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Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what ability be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde animate women: money. We’re allurement women how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

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Cheap wedding dress alert! Shuttered Alfred Angelo store .. | cheap wedding dresses stores near me

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FeelTimes – Cheap Wedding Dresses, Prom Dresses & More | cheap wedding dresses stores near me

Today: a Communications Manager who makes $50,000 per year and spends some of her money this anniversary on The Knight Bus lego set.

Occupation: Communications ManagerIndustry: Non-profitAge: 29Location: Baltimore, MDSalary: $50,000Net Worth: I accept $5,000 (my fiancé and I accumulate abstracted affairs and accept anniversary had setbacks lately)Debt: $0Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,463.36 Pronouns: She/her

Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $825 (my bisected for our three-bedroom, two abounding bath, two bisected ablution townhouse we own)Car Loan: $364 (will be paid off in July)Utilities: ~$150 (I pay for gas and electric)Internet/Cable: $0 (paid for by partner)Health Insurance/Dental/Vision: $39.15 (changes during this MD)Car Insurance: $0 (my parents accumulate me on their plan because it saves them money, apparently)Gym: $19.99Netflix: Thanks, mom and dadSpotify/Hulu: $10HelloFresh: $51.92Audible: $115/annually Angel Storage: $0.99Retirement: $104.46 (2x/month from paycheck, aggregation matches 7%)Donations: I accord sporadically, usually to beastly shelters, the YellowHammerFund, and the Clearing Counseling Account (which provides amateur in clearing aegis chargeless acknowledged representation in cloister so they don’t accept to avert themselves.)

7:01 a.m. — I deathwatch up what feels like suddenly, seeing as my all-overs isn’t set to go off for addition 45-ish minutes. I cycle over, bundle up to C. and apprehend that I’m absolutely not action to be able to abatement aback comatose because I’m too aflame about today. C. and I are accepting married! It’s a quicky wedding. We’re already affianced and our bells date is set for 2021, but the job he started in February doesn’t let him get allowance until six months of application and aback his business is advised “essential” during the pandemic, we appetite to get him on abundance as bound as possible. So, we were accepted an emergency alliance authorization by the accompaniment of Maryland and begin an officiant to ally us today. I aces up my buzz and analysis amusing media, my emails, and aloof lay in bed.

Story continues

8 a.m. — Aback I’m animate accidentally (and accept been for a few weeks), I booty a quick shower, ablution my beard (you gotta accept apple-pie beard on your bells day…), and do my abounding architecture so I don’t accept to anguish about it later. I use Philosophy moisturizer, brave cream, Tarte appearance band concealer beneath my eyes, Mario Badescu powder, eyeliner, eyebrows, a slight curve and bloom to my cheeks, mascara, and highlighter. I bandy on adequate pants, a white catchbasin top, a blush sweater, and my slippers and go into my home arrangement to alpha up my laptop. I again besom my teeth, accomplish our bed, and put on my assurance ring. Afore clearing into a active morning, I go coffer to augment the cats, accomplish some coffee, and grab a banana. I affirm we’re busier than anytime now that we’re absolutely remote.

11:45 a.m. — C. brings me some cafeteria upstairs: crackers, ham, cheese, and Doritos. He ran out to the aliment beforehand to attending for a few items we bare and begin aggregate but toilet paper. Of course. I accomplish abiding he disinfects all of it and again himself with a shower. Our officiant texts me to affirm we’re affair her at a bounded esplanade at 1:30 and to accord me the beat of what our mini commemoration will include. I ask C. to amuse venmo her the $35 afore we leave. He’s advantageous her because I paid the $35 for our emergency alliance authorization aftermost week.

12:45 p.m. — Afterwards I blanket up work, I put some curls in my hair, bandy on a semi-white dress, a jean jacket, a chaplet my backward grandfathering brought home from Italy aback he was 18 and in the army, the arena I had fabricated from my grandmother’s assurance and bells rings, and some beautiful white mules. I accept old (necklace and ring), new (my assurance arena — we got affianced in February), dejected (jean jacket), and I borrow a dollar from C. We grab the paperwork, some Clorox wipes, and bolt out the door.

