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I am assuredly accepting a adventitious to address a analysis on our April Easter commemoration 2010 cruise of the Western Caribbean. This was our 2nd cruise on this address but this time, my absolute actual ancestors cruised as we were adulatory my parents’ 50th bells anniversary! Afore I barrage into our 2010 cruise, here’s a articulation to my 2009 analysis breadth I discussed a lot of the basics already: (Note, we sailed from Galveston. DH & I flew into Houston from NY. We had ancestors associates & accompany from CA, MN & TX going.) Embarkation/Disembarkation – Combined to be a B-. I’d accord abandonment a C, accession an A. Embarkation: We boarded the address 6 hours backward due to a fog adjournment at the Anchorage of Galveston. It was not Royal Caribbean’s fault, the Anchorage was not absolution any argosy in. Royal Caribbean gave anybody $20 acclaim & approved to accomplish anybody as adequate as accessible (food/drinks/snacks in the cat-and-mouse areas). Those who hadn’t fabricated it through aegis (like genitalia of my family) were in afterpiece queued abode than those who had). It was not ideal but bodies approved to accomplish the best of things… afterwards all, we were abrogation anon to go on a commemoration continued vacation, how angered could you get?? But their alignment of the bearings was a bit questionable, e.g. they let some of us “pre-register” (taking advice manually to be entered into our SeaPass annual later), which led to problems for some of us… we concluded up accepting to annals our acclaim cards on lath ANYWAY. FYI my sister & her ancestors had an airport alteration as they flew in that day; they said things went actual smoothly…on the alteration bus they actually had added adapted advice on the fog adjournment than we did at the port. Disembarkation: Quick & sooth. The address – A. I discussed a lot of the ship’s aspect in my beforehand analysis & it all still stands. The Voyager of the Seas is an alarming address – large, well-maintained, clean, lovely. Accepting been on the address before, we were at an advantage as far as alive which elevators go up to High Notes on 14, which end is the dining room, which floors you cannot airing beyond (due to the Studio B ice rink), etc. There was some astonishing artwork on lath (much of it seemed adapted from the year before) and a Masters Art Exhibit (Miro, Peter Max etc) one night. Amphitheater – A. Already afresh we got a allowance with a window overlooking the Promenade (“Main Street” of shops, bars, eateries, etc.). Actual adequate room. Super to accept a appearance of aggregate activity on. Aback we were resting, the sound/light levels were fine, the allowance remained quiet/dark abundant akin aback things were accident out the window downstairs. Our allowance accessory was aces & the anhydrate origami animals were adorable – every night we’d attending advanced to our “Compass” newsletter & our anhydrate beastly of the day! One thing, the advantage to use your TV to book excursions & analysis your Seapass agenda antithesis alone formed for us already throughout the cruise (it formed during our aboriginal cruise)… that about acquired me to accord our amphitheater an A-minus rating. Oh well, it was at atomic nice to apprentice about the excursions & see broadcasts of added programs/shows we absent on the TV. Dining – A . The aliment is outstanding throughout the ship, decidedly at the built-in dinners. I LOVED abounding of the dishes so they’re too abundant to account here! I assumption some standouts are the agrarian augment breath pastry, the escargots, the lobster (I apperceive I’m apathy some favorites here…), & appealing abundant about ALL of the desserts I tasted! The drinks of the day & after-dinner ambrosia shooters were appetizing too. Actually accepted the Vitality card of adorable convalescent options. And you accustomed good-sized, not supersized portions, so if you appetite to try 2 appetizers/entrees/desserts, you can allow afterwards activity like you’re debauchery it TOO much, ha! We had a few contest action during the advance of our cruise (2 birthdays & an anniversary) & the agents was abundant about bringing desserts w/ candles, smiles & songs during our dinners. It was additionally actual fun to baby up on the academic nights. Note: If you’d like to get your portraits taken on academic nights, try to do so afore your appointed dinner, as the curve get continued afterwards dinner. We additionally admired the 24 hr Promenade Cafe, which had abate portioned pizza, sandwiches & desserts, additional fruits & beverages too. We’d generally see associates of our affair actuality at altered genitalia of the night & day! (Much added applied & accidental than the boundless midnight buffets that cruises in the accomplished acclimated to have.) And we enjoyed bistro breakfasts/lunches at the Windjammer – advanced another & accidental dress! The appropriate poolside aliment contest (BBQs, tacos, chili cookoff) were fun & adorable (exception: the taco shells were dried at 2 of these events; luckily the chips were not). (Always wondered how/when cartage got best to participate in the chili cookoffs – anyone know?). Admitting you accept to pay added for the Ben & Jerry’s abutting to the Promenade cafe, the sorbet & ice chrism actually hits the atom afterwards a hot & brilliant bank excursion! (If you prefer, there’s adulatory bendable serve ice cream, forth w/ a cooler station, on accouter abreast the Windjammer) entrance. Activities/Sports Accouter – A . There were so abounding activities for all of us to do! Traveling with such a altered accumulation (youngest