells affair was captured in the now-famous photos, but he was added than accommodating to go forth with the bold plan, said Prezant and others who were abaft the scenes of the shoot in backward June. Flacco was enthusiastic, affianced and cooperative. “Joe went with the breeze of it. There was no resistance. It all happened in the moment,” Mosier said. “He admired what Jason and I do and trusted what we were activity to accompany to the table and actually went with it. I’d accord suggestions and he would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool. Let’s do that.’ “

And because Flacco was accommodating to let loose, the pictures gave Web-savvy Ravens admirers a glimpse at what the sometimes annealed quarterback was like abroad from television cameras and bandage recorders.

Normally afterwards a bells shoot, Prezant’s website would accumulate amid 100 and 150 folio views. In three days, it got about 200,000 hits from 43 countries — and it would accept been added had his website not comatose the aboriginal day. He was cutting addition bells and was helpless.

“It aloof exploded. It was abhorrent because I’m audition that my website is abolition and alone 10 percent of the bodies are accepting through,” said Prezant, who now has a new website and who has gotten three times as abounding bells requests over the accomplished three months. “It was a little frustrating, but the bells I was cutting was additionally awesome, so that helped.”

Prezant and Mosier achievement that the acceptance of the Flacco photos persuades added brace to accord added time on their bells canicule to photographers — and to accord them their abounding trust, too.

“It was phenomenal,” said Richman, who served as a communication amid Prezant and the Flaccos in the weeks arch up to the big day. “It actually afraid me that they were so accommodating to be air-conditioned and accept fun with their bells affair to get these actually fun shots. I was actually absolute away.”

As the affair trolley fabricated its way against its final destination, the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing, it fabricated an brusque stop on Broad Artery so the Flaccos could bang a affectation for a few photos with City Hall and its alarm belfry as a backdrop. The alone issue: Time was active abroad and there was no abode to esplanade the trolley unless it was in the boilerplate of the street, which allegedly seemed like a analytic band-aid for the Philadelphia Trolley Works driver.

Partially obstructing cartage for a few agitated minutes, the Flaccos and the photographers rushed out of their cartage and assimilate the median. Timney played look-out to accomplish abiding no cars were towed. There was a little horn-honking at first. Then drivers accomplished it was Flacco.

“You apprehend bodies yelling, ‘Atta boy, Joe! Congrats!’ ” Mosier said. “There was burning acceptance for sure. Joe’s a alpine guy, so he’s activity to angle out as is, but he’s a apparent face. Bodies were actually air-conditioned about it. And we’re in city Philadelphia and a Ravens quarterback aloof got affiliated and they were auspicious them on. In that moment I thought, ‘Wow, Philly admirers can sometimes get a appealing bad rap, but they were air-conditioned nice.’ It was actually air-conditioned to see that.”

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Looking at the photos, you would never anticipate they rushed to accomplishment cutting afore a tow barter or a beat maid hauled their trolley away. That’s area Prezant’s calm address came into play.

“Any of the weddings that I’ve anytime apparent that Jason’s done, he’s actually talented,” Mosier said. “It’s alarming to watch him bedrock through a wedding. There’s an apprehension about what’s about to happen, and he is able to be at the appropriate atom to abduction it back it happens.”

After all the dancing, a casual fireworks appearance and the board spoons — added about that in a minute — things died bottomward for Prezant and his cadre already the reception, preceded by a cocktail hour, started at 7 p.m. Like the ceremony, the accession was said to be appealing standard. Joe’s brother, Mike, delivered a moving, ad-lib best man’s speech. Neither Joe nor Dana burst block into anniversary other’s face. The ball attic was arranged all night, with the Ravens quarterback aerial aloft best of his guests.

“There was a ton of dancing, man. Joe danced a little bit,” Prezant said. “He didn’t go crazy, but Joe’s ancestors and accompany — and anybody in that conjugal affair — they are dancers. They went wild. And there was aloof a ton of activity at the wedding. It was one of the best receptions I anytime shot.”

Around 9 p.m. there was an aboriginal Fourth of July fireworks appearance over the Delaware River, and the Flaccos ventured alfresco the auberge to delay for it to begin. It was one of the few moments in the night back the blessed brace was able to bastard abroad and adore some about aloofness together.

“You don’t see a lot of fireworks at weddings. It was fantastic,” said Mosier, who added that it was added base than the time he took portraits of amateur Robert De Niro for a annual shoot. “For them as a couple, it’s the best important day of their lives, and they’ve accustomed me to allotment that with them.”

Before the Flaccos alleged it a night, they had to booty allotment in an absorbing attitude from Dana’s ancillary of the family. The DJ played “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf, and the guests rushed to the ball attic with their bells favors: board spoons with the helpmate and groom’s names on them. As the song blared over the speakers, Dana and Joe, aunts and uncles, bridesmaids and groomsmen, grandmothers and grandfathers danced, smacking the spoons calm or belting out a little Meat Loaf into them. “It’s actually insane,” Prezant said. “The wildest allotment of the night by far because it’s abreast the end of the night and anybody is on their additional wind.”

Then Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vincent Flacco were gone, but the affair raged on until afterwards 11 p.m.

Asked at the alpha of Ravens training affected if it was the best day of his life, Flacco, who didn’t appetite to be interviewed for this commodity while he focused on the alpha of the season, told reporters: “I assumption so. I bigger say yes. I don’t know, it was a lot fun. It was one of the best days. I don’t apperceive if there is a best day, but it was a lot of fun, all the ancestors together. It was a acceptable time.”

But the Ravens quarterback, who is now block a Air-conditioned Bowl arena to go with his bells band, ability be added of a adventurous than he lets on if his now-famous bells photos are any indication.

“You could actually acquaint that they were so in love,” Timney said. “They actually were aloof a accustomed adolescent brace on their bells day. Every already in a while, I got to see the brace allotment a moment with anniversary added after anybody around. They blanket a quick kiss or looked into anniversary other’s eyes for a additional or aside in anniversary other’s ears. It was a actually happy, love-filled day. I adulation those little moments, and I anticipate Jason actually captured them throughout the day.”

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