1:30 p.m. — We access at the esplanade and acquisition our officiant. I abhorrence that I can’t hug her. I’m a hugger. But advancement amusing breach is added important. We acquisition a beautiful blossom timberline with a coffer underneath, apple-pie it bottomward as best we can, and start. The commemoration is simple, short, and over afore I feel like we can action what aloof happened. Our officiant fills out the papers, takes a few pictures of us, and we’re done! We get aback in the car and all-overs my mom. Abandoned my mom and dad apperceive about this. Aback we’re accepting a big bells in 2021, we appetite that to be what bodies remember, so this is ours to accept and cherish. We stop at Sonic on the way home for a milkshake to allotment (because I’ve been appetite one for weeks) and we end up accepting blah dogs and tots, too. I pay. $11.71

2:45 p.m. — At home, we change aback into adequate clothes and absorb a little added time upstairs. After, we eat our corndogs and alcohol our milkshake and eat, chatting. We again pop accessible a canteen of albino to bless and accomplishment the aftermost two episodes of Tiger King.

5:50 p.m. — I FaceTime my sister so I can allocution to her and her kids. I don’t acquaint her about our bells and I feel actual accusable about that. Afterwards we adhere up, I do a little charwoman about the active allowance while C. starts dinner. I bandy on a playlist that I fabricated afterwards we got affianced with bells songs (LOL) and ball about to Let’s Get Affiliated Remix by Jagged Edge and RUN DMC while cleaning. We started accomplishing HelloFresh two weeks afore apprehension began and tonight we’re accomplishing a Mexican craven and sausage action fry thing. I admonition C. cut up aggregate and accomplish the booze and salsa. It’s so tasty.

8:15 p.m. — My acquaintance B. asks if we capital to comedy basic Cards Against Humanity, and we agree. She sets up a Zoom all-overs and the bold on some website. There are six of us and it’s absolutely fun! We alcohol and comedy for a few hours. I end up winning!!!! We breach up a little best and babble afore we booty out the trash. Thankfully we remembered this week! I kiss C. goodnight, go upstairs, and do my nightly routine: besom my teeth, architecture wipe, Glossier clabber cleanser, night cream, beneath eye cream, chapstick, and comatose lotion. I get into bed, set my alarms, and about-face on an adventure of Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Hulu. I don’t end up falling comatose until afterwards midnight.

Daily Total: $11.71

4:40 a.m. — I bolt up in bed because I could accept affidavit I heard one of the bodies throwing up. I’m a actual ablaze sleeper. C. charge accept collapsed comatose coffer because he’s not in bed. I get up, pee, and go analysis the abode to see if one of them threw up, but can’t acquisition anything. I again accomplish abiding C. is animate (he is, and comatose away). I go aback to bed and bundle with the cats, but can’t abatement comatose until abutting to 6.

8:33 a.m. — I deathwatch up, tired, and annoyance myself into the bath for a shower. I skip beard abrasion because I can usually go four canicule afterwards it and there’s still some coil larboard from yesterday. I again besom my teeth, accomplish the bed, and put on moisturizer, a tiny bit of mascara, and a little ample in my brows aback I accept a few Zoom affairs today. I arch downstairs, augment and baptize the cats, accomplish coffee, ample my behemothic architect jar of water, eat a banana, and go aback up to my arrangement to alpha assignment at 9.

masquerade_by_NaomiFaMi Ball 2008 - cheap wedding dresses stores near me

masquerade_by_NaomiFaMi Ball 2008 – cheap wedding dresses stores near me | cheap wedding dresses stores near me

12:45 p.m. — Lunch! I go coffer area C. fabricated me a adolescent baker with a ancillary of Doritos and an apple. We eat cafeteria calm and babble about if there’s anyone abroad we appetite to acquaint about our little wedding. Afterwards charwoman up, I go aback admiral and alpha animate on the allowance paperwork to get C. assimilate my bloom insurance. I babble with my HR being and she is so blessed for us and air-conditioned helpful. We get aggregate settled, she gives me my new exceptional ($134.60 per paycheck, ouch), and she says she’ll accelerate me acceptance already it’s done and he’ll get his cards in about a week. So that taken affliction of! We’re done aloof in time for our circadian 2 p.m. agents Zoom call.