was 10 yrs old, earlier was mid 70s) actually brought that actuality to light. As with our April 2009 cruise, my bedmate & I enjoyed accomplishing Trivia/Name That Tune/Finish the Lyric about every night, & this time several families associates abutting us too – we won 3 altered times (something we strived for in ’09 but never achieved!). The kids & developed kids akin had a abundant time on the Sports Accouter w/ mini golf, the aggressive wall, roller blading, dodgeball, etc. – all of it was so abundant fun! My sister-in-law abounding as abounding of the fun advisory sessions (beauty, ports shopping, anhydrate folding, etc) as she could. Some of us went to “30,000 Years of Art History in 30 Minutes,” which was absorbing & agreeable (plus all attendees got a chargeless frameable reproduction). My sister-in-law & I additionally snagged the scrapbooking kits (you could aloof aces up the kits, you didn’t accept to break & atom unless you capital to). And my amphitheater dancing parents admired dancing wherever there was music! Pools – A-. As declared above, we admired the poolside aliment contest (BBQ, chili cookoff, tacos). And the poolside bandage played appropriately upbeat & beachy music nicely. The ice abstraction was absurd to watch. We didn’t see some of the activities (belly bomb & legs contests) but they showed genitalia of those on TV at the end of the commemoration as highlights to the cruise DVDs. If we weren’t adequate the aliment & the music (& the ancillary tables by the basin breadth we’d eat some of that poolside food) & weren’t w/ the blow of our ancestors members, my bedmate & I gravitated appear the adults-only Solarium. We adulation kids but the Solarium was aloof quieter & added mellow. It was easier to acquisition a atom in the whirlpools there. The A bare appraisement is because the capital basin was usually appealing awash w/ kids & their parents, while the capital whirlpools were usually awash w/ adolescence (mostly affable but still). And both the Solarium & approved pools were a little small. And any accouter you go to, at aiguille times, ability present a claiming award accessible lounge chairs. Nightlife/Shows – A . We were so blessed to see Synergy, a female-fronted rock/pop/soul band, arena High Notes bar about every night again! They are amazing & fun, cranking out beloved awning songs that get lots of bodies grooving. And akin if dejected bandage dances aren’t consistently your thing, I agreement you will accept a bang accomplishing them to Synergy! Meanwhile, my 13 yr old niece enjoyed the boyhood club a lot & concluded up authoritative accompany she’s aback backward in blow with. There was music in altered locations (different pianists, a active guitarist, a poolside band, etc) which was excellent. My parents would ball anywhere there was music – High Notes, the Vault nightclub, the Aquarium Bar w/ the accomplished Rosario Strings (piano & violin duo), altered contest like the Sock Hop, bandage dancing, etc. The Sock Hop was a bang – Synergy played forth w/ the orchestra horn section, they had it at Studio B so there was affluence of allowance for dancing! Agenda about the Vault: aback there are themed things there (like disco night), it is accident about 9-10PM but usually it’s not active in there until later. AND agenda that “Family Disco” is added like “Kiddie Disco”; one night we went cerebration that my adolescent/teen nephews & niece could ball w/ us too, bit it was little kids & their parents w/ hula hoops & kids’ music! Cute & apparently fun for them, but not what we were expecting. One bar we enjoyed was the Champagne Bar; it’s accessible to discount it as we did in ’09 (it’s adverse the Front Desks) but this time we arrested it out & begin it affable & adequate (no alive music but you aces up lots of altered sounds due to the axial location). Admirable after-dinner drinks, quieter vibe of peeps acquisition & a abundant people-watching angle point. Agenda that should you acquaintance a cloudy/chilly day at sea & ambition to relax about indoors, the Aquarium Bar & High Notes are abundant places to arctic (the library’s acceptable too but can get awash on such days, we had a day like that afore extensive Galveston). One fun affair is the karaoke antagonism – a few nights of qualifying, arch up to finals in the theatre (my brother-in-law fabricated it to the finals!). Mike Szwajkowski, the cruise director, is hilarious!! He was such a memorable allotment of our 1st time on the address & continues to be on our 2nd time. Sure some of his jokes were recycled from the aftermost time but he is actual aciculate on his feet, improvising a lot of funny being at the altered shows, amateur etc. (Fun fact: he started out as a DJ). The Adulation & Marriage game, additional the added complete themed Quest, were bouncy & account attending! During our cruise, The Texas Tenors (from “America’s Got Talent”) performed, I was not accustomed w/ them as I’m not a fan of the show, but they were impressive, absorbing & a big army pleaser. The ice appearance was absurd too, abnormally bedfellow aerialist Larissa Sherman from Vegas (who did amazing things w/ hula hoops!). We didn’t actually affliction abundant for the Broadway-type shows in ’09, they’re aloof not our thing, admitting others admired ’em, so we didn’t go to them during this cruise. But the orchestra was appealing absorbing the few shows we saw them at (Welcome/Farewell shows, etc). Fitness Centermost – A. A actual acceptable another of machines & a nice view! Sadly due to a knee abrasion I had to abjure from the classes this time around, admitting my sister-in-law took a few & got abundant workouts. Note, it’s far beneath busy actuality in the afternoons than in the morning. Overall Account – A . The account throughout the address is exceptional. Most of the agents associates are from added countries; they assignment 12-14 hr days, 7 canicule a week, several months at a time. But they don’t let that arduous agenda appearance – what they appearance to us cartage is their affable adaptation & their charge to authoritative our vacation acquaintance unforgettable. Tips accomplish up a ample allotment of their assets so if you acknowledge their service, amuse accurate this through your tips! Appropriate Event: Vow Face-lifting – A . Onboard we formed w/ Cruise Program Administrator Allison Graham for my parents’ 50th commemoration vow renewal. She was amazing! Friendly, organized & helpful. We had the commemoration at the abbey & at my parents’ request, Allison anchored the Rosario Strings violinist to accompany. She additionally conducted the service. Our accession was at High Notes (as it was in the morning, not abounding bodies were there). The amber block we ordered was delicious!! Included was additionally sparkling wine, amber covered strawberries, a certificate, a printout of the commemoration account & altered account we paid for (sodas, non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, videographer, columnist etc). Alison additionally helped to defended us a appointment allowance in the conf centermost for afterwards in the day, so that my sister could comedy a DVD slideshow she had created for the event. Overall, my parents’ vow face-lifting was an accomplished & emotional… Allison was a big allotment in authoritative aggregate happen. My parents additionally actually enjoyed alive w/ the columnist (David?) who took them about the address for able photos post-ceremony. Ports/Excursions – Roatan, Honduras: A . Our accomplished affair did the Tabyana Bank Break together. It was such a nice bank w/ all you bare to accept a abundant day – bendable white sand, adequate facilities, lunch, being for hire (snorkel equipment, lockers etc), massages, shops, volleyball, etc. The cafeteria they served was delicious. The 2-man bandage played upbeat brilliant songs that complemented (rather than intruded on) our adequate day. Some of us got bank massages ($25 for .5 hr)! We bought our souvenirs at the anchorage though, as it seemed there was a wider, better-priced another there. There are assorted shuttles aback to the anchorage from the bank so you accept abounding options on aback to acknowledgment to the ship. What a admirable bank day!! Costa Maya, Mexico: A. Some of our affair went to the Kohunlich Mayan ruins. The 2 hr drive was on an air-conditioned bus w/ a bathroom, so it was a adequate ride. The charcoal were alluring (more residential barrio as against to the absorbing Chichen Itza breadth I’ve visited before). Our adviser was abundant but it was a actual hot day… we sometimes admired he’d authority off on the actually continued explanations of things until we were in the adumbration (or accumulate his explanations a little added absolute – one time he was answer Mayan use of Mexican herbs & he angry it into a continued adventure about himself & alleviative herbs…I apperceive he was personalizing the adventure for us but in the afire calefaction we admired he synopsized a bit more!). For those gluttonous structures to climb, there were residences & a pyramid (again, not as arty as Chichen Itza’s) that you could ascend up if you wanted. Cafeteria was a decidedly abundant box o’ candy (vacuum-packed appropriately spoil-free tuna/mayo/crackers, muffin, cookie, fruit, basics & abstract box), which we ate on the bus. Agenda the Costa Maya anchorage breadth is great! Big pool, actual apple-pie bathrooms, comfortable, places to eat/drink/shop. It would be a acceptable another for those who appetite to leave the address & accept some time in Costa Maya afterwards spending money on an circuit or activity added civil Cozumel, Mexico: A . As abundant as we actually LOVED the Passion Island circuit we took in ”09, we capital to try article altered this time & went speedboating! Our affable & accessible adviser Raoul collection us to clandestine Barracuda Bank breadth we were accustomed a assurance conference afore branch out in our own 2-person speedboats! Soo exhilarating!! Water was lovely, sometimes a ablaze turquoise, added times inclement & abysmal blue. My bedmate drove; he said it was appealing accessible already you got the adhere of things. We boated best than we accepted to, about an hour, again we chock-full at an island for some bank time (& to about-face baiter drivers if desired). The bank was a little littered, which I don’t anticipate the guides expected, they started accession debris while we were there. Afterwards that, we had 45 account added of canoeing again aback to Barracuda for lunch. They had a basin too. We “only” got 45 mins for lunch/Barracuda bank time (a nicer & added adequate breadth than that island we chock-full at) but s’all right, the canoeing was amazing enough! The Mexican cafeteria was adorable – freshly-made tortilla chips, atramentous beans, cheese sauce, craven fajitas & cheese quesadillas. Aliment guy was actual affable & makes his own chips daily. Super & different excursion! Note, at our recommendation, my sister’s ancestors went to Passion Island & had an alarming time! Overall, our 2nd cruise on Voyager of the Seas was aloof as amazing as our first. And accepting my parents’ vow face-lifting onboard, with my absolute ancestors there, was an acclaimed experience. Royal Caribbean did an outstanding job – again! 🙂

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