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First comes love, again comes marriage. But in amid comes a bout through the $70 billion-a-year conjugal business, a.k.a. planning a wedding.

Wedding Dresses Online | Bridesmaid Dresses | House of Brides - house of brides couture schaumburg

Wedding Dresses Online | Bridesmaid Dresses | House of Brides – house of brides couture schaumburg | house of brides couture schaumburg

Wedding Dresses Online | Bridesmaid Dresses | House of Brides - house of brides couture schaumburg

Wedding Dresses Online | Bridesmaid Dresses | House of Brides – house of brides couture schaumburg | house of brides couture schaumburg

It is alien area for abounding visitors, which can accomplish for a abstract visit. Brides-to-be acquisition themselves abyssal a action that can assume aberrant and breathtakingly expensive.

“I acquainted like I was hemorrhaging money,” said Shawna Snukst, 29, of the Gold Coast, who is managing administrator of a Chicago bunch of academics who serve as business consultants. Her Sept. 3 bells rang up at added than $50,000. “Everything was so absolutely overpriced. I was appalled.”

Jennifer Sheehan was afraid at the cardinal of what she considers accidental items she could buy for her July wedding. “The bells industry makes up needs that don’t exist, like a knife to cut the cake. Who needs that?” said Sheehan, of Westmont, acting coordinator of the women’s affairs at William Rainey Harper College.

And Erin Menninger, 28, who lives on the North Ancillary with her bedmate and baby, acquainted ripped off afterwards her bells aftermost March. Her $2,000 dress accustomed too short, and had glued-on chaplet that started falling off aback she aflame it afore the ceremony.

“The industry is aloof scammers,” she said. “It’s like funerals. You accept no choice. You accept to get a casket; you accept to get a dress.”

There are, of course, affluence of brides who feel altogether blessed about their bells planning experience.

Bridal abhorrence belief are rare, said Carley Roney, editor in arch and a architect of an online bells site, “Given the cardinal of bodies accepting affiliated and the cartage on our site, while those belief are shocking, it’s one in 500,000,” she said. “I am afflicted with how few complaints there are.”

By the time they alpha arcade for gowns, brides are about able for the cost, said Ann Cervantes, administrator of the Bridesmart abatement abundance in Schaumburg.

“On average, best girls who apprehend up in Modern Helpmate [magazine] get a feel for what the prices of bells gowns are,” she said.

When Bride’s annual afresh polled its readers, 9 out of 10 said their wedding-planning aeon was the happiest time of their lives.

The others are the affectionate of bodies who acquaintance the Better Business Agency of Chicago and Northern Illinois every year at aerial bells season. “In April and June, we alpha accepting complaints,” said Michelle Brown, retail authoritative casework administrator of the bureau. “It’s usually about the dress.”

Planning a bells brings calm several awful burnable elements: Aerial cost–the boilerplate bulk of a Chicago bells is about $20,000–high emotion, a different industry and barter who accept never encountered it before.

“If you’ve never hosted a affair for 200, you don’t apperceive what’s involved,” said Millie Martini Bratten, editor in arch of Bride’s magazine.

“There are huge misconceptions about what goes into these products,” Roney said. “Yes, a bells dress is added big-ticket than a approved dress, but aback was the aftermost time you went for three accessories and had addition sitting there bed-making article (specifically) for you?” And some of the affliction is self-inflicted, said Teri Agins, columnist of “The End of Fashion: The Mass Marketing of the Accouterment Business” (William Morrow, $25).

“I was married, and I didn’t absorb a lot,” said Agins, who covers appearance for the Wall Street Journal. “I anticipation it was a decay of money. But for a lot of people, it’s the accomplished Cinderella thing.”

It was a aberrant affair for Lauren Gillman, who got affiliated in July. She was abashed by a accustomed convenance in upper-end salons: Barter cannot attending through the dresses themselves.

“They accompany the dresses to you,” said Gillman, 27, a North Ancillary banking analyst. “You accomplish hourlong appointments, and you can alone try on bristles or six apparel in an hour.”

She begin it unsettling. “I didn’t apperceive what I wanted. Some dresses are fluffy, and I’m a added simple person. But the saleswomen are saying, `This is your day to attending like a princess.’ They brought all these billowy dresses.

“I acquainted beneath a lot of pressure. The afterward week, the dresses were activity to amateur in price.”

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Mass confusion

Why not let barter attending through the racks?

To accumulate brides from accepting overwhelmed, say salons.

“We accept bags of dresses in stock,” said Charles Horvath, sales administrator at Exclusives for the Helpmate in Chicago. “It’s absolutely added ambagious if a chump goes through it. We cut their time on the aboriginal appointment by two-thirds.”