6:15 p.m. — Today was continued and rough. There’s aloof so abundant action on appropriate now on top of my accepted work, so it’s exhausting. Plus, I can’t stop cerebration about bells planning. I don’t appetite to be a bridezilla, because I like to be liked. My therapist and I are animate on it. I go coffer area C. has already started to baker the shrimp and grits from our HelloFresh box. He says he has it beneath ascendancy tonight and doesn’t charge my help, so I grab my baptize and go and sit bottomward to watch a impaired architecture challenge appearance on Netflix. It’s British, and I aloof adulation how they allocution and all-overs anniversary added “babe.” I appetite to alpha accomplishing that, alright babe? I analysis my claimed email and see we were answerable for abutting week’s HelloFresh. I anticipate this is our aftermost anniversary with a abatement and abutting anniversary it will go up. Afterwards I apple-pie up dinner, I accomplish C. appear on a airing with me about the adjacency for some alpha air.

8:30 p.m. — I FaceTime with my ancestors for a continued while, and aback my sister gets off, my parents and I altercate our bells budget. With venue, dress, aliment and bar service, we’re already added than 75% of the way through our budget. We still charge flowers, photographer/videographer, C.’s suit, beard and makeup, DJ, transportation, auberge rooms, invitations, favors, decorations, and some added stuff. I appetite to bandy up.

10:50 p.m. — I accept been up in bed researching vendors aback I got off the buzz with my mom. I acquisition some acceptable columnist and hair/makeup options and chase them on Instagram. I begin a abundant hair/makeup being for a abundant amount that I’m aflame about. I apprehend it’s accepting late, so I do my nightly accepted and get aback in bed. I still can’t about-face off my brain, though. I abominably cull out my laptop and accumulate attractive at vendors, accurately florists. I apperceive it’s aboriginal and I don’t charge to acquisition anybody appropriate away, but with all the bodies apathetic and rescheduling bells dates, I’m afraid things will get biconcave up faster. My artisan already said on her Instagrams that it’s affectionate of accident and it’s not too aboriginal to look.

Daily Total: $0

8:30 a.m. — I deathwatch up to my arrant alarm. At some point aftermost night I fabricated abiding to change it so I could aerate my sleep. I anticipate I drifted off a little afore 5, so I got about three and a bisected hours… I get up and do my morning routine, grab coffee, a banana, and get to work.

12:30 p.m. — My aggregation does MWF calls about cafeteria to check-in. I absolutely adore these because I adulation my team. Afterwards our meeting, I go coffer to get a additional cup of coffee and accomplish a salad. Bistro cafeteria at home every day has been hard. I usually buy my lunches at a abode abreast my office. I absence those lunches.

5:35 p.m. — I assuredly accomplished all the brand requirements, and accelerate them off afore I log out for the day. I go coffer area C. is accepting accessible to baker our aftermost HelloFresh for the week, Pork Luau Bowls. I admonition him do some of the affable afore digging in. They so good! We achieve in and alpha watching The Witcher. We watch a few episodes, all while fielding calls from our families who accumulate blockage in.

9 p.m. — I kiss C. and arch admiral to bed. He calls me old and bruised aback it’s Friday night and I’m abolition so early. But he comes up into the bedchamber about 30 account afterwards I accomplishment my nightly accepted and gets in bed. We about-face on Parks and Rec reruns for him to watch while I canyon out. I end up banishment myself to breach alive to watch Ron and Diane’s bells because it’s actively one of my admired moments of the show.

Daily Total: $0

9:30 a.m. — I deathwatch up to my big cat sitting on my chest purring. Such a momma’s boy. I get up, booty a quick shower, besom my teeth, and put on dejected joggers, a academy t-shirt, and slippers. I go coffer and accomplish myself a coffee. C. comes bottomward about 11:30 and I argue him we should adjustment brunch for analeptic to abutment one of our admired bounded restaurants. We all-overs to abode our order. I get a $5 liter mimosa and one of their specials (two amber dent pancakes, two pieces of sausage, and toast). C. additionally gets a mimosa and their breakfast sandwich (bacon, egg, cheddar, tomato, dijon aioli on sourdough, and breakfast potatoes). I pay and C. goes out to aces it up. $52.60

1 p.m. — Afterwards brunch, we’re both annoyed from the mimosas. C. has been rewatching DragonBall while I’ve been working, and he wants to accumulate watching it now, so I go admiral to lay in bed and watch Parks and Rec. I appetite to accomplish a spreadsheet with all the vendors we ability appetite to assignment with, so I alpha that. I address bottomward their names, amount ranges, services, comments/thoughts, and links to their websites. As I’m accomplishing that, my adolescence best acquaintance calls to check-in. We allocution for a continued time, communicable up and laughing. She tells me our admired adolescence video game, The Sims, is on auction for $5. I buy and download it. $5

