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A coronavirus vaccine developed in San Diego will accept beastly testing this week. On Monday, Inovio Pharmaceutical, a Pennsylvania-based aggregation with a bounded Sorrento Valley lab, said it planned to inject the aboriginal of up to 40 volunteers. Aftermost month, Inovio Chief Vice Admiral Kate Broderick told KPBS that the tests they’ve run in the lab so far acquire produced acceptable results. Vaccine_clip We are acutely encouraged…it’s attractive actual promising…BeatFollowing in the state’s footsteps, San Diego Ambassador Kevin Faulconer on Monday alleged for bloom affliction professionals to appear advanced to advice in the accepted billow of COVID-19 cases.He’s allurement for all medical residents, nursing students, retired bloom affliction workers or those who acquire switched professions to assurance up to help. Mayorpresser_4_6…..we are assured some time of billow and we charge be accessible to accommodate the medical casework all-important to save lives. Our burghal of beforehand “ is accepted for its adeptness in science and bloom and medicine….so san diego will accept to do its part.

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The mayor’s alarm to activity follows aftermost week’s conception by Gov. Gavin Newsom of the California Bloom Corps, a state-led accomplishment to recruit added healthcare professionals to advice activity the pandemic. Bodies can assurance up at san diego dot gov carve coronavirus. Exhausted The San Diego Metropolitan Transit Arrangement appear Monday it will be abbreviation bus and trolley annual able abutting week.

They’ve apparent ridership declines because of the pandemic. The bureau won’t cut any routes completely, but rather some routes will see a abridgement in service.

MTS admiral said adjacency to grocery stores, hospitals and added capital areas was taken into annual aback chargeless which routes would see bargain service.


At a columnist arrangement Monday, Gov. Newsom said assignment on a new coronavirus antibiotic analysis from Stanford University is “fundamental” and on a fast clue for approval.

The analysis is advised to actuate whether bodies acquire amnesty to COVID-19. Newsom said it’s an important footfall in accepting bodies aback to work.

And the latest coronavirus count: San Diego Canton admiral on Monday appear 78 new COVID cases, accretion the region’s absolute to 1,404. No new deaths were reported.


I’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

It’s Tuesday, April 7.

Stay with me for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1

The Acting Secretary of the Fleet fabricated a circuitous accent to the aggregation of the USS Roosevelt in Gaum.

KPBS Aggressive Anchorman Steve Walsch says leaked video shows him aggravating to explain why he accursed the ship’s captain..

The captain has fabricated civic annual for actuality analytical of the navy’s acknowledgment to the coronavirus pandemic.

—————————————————–ROOSEVELT PACKAGE

In footage leaked to KPBS, recorded beneath deck, acting Secretary of the Fleet Thomas Modly is heard aggravating to explain his accommodation to blaze Capt. Brett Crozier. This happened afterwards a letter went accessible which showed the captain’s annoyance over the Navy’s administration of an alpha of the coronavirus on board. Secretary Modly said…

ROOSEVELT CAPT 2A”If he didn’t think, it was my opinion, that if he didn’t anticipate that advice was activity to get out into the accessible in this advice age that we animate in. That he was A too aboveboard or too brainless to be the advantageous administrator of a abode like this.”

In a sometimes circuitous accent to the aggregation of the San Diego-based carrier Modly insisted the Fleet had consistently taken the bearings seriously.

ROOSEVELTCAPT 2B”No one at my akin has been blank the bearings actuality from the actual beginning. I accomplished out to your CO through my arch of staff, actual actual aboriginal on in this crisis.”

Video acquaint online aftermost anniversary showed hundreds of sailors auspicious for the captain afterwards he larboard the carrier. At aftermost calculation 155 aggregation associates acquire activated absolute for the virus. Aggregation are still actuality abashed off the ship. Over the weekend, the New York Times appear Crozier himself has additionally activated positive. Steve Walsh KPBS News.

After the leaked audio of the accent was fabricated public, Mode-ly aboriginal said he stood by his words, but afresh afterwards issued an acknowledgment and said he does not anticipate Crow-sher is aboveboard or stupid.


San Diego canton bloom admiral acquire directed hospitals to added bind accessories acclimated to assure bloom affliction workers from the coronavirus.

KPBS Bloom Anchorman Tarryn Mento says a new alive directs accessories to chase crisis strategies to conserve accent during the civic shortage.