The convenance allows food to accord added selection, said Agins. Food that accumulate gowns on the attic accept to advertise those gowns in adjustment to about-face a profit; but food that accumulate gowns in aback apartment can action added styles than they could allow to accumulate on the sales floor.

There are additionally applied considerations for not absolution barter handle gowns. “They get dirty; they’re white,” Agins said.

The Better Business Bureau’s Brown appropriate addition reason: “They don’t appetite you to see the dress, see the manufacturer, bulk the dress and go to their adversary and buy it from them,” she said. “They’re basically attention their business so they can breach in business.”

In fact, some brides accept noticed that tags accept been removed from dresses.

The conjugal industry is a awful aggressive business that is beneath advantageous than the accessible may think, Roney said.

Stores allegation argue with antagonism from the Internet and with adeptness consumers who get food to arrangement adjoin one addition on the bulk of a dress.

“Which would be accomplished if they were authoritative bifold [in profit] off these dresses,” Roney said. “But at the end of the day, they go bottomward [during bargaining] till they accept a 10 percent margin, and that ultimately isn’t abundant to sustain their business.

“Particularly on the conjugal appearance side, there aren’t a lot of bodies accepting absolutely affluent off this industry. A lot of mom and pop food are closing because of the superstores.”

On the added hand, she said, brides are absolutely sometimes subjected to aerial sales pressure. “There’s a lot of, `Do it now, or it won’t be accessible in time,'” she said. “Those are sales strategies that anybody uses, but I anticipate you feel decidedly accessible aback you’re a bride.”

What about the prices of conjugal gowns?

Snukst still doesn’t accept why her dress bulk $3,000. “That’s a awful amount,” she said. “I absolutely like it, but I don’t apperceive that it was account that.”

Her acerbity was fueled by her again discoveries of cheaper prices online. Snukst, who in her business helps companies use the Internet, spent hours arcade online. Some of the items she bought angry out to be chintzy-looking, she said, but others adored cogent amounts of money.

A conjugal store, for example, quoted her $1,500 for a veil. She got one on eBay for $75. “It’s not the aforementioned affection veil, but it’s not a thousand-dollar difference,” she said.

Menninger ample that for $2,000, her dress’ chaplet should accept been sewn on, not glued. And she was bent that her clothes had accustomed so abbreviate that she had to buy collapsed shoes, admitting she absolutely capital to abrasion heels.

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The store, House of Brides Couture, offered to see whether the architect could accomplish a new one, Menninger said. But with two weeks to her wedding, she didn’t appetite to adventitious it. She accustomed a $200 rebate, and took the dress.

“There’s no way that dress was account $1,800,” she said. “I can’t brainstorm it bulk that abundant added [to make] than my bridesmaids’ dresses, which bulk $300 and were actual nice.”

House of Brides buyer Eva Buziecki said through a arranger that she did not appetite to get into a accessible altercation with a customer, but that the all-inclusive majority of the bags of women who buy their gowns at the company’s six food every year are annoyed customers.

Though House of Brides was a ambition of a WMAQ-Ch. 5 analysis in 1999 absorption on chump complaints, the owners after met with the Better Business Agency and afflicted some practices, said Brown. House of Brides has been a affiliate of the agency for added than a year, with about no complaints.

What’s abaft the bulk tag

As for the accepted bulk of bells gowns, it is a action of bolt and design, Buziecki said. “Silks are actual expensive,” she said. “If it’s a applique advised by the designer, it’s activity to be added expensive; and if it’s a acclaimed designer, it’s actual expensive.”

“The boilerplate bells clothes carries 10 to 12 yards of fabric,” said Bridesmart’s Cervantes. “Especially if the bolt is alien from Italy, it can be expensive.”

Then there is labor. “People don’t accept the bulk of man-hours that go into authoritative a gown,” said Horvath. “Most of our gowns are hand-embroidered, hand-beaded. We had one area it took 200 hours to bean aloof the bodice.”

But the bulk is not consistently a accurate absorption of cost, said Brown. “In the continued run, they’re not account that bulk of money, but what are you advantageous for? . . . You’re advantageous to accept that moment . . . to accept this dress for that wedding. It’s congenital about emotions.”

After the clothes is bought, there is addition expense–alterations. Which leads to a catechism in some brides’ minds: Why does a custom-built clothes alike allegation alterations?

Because unless they bulk upwards of $10,000, they are fabricated to order, not fabricated to measure, said Horvath.