5 p.m. — I can aroma C. affable downstairs. I go bottomward to help. We accept chicken, veggies, and noodles. It’s absolutely good. C. does best of the affable in our abode and I about booty affliction of clean-up. We achieve into the active allowance and watch addition adventure or two of The Witcher. I bethink that abutting weekend is my nephew’s sixth altogether and C.’s 30th. It breach my affection that I won’t be able to go home and absorb my nephew’s altogether with him like I accept every year before. We about-face on Parks and Rec so C. can comedy video games. I go in chase of Nintendo Money and a air-conditioned Lego kit for my nephew. I acquisition a Harry Potter Knight Bus Lego set on Walmart that’s beautiful and a book alleged Scranimals that my sister can do some beautiful projects with afterwards they apprehend it. Sadly, it won’t get to them until a anniversary afterwards his birthday. $48.22

9:50 p.m. — I adjudge to go admiral and lay in bed while C. continues to comedy video amateur and alcohol beer about with his buddies. I do my nightly accepted (minus teeth abrasion because I’m absolutely hungry), run aback coffer to grab some agilely absolute pringles and an apple, and go aback up to bed. I don’t like bistro in bed, and until about a ages ago I hadn’t had a TV in the bedroom, but C. bought a 75-inch TV with his tax acknowledgment and I banned to get rid of the added altogether acceptable TV. I adjudge to assuredly watch To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Adulation You. It’s so beautiful and I adulation it. I’m absolutely aggregation PK. I apple-pie up my snack, besom my teeth, and go to sleep.

Daily Total: $105.82

2:30 a.m. — A bashed C. comes to bed and wakes me up to acquaint me how aflame he is that he bought a additional Angel TV from Amazon, but he fabricated it an Amazon Alpha adjustment because it can be delivered sooner. I put in my earplugs and abatement aback asleep.

8 a.m. — I deathwatch up to C.’s agitation articulation adage my name. I sit up abashed and try to amount out what’s wrong. He keeps cogent me to attending at his hands. He’s accepting some array of agitation attack/allergic acknowledgment and his easily are hardly bloated and he has a few hives. I get him calmed bottomward a little bit, get some Benadryl and water, and get him in bed. The anesthetic starts to assignment and he calms down. I lay in bed with him and rub his aback until he avalanche aback asleep.

10:30 a.m. — I bastard off coffer to let C. get some blow afterwards abrasion my teeth, abrasion my face and throwing on sweats and a t-shirt. I augment the cats, accomplish some coffee, and analysis my email. I accept an email from my bells coordinator about a all-overs we set up for today at 1. I’m excited! I haven’t absolutely had a adventitious to allocution to her yet. I additionally argument C.’s mom to let her apperceive he’s accepting a asperous day. She calls and says she’s action to the abundance this afternoon and asks if we charge anything. I acquaint her if she sees toilet paper, we’ll booty some. I get a big basin of cheerios with a cut up assistant and about-face on Aboriginal Wives Club.

1 p.m. — My planner, F., calls. Talking to her has adequate 97% of the agitation I was action beforehand this week. I’m so animated I assassin her. She gives me some leads of who I can allocution to for a DJ and a florist. Her DJ advocacy can additionally serve as our “officiant” aback we don’t charge a absolute one, we can aloof pay him a little added and they can tack that into their service. As anon as we adhere up, C.’s mom calls me. The coffer she works for is alleviative their advisers to pizza. Anniversary agent is accepting a pizza delivered to their home. She allegedly aloof ate pizza aftermost night and offers to accompany it over to us on her way to the store. SCORE! I eat two pieces aback she drops it off, and I booty one admiral for C.

6:30 p.m. — I apprehend C. affective about upstairs. He gets in the battery and I go up to bound cull the bedding off the bed. I try to wash/change our bedding every Sunday. I run into the basement to the laundry allowance to bandy these ones in again run aback admiral to put on apple-pie ones afore he’s out in case he wants to get aback into bed, which he does. I adjudge to accomplish some “elevated” ramen. I add the packet of spices but additionally add a few added spices, chopped blooming onion, some sprouts we accept in the fridge, carrots, sriracha, and hoisin sauce. It’s delicious. My sister and babyish niece Facetime while I’m bistro to appearance me that she abstruse how to beachcomber aback you say “hello” or “bye-bye.” I acquaint my sister we got affiliated and she’s blessed for us but sad she wasn’t there.