___________________________________________PREALERT PACKAGEMany accessories acquire already been demography accomplish to conserve masks and added careful equipment. But the county’s alive indicates the curtailment is affecting best if not all medical centers in the region.

It recommends accessories accent accessories such as gowns and masks for procedures that can accomplish the virus airborne, like intubation, breadth a tube is put through the aperture and into an airway. That bureau bloom affliction workers may abandon the medical accent in added situations that usually alarm for it.

Philip Grenier (Griner) is the administrator of the nursing academy at San Diego Accompaniment University. He says absorption strategies beggarly attached acceptance to the best aegis bloom affliction workers acquire adjoin the virus.

(:06)”We don’t acquire an immunization that we can accord to providers. We don’t acquire a cure.”

The canton says it has broadcast added than 1 actor abandoned items of careful accessories to accessories and is gluttonous added from the accompaniment and federal governments. The alive says approaching shipments will be broadcast on a antecedence basis.

Tarryn Mento, KPBS News.

Tarryn Mento’s abode was a collective accord of KPBS and inewsource.

inewsource is an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS.


On Monday, San Diego Unified Academy Commune acceptance began accent classes from home.

KPBS Apprenticeship Anchorman Joe Hong explains what ambit acquirements will attending like for California’s added bigger academy district.__________________SDUNIFIED 1

The Commune started what it’s calling a bendable barrage for ambit learning. Some agents will alpha online apprenticeship afterwards allocation assignments, while the commune determines which acceptance charge internet and laptops. All schools are appointed to move to academic allocation on April 27th. It’s still early, but agents for the best allotment feel they’ve been accustomed the adaptability to acclimate to apprentice needs in this new acquirements environment. Kisha Borden is the admiral of the agents union.

KISHABORDEN.mp305:13-05:43″We apperceive some of our beforehand acceptance are caring for their adolescent siblings. Bodies are administration computers or aggravating to allotment the wifi in their homes, so anybody can’t be on their computers at the aforementioned time.”

The commune says it will adeptness out to families about aback and breadth laptops can be best up.

Joe Hong KPBS news.

BeatSound artisan Emily Jankowski, kpbs anchorman Max rivlin-nadler and I afresh arrested in with bound crossers. The bound has been bankrupt to non-essential biking aback aftermost ages in an accomplishment to stop the beforehand of the coronavirus. This piece, by the way, is a bit of a change of appearance and draft from what you’re acclimated to in this podcast…

COVID 19 BORDER PACKAGE So, it happened. Sound Exhausted In an accomplishment to ascendancy the beforehand of the coronavirus pandemic.The U.S.-Mexico bound is now bankrupt to a lot of people. Headline annual clip’s important to acquire that the bound isn’t, like, absolutely anchored shut adapted now. Mostly, the cease is meant to cut bottomward on bodies arch for shopping, visiting ancestors or added absolutely recreational reasons. It’s the aforementioned affair that already happened with the US-Canada border. But a lot of bound crossers here..especially association with jobs that aren’t accounted essential…their cross-border commutes are clearly on hold. The bead in bound cartage was huge and actual — It’s surreal.There are pics all over the cheep and Facebook.An about absolutely abandoned bandage at the San Ysidro Anchorage of Entry.No cars, no bound vendors. Aloof abandoned lanes.There’s alike a annual amphibian about the internet of apathetic bound vendors arena a soccer bold in the abandoned lanes. Here’s a United States Association and Bound Protection agent with the official numbers. Clips from borderpatrolcallSo this would accommodate them drill, validated. It aloof includes every anchorage that we acquire from Andrati. Calexico Eastern was, uh, the God did otitis and a Seadrill. So we acquire apparent above our ports of acceptance from agent cartage and banal traffic, we acquire apparent about a 70% decrease, uh, on boilerplate at all. Our ports of entry. Uh, the individuals traveling arctic into, uh, into our city.So, the deluge of crossers is now a trickle. Cross-border barter is still happening.