In added words, designers are not acid a arrangement for you personally. They accept patterns for their styles in assorted sizes. The abundance measures you to see which admeasurement of a accurate appearance you fit best closely.

The artist tries to delay to get several orders for, say, a admeasurement 8, Horvath said–which is allotment of the acumen it about takes 20 weeks to get a gown–and again cuts them all at once.

Still, women abrasion accouterment every day that is not fabricated to measure, and not adapted above an casual hem. Why the added bitter and tucking on conjugal gowns?

“You achieve for a lot aback you buy best ready-to-wear,” said Agins. “Most bodies are not that careful about fit and size.” With a bells dress, they are.

They will about pay a set fee behindhand of how abundant assignment needs to be done–typically $180 to $225.

Why so much? Because it can absorb all-encompassing work, said Horvath: “Even a hem–you’re hemming at atomic four layers. If you’re activity with a full-skirt gown, that’s 12 yards of fabric. . . . It’s not like hemming a brace of pants.”

Stores allegation for alterations, Roney said, to abash brides from again alteration their minds about a hem. But she thinks food should bandy in accepted alterations for free. “It seems to me that accepting a dress adapted should be allotment of the bulk of it, because how abundant they’re spending,” she said.

Throughout the bells planning process, Snukst had the consequence that she was spending added because she was affairs for a wedding. Wedding-themed versions of things like single-use cameras and balloons that she bought online, she found, were added big-ticket than their non-bridal equivalents.

So does the chat “wedding” abet an actual markup in price?

No, says Bride’s magazine’s Bratten. “Most casework are either adequately priced or they don’t breach in business,” she said. “It’s like annihilation else; if there’s added adornment for a conjugal camera and you like that, buy it; if you don’t, buy article else.”

It does bulk added to get a conjugal boutonniere than to accelerate a boutonniere to a friend, said Roney. But that is because the conjugal boutonniere involves added service.

“You’re not aloof calling the florist and accepting them do something; you’re activity to accommodated with them four times,” she said.

“There’s a little bit of assumption that [bridal stores] are aggravating to rip you off,” she said. “But I anticipate bodies allegation to be a little bit stronger. You’re shopping; you’re in control. But you accept to brainwash yourself afore you go in.”


– Brainwash yourself on what things bulk and authorize priorities. You can buy beneath big-ticket versions of things that aren’t as important to you.

For example, Hannah Ben-Zvi, 29, a North Ancillary pediatrician, put the big bucks into photography, a klezmer bandage and adequate accouterment for her bells aftermost April. But she fabricated her own adaptation of 72 abode cards–a boutonniere of corrective board tulips with names absorbed on appointment accumulation abundance tags–for about $10 total. And she fabricated her own invitations. They bulk about $75, compared with the $600 appraisal she was quoted.

You additionally can accede bargain bells clothes alternatives such as assignment resale stores, austerity shops or a white ballgown.

– Don’t pay in abounding up front, alike if a bell-ringer claims that that is the policy.

Vicki Rappatta, of South Holland, associates administrator of a medical society, said that House of Brides in Oak Lawn insisted that she pay in abounding afore they would adjustment her clothes from the manufacturer. She spent the anniversary afore her bells in February badly aggravating to get her capote and veil. They assuredly accustomed alone four canicule afore the wedding.

“This absolutely agitated me,” she said. “I was accepting migraines. You’re talking about the anniversary afore your wedding.”

House of Brides responded that she allegation accept paid in abounding voluntarily, because abundance action requires a 75 percent deposit. Because the capote and blind came in late, a agent said, the abundance gave her a bulk break.

Rappatta said she was offered a bulk breach alone on alterations, and that was because the abundance again bankrupt accessories for fittings.

Lori Bolas, a backer for the Illinois advocate general’s office, said her instincts led her to catechism a lot of things afore she got affiliated in August. “I was not activity to pay 100 percent bottomward for a videographer and accept somebody not appearance up at my wedding.”

– If you do not get article you paid for, ask for restitution.

If you don’t get satisfaction, acquaintance the Illinois advocate general’s appointment or the Better Business Agency of Chicago and Northern Illinois, both of which arbitrate such disputes.

– Accumulate in apperception that you don’t accept to accept a big-ticket wedding.

“You can get affiliated at a chargeless alfresco area like the Rocky Mountains . . . or a aback yard,” said Millie Martini Bratten, editor in arch of Bride’s magazine. “You don’t accept to accept 200 people; you can accept fewer. You don’t accept to accept favors; you can address everybody a claimed note.”There’s no one way to get affiliated anymore.”

— Barbara Brotman

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