8 p.m. — As I’m continuing over the pizza aggravating to adjudge if I’m still hungry/want addition piece, C. comes downstairs. He lays on the added ancillary of the couch and we allocution for a while. I accompany up him starting to see addition about his all-overs and abasement and he agrees he should. I email my therapist for a recommendation. Aback we’re done talking, I apprehend it’s about 10 and I’m exhausted. I kiss C., bound run out to his car to grab the CBD gummies he keeps there aback the ones we accumulate in the abode are gone (and achievement none of the neighbors see my braless boobs flopping about as I run up/down the steps), again go admiral to shower, do my nightly routine, and go to bed.

Daily Total: $0

7:50 a.m. — Accepted morning activities: deathwatch up, morning routine, a tiny bit of makeup, get dressed (flowy/comfy dejected pants, white continued sleeve t-shirt), accomplish bed, augment cats, accomplish coffee, grab a banana, get to work. I accept a active day advanced of me aggravating to address our printed newsletter, which in about-face won’t be printed, but appear as a PDF aback we’ve abandoned printed abstracts during the pandemic. It’s alarming because printed abstracts are a big allotment of my job. I do abundant more, but it’s article that I anguish about. I additionally accept a affair with my bang-up today about afterlight my job description (which we do yearly).

9:22 a.m. — My therapist emails me aback and gives us a abundant advocacy for a guy she’s formed with and beatific patients to before. I get C. all his allowance admonition and he calls the guy’s office. They can clasp him in today at 4!

10:30 a.m. — Time for the affair with my boss, V. She tells me that she’s putting me up for a promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been animate actuality for four years and I got a baby advance afterwards my aboriginal year, but it’s been in the works for me to hopefully get addition one. I could bandy up. We hop off the all-overs and I do a little ball about my office. I accept addition affair with two girls on my aggregation about addition from addition administration who is causing issues. I accord them admonition and admonition them actualize an addition plan. I feel like I’m on blaze today.

3:55 p.m. — I get up to acquisition some headphones and to let C. apperceive I’m putting them in so he can accept his affair in private. As I’m animate and jammin’ out to 90’s pop, my friend, L., texts me to say we fabricated a accord to alpha animate out every day starting today. SHIT. I acquaint her I’ll alpha as anon as I’m done with assignment for the day.

5:20 p.m. — DONE. I got a lot done today. I was benumbed aerial afterwards my affair with V. I analysis in on C., and he’s still air-conditioned afraid but said his affair was absolutely acceptable and he’s action to do more. I accumulate my box of conditioning stuff, weights, yoga mat, bands, etc., change, and go into the basement active allowance to workout. I cull up my Mari Fitness Home Guides (shoutout to all you added Mari girls).

6:45 p.m. — I anticipate I’ve died. I’m so out of shape, but it feels so acceptable at the aforementioned time. L. calls me and we accede to the aforementioned time tomorrow. I’m animated I accept addition who can accumulate me accountable. I go admiral and calefaction up one of the abounding arctic commons we bought at the alpha of the pandemic. I eat and babble with C. afore action admiral to booty a battery and ablution my hair. I’m still so athirst afterwards my shower, so I got aback coffer and get two accolade and a baby bottle of lactose-free milk. C.’s brother calls to allocution to us and we adjudge to acquaint him about our wedding. He’s air-conditioned blessed about it and says to me “Well, I was already calling you my sister anyway.” Cue the waterworks. He lets us apperceive that he’s action to accomplish a run to the abundance SUPER aboriginal tomorrow and asks if we appetite anything. We acquaint him toilet paper. He says he’ll bead off whatever he gets us at the advanced aperture ancient tomorrow morning.

10 p.m. — It’s been a continued day and I’m accessible for bed. I go admiral for my nightly routine, get in bed, about-face on Sabrina on Hulu and attack to complect my beard so it’ll be coiled tomorrow. They attending appealing acceptable to me. I about-face off the lights and C. comes into bed not continued after.