And if you animate in Tijuana but assignment in San Diego… and your job is all-important adapted now…like if you assignment at a hospital or grocery abundance or one of the added 16 jobs clearly accounted essential…you can still cross, too. And of course, if you’re a U.S. aborigine still in Mexico at the moment, you will be accustomed to cantankerous aback to the U.S…. Eventually. You adeptness acquire to acknowledgment some questions and get a bloom screening…But all the accustomed circadian back-and-forth at the border. The tourism. The shopping. The ancestors visits… That’s the actuality that’s chock-full as of aftermost month.Music Out? borderclosureinterviews accent placemaking tapeYou can booty a few accomplish over. Okay, good. All right.At the San Ysidro Anchorage of Acceptance the day afore the bound bankrupt to non-essential traffic.KPBS anchorman max rivlin-nadler captured some of the slice-of-border-life actuality that’s been canceled. borderclosureinterviews Needs his car backMy car is accepting repaired over it. That’s why I was over there. That’s Mario Oropeza…he lives in San Ysidro, adapted abreast the border. borderclosureinterviews Needs his car backIf I don’t get my car aback afore they bankrupt the border, afresh I don’t acquire a car. Yeah. So you about go above the border? Not really. I was in an draft like aftermost week. Appealing bad timing. It’s actual big-ticket to fix it here. Over there. It’s like third of the price, you know? But I charge my car back. So, Mario abandoned his car off at a boutique in Tijuana.And aback he absolved aback through the border, he said there was a abject breadth bound agents were demography people’s temperatures. He didn’t acquire a fever, so they let him aback in..But they did acquaint him they were about to abutting the border. borderclosureinterviews Cogent Peeps Not To Appear BackWhen I came aback this way, they were cogent everybody, Hey, we’re activity to abutting the border, so I’ll accomplish abiding you don’t appear aback anymore. So on the arch aback into the U S they said, Hey, we’re closing it. Well, that’s what they’re cogent everybody. They’re affectionate of aggravating to get you ready, you know? So aloof in case you say, Hey, if you, unless you acquire any capital business in Mexico, don’t appear over actuality aloof for anything, you know, over there it’s absolutely dead, but everything’s still open. I assumption it’s bigger to breach here, you know? So you don’t anticipate you’ll be able to get your car? I dunno, man. I achievement I could get my car.And afresh there’s Robert Booker…He’s a preacher who lives in the SAn Diego bound association of Otay Mesa…where he was built-in and raised….Preacher Robert has a clothier and a dentist in Tijuana, so he crosses at atomic a few times a year.

On the Friday afore the new bound rules went into effect, he had some anew tailored clothes in Tijuana to aces up.

borderclosureinterviews accepting clothesWell, I was planning on accepting them today anyway, and aback I heard the advertisement from admiral Trump that the bound may be shutting bottomward today or tonight, this evening. I capital to accomplish abiding I got my clothes. laughs. Sound Exhausted So, accepting clothes and cars…those aren’t above emergencies, right? That stuff’s inconvenient, but not crucial. See…the bodies best impacted by the bound cease adapted now are the ones you won’t acquisition arch an official anchorage of entry. It’s those bent up in the allowance system…Which is appealing abundant frozen.

Asylum seekers are mostly out of luck.

And the casual association currently ashore in Tijuana…many who are alive in camps and shelters…plus bodies currently bedfast or afresh abandoned from the US….These are the absolutely accessible populations. Those are the bodies who are absolutely in added crisis of actuality adulterated and impacted by the apathetic bottomward at the border…Human rights groups acquire been agitation and calling on politicians to do added to assure these groups. We won’t apperceive the abounding appulse of this activity on this association until later…Sound Beat? And for the draft of us…People are draft jobs…families who animate on both abandon of the bound aren’t able to see anniversary added in person, maybe for a continued time…There are all kinds of losses, big and small, draft as I speak.

Not continued ago, I chatted with a abundant U.S. aborigine who lives in Tijuana and is cool abashed about her accessible birth, which is appointed to booty abode in a hospital in San Diego. She didn’t appetite me to use her name because on cardboard she lives in San Diego. This abundant adolescent developed doesn’t acquire official cachet in Mexico..So she’s apprehensive if, afterwards she gives bearing in San Diego, she’ll be accustomed to cantankerous aback to go home and be with her bedmate in Tijuana…She additionally has no one to drive her on her cross-border drive to acquire a baby….her accepted plan is to drive herself, which, if like me you’ve birthed some babies, you apperceive apparently isn’t a plan that will pan out……I additionally afresh talked to the arch of a nonprofit that helps admonish kids in orphanages in Tijuana. He reminded me of how abased the kids are on donations from bodies in San Diego…He says orphanages and the kids in them are boxy and resilient, but he’s still abashed about how they’ll get by afterwards those San Diego supplies. Sound Exhausted Like I said, these are alarming and ambiguous times, right? I acclimated to animate in Tijuana and I never agitated to get official status. So…I’d be freaking out adapted now if article like this had happened. But for the two cross-border commuters I talked to… two U.S. citizens who animate in Tijuana but assignment in San Diego…The accepted mantra seems to be this: Breach calm and assignment on. Sound Beat. John Brady abashed to Playas de Tijuana about a year and a bisected ago.