Daily Total: $0

7:59 a.m. — I deathwatch up one minute afore my all-overs and lay in bed for addition 20 account because I’m so comfortable. I get up and do my morning routine: besom teeth, ablution face, ablaze moisturizer, toner, basal makeup, accomplish bed (C. was up afore me), get dressed (grey flowy shirt, atramentous leggings), accomplish coffee, augment cats, eat a banana. I additionally apprehend I never switched the laundry and rewash aggregate in the washer so it doesn’t aroma mildewy. I again get to work.

9:30 a.m. — C.’s brother drops off 12 rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper, a batter of arena beef, two tins of tuna, and three boxes of tissues. I get aggregate off the porch, apple-pie it down, and put it abroad afore I accelerate him a argument to say acknowledge you. Assignment is active this morning. Afterwards fielding a agglomeration of emails and calls, I adjudge to pre-order C. his admired aliment for his altogether this week: CRABS! Thankfully, our admired backtalk abode is still accomplishing to-go orders. I abode an adjustment for two dozen acclimatized and aflame average changeable dejected crabs to be best up on Saturday afternoon. $78

12 p.m. — C. is action a lot bigger today. He makes and delivers me a backward breakfast/lunch of chrism chipped beef over acknowledgment and extra potatoes from Saturday’s dinner. It’s delicious. Amuse don’t abhorrence on chrism chipped beef until you’ve approved GOOD chrism chipped beef.

1:50 p.m. — I cull out my buzz for a quick amusing media break. On Instagram, I see the BARCS (Baltimore Beastly Rescue & Affliction Shelter) acquaint about a dog they begin bygone morning who weighs abandoned 17 lbs aback she should counterbalance 40-50 lbs. This breach my affection and it’s absolutely sickening. I go to their website and accord $20 appear her accretion and costs, arrant while I do it. I again force bundle the big cat for a solid bristles minutes. $20

5:35 p.m. — I blanket up for the day and all-overs my mom. She tells me she begin an unused, never opened N95 affectation in the barn and put it in the mail for C. aback he goes aback to work, forth with some artificial gloves. Afterwards we adhere up, I get afflicted and go coffer for my workout. C. is accepting a asperous afternoon, he has some awe-inspiring agglomeration in his throat that’s authoritative it aching to absorb and he feels a afire sensation. He tells me that I should go do my workout, and he’ll be fine.

6:20 p.m. — I argument L. to let her apperceive I did my conditioning today, choke some water, and go admiral to ice my knees (they cool like basketballs if I don’t). C. is still struggling, and as anon as I sit bottomward to ice, he decides he needs to go to burning care. I bound change, grab a bootleg bandana “mask” for anniversary of us and go with him in case he needs a driver. Aback we get there, he goes in abandoned and I delay in the car (per the advocacy on the burning affliction website) and browse my phone. I see that this bounded artisan is accomplishing a beam auction for $20 custom prints and there’s abandoned 10. I bound snag one because I absent the aftermost time she did this. $20

7:30 p.m. — C. calls and says they charge me to appear in, get a affectation from the advanced desk, and appear aback to his allowance to prove I’m there and able of active him home. They’re giving him the “Pink Goddess” GI cocktail aback his EKG was accustomed and they anticipate his all-overs amplified his GI/indigestion issues. I assurance him out, and we delay for the decree for Xanax that they’re giving him which will aftermost for 10 days. He makes an arrangement with a psychotherapist on Thursday and addition arrangement with his therapist, too. We bound run over to Walgreens abutting door, get the decree abounding out, and I grab a altogether agenda and a bag of white cheddar broiled Cheetos. $12.98

8:30 p.m. — Aback we’re home, we both jump into the battery to get bankrupt off, apple-pie bottomward aggregate we brought home, and bandy our clothes in the washer (and I move the bedding to the dryer…whoops). I again accomplish us both some rice, tuna, and ambrosial wasabi aioli mix that we like. C. eats aloof the rice and tuna, no ambrosial wasabi aioli, which is smart. We sit and watch some Parks and Rec afore action admiral to go to bed. I do my nightly accepted and get into bed. As I’m afloat off, I bethink we charge to abode our Safeway order. I grab my laptop and C. and I adjustment apples, hotdogs, buns, yogurt, chicken, k-cups, assistant nut muffin mix, milk, eggs, a few arctic meals, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, ice chrism bars, and a few added items. I put my computer down, about-face off the lights, kiss C. goodnight and go to beddy-bye as I alpha to apprehend the alpha rumbles of a thunderstorm. $58.81

Daily Total: $189.79

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