johnbradyinterview abashed to tjWhen did I move here. Let’s see… December of 2018.

By night, John’s absolutely a accomplished jailbait artisan and photographer…

But by day, he does the blazon of architecture assignment that’s been accounted capital during the lockdown.

Think: Emergency flood baptize draft cleanup situations and added analytical aliment jobs….that arrangement of thing.

So… John is absolutely one of the workers who gets to accumulate arch the bound during the fractional closure.

In my book, the guy’s a abuse hero.

Because while I’m actuality in my house, basically too abashed to accelerate my mom this affliction amalgamation that’s been sitting in advanced of me for the accomplished few weeks…because, that would absorb me activity to the accessible column arrangement which is absolutely ample with coronavirus…

John is still ample beneath people’s homes in Burghal Heights….clearing out raw carrion because it’s a bloom hazard and he’s got a job to do…

But rather than feel like a hero, John feels sorta the opposite.

johnbradyinterview Adroitness of GuiltSo it’s, um, I mean, I, I, I feel actually, you know, affectionate of a adroitness of answerability adapted now that I am able to continue. I acquire been able to accept animate this anniversary while about everybody I apperceive is not, and you know, some of, and abounding of them may not acquire a job to go aback to in a ages or whenever.johnbradyinterview accompany draft jobsI acquire a few accompany who were, attending at the outlets on the border. I, they are already, you know, they’re, they’re not working. Um, and you know, if, uh, this, you know, limitation on bound cartage continues, are all the outlets activity to abutting and are all my accompany activity to lose their jobs? Um, you know, not only, acutely those who assignment in annual here. Um, but also, and then, you know, those who cantankerous the bound and assignment there. SoSo John works on. And he feels advantaged to be able to do so.


Since John abashed to Tijuana, he has been administration circadian photos of the burghal on his Facebook feed.

It was his way of administration and advertisement the affectionate of cross-border activity he leads and finds so wonderful.

But on March 24, John aggregate the aftermost of his circadian photos of TJ. On Facebook, he wrote, quote, “As aggregate shuts bottomward in Tijuana – the places I like to adhere out, associate with accompany old and new, see animate music and booty photos of the bands, drink, eat, over caffeinate…some of them already shuttered assuredly – I’m award little to be aggressive by. There are abandoned so abounding dusk photos I can share, and the central of my accommodation absolutely isn’t abundant to attending at.”

Tijuana is a few accomplish abaft San Diego aback it comes to closing things bottomward and accepting bodies to breach in doors. But in the aftermost few days, the burghal has bent up and is mostly now in lockdown approach with the draft of us in San Diego.

Sound Beat

kinseeandjillzoom Moves her LaptopOkay. Let me, let me move so I don’t acquire aback lighting. That’s better. Acknowledge you. Oh, wow. And now I acquire like a absolute accepted bookish accomplishments of all my books in the background. I adulation it. So what has to Juana and Baja Mexico, what has been the acknowledgment so far of two COBIT. 19 is it anywhere near. The accompaniment of California, which of beforehand is now in a lockdown mode. Well, it’s been actual interesting.

Jill Hoslin is a abecedary at San Diego Accompaniment University who’s lived in Tijuana for about a decade.

She’s additionally an artisan and activist who mostly covers and cares about border-related topics.

Talking to Jill is like bubbler a bottle of white wine.

She just, soooo chill.

A lot of bound bodies I know…they are cool abashed that they’re never gonna be able to see their ancestors associates who animate on the added ancillary of the bound anytime again…

There’s this anguish that Admiral Donald Trump will aloof accumulate the bound mostly bankrupt as continued as he possibly can. Because. Well, it’s what he’s basically capital from the start.

But Jill. She’s not worried.

She’s still working…teaching her SDSU acceptance through online classes.

And alike admitting she has two sons in the U.S….

She’s assured they’ll see anniversary added again.

And in the meantime, technology is her friend. kinseeandjillzoom Cool Arctic VibeSo, you know, we’re consistently in touch. We’re in draft on Facebook, we’re in draft on messenger, we allocution on the phone. And so, you know, it’s not abundant to not be able to see anniversary other, but I don’t really, I’m, I’m just, I dunno, I assumption I’m not absolutely panicking about this. Yeah. All right. How are you advancement your chillness. I don’t know. I assumption I’m acclimated to living, I mean, I’ve lived in Tijuana, you know, for, aback 2011 and I don’t know, I, I absolutely feel added able and I feel safer actuality in Tijuana at home. Afresh the abstraction of somehow actuality trapped in the United States. That’s what fabricated me added anxious. Every time I would, I would feel like, Oh my God, I acquire to get aback home. Because if I get trapped in the United States, that for me would be a huge crisis. Um, because I mean, I don’t acquire any abode to live….Jill says from her experience, it’s easier to acceptance and acquiesce healthcare in Tijuana than it is in San Diego. So alike admitting she’s abutting to the age accumulation that’s best in danger… and she’s doubly at draft because of lung issues in the past….Jill thinks she’s bigger off in TJ than she is actuality in SD. BeatWanna apperceive what Jill will absence the best during this bound squeeze? Sound Beat. Yogurt. kinseeandjillzoom Absence Me Some YogI mean, I like, I like absinthian non-fat Greek yogurt because it’s one of my, like, capital sources of protein in the morning for breakfast. And actuality in Tijuana, a lot of the, a lot of the yogurt is, you know, it’s either aperitive with amoroso or it’s Aperitive with, um, you know, non amoroso sweeteners and it’s aloof not great. And so, you know, I mean, it’s not gonna annihilate me. It’s, I’d be, you know, it’s, it’s a very, um, it’s a actual advantaged position. Aboriginal apple problems. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. It’s interesting, because in some ways, our own homes acquire become like their own little nation states…we’ve all got these airy ambit fatigued about us adapted now….i don’t know, it’s aloof got me apprehensive if or how this acquaintance adeptness change our accord to the us-mexico border…i assumption we’ll acquire to delay and seeOk, that’s all I’ve got for today. Acknowledgment for listening. If you acquire a adventure about how the bound cease is impacting your activity adapted now, amuse let me know. Email me at podcasts at kpbs dot org….that’s podcasts with an s at kpbs dor org.


Monday, April 6

Title: Pop-Up Federal Acreage Hospital Planned for Escondido

Description: With cases of coronavirus accepted to billow actuality in the advancing weeks, admiral Sunday appear affairs to body a 250-bed federal hospital at Palomar Medical Centermost in Escondido. Plus: lots of locals are dispatch up to advice by adopting dogs on a acting abject and added bounded annual you need.

A 250-bed federal acreage hospital is planned for Palomar Medical Center. On Sunday, San Diego Canton bloom admiral said the “hospital aural a hospital” will be installed on the 10th and 11th floors of the Escondido facility. Canton administrator Nathan Fletcher said it will be a absolutely activity hospital and will add to the accommodation of beds bare in the activity adjoin the coronavirus pandemic. Fletcher clip….the 250 assemblage will be accession hopefully aural the abutting two weeks…..this will be a bounded tool. (cut it bottomward to the transcribed argument appearance h ere) This is one of a cardinal of pop-up hospitals the federal government is giving to California. The admiral accumulation all of the beds, medication and claimed careful equipmentBeat

Last week, the canton ordered all advisers at capital businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and pharmacies, to abrasion bolt facial masks that awning their adenoids and mouth. Canton Administrator Greg Cox says if bodies see workers not acid masks, they can abode the businesses at 211sandiego dot org.SUNCOVID 1A Our law administration will assignment aboriginal to brainwash these businesses aback a complaint is received, but if they become echo offenders, they will be cited. Afresh let me reiterate the sheriff’s message: The warnings are over.Over the weekend the Sheriff’s Administration cited 25 bodies for actionable the state’s prohibition on accessible gatherings. Those citations appear with a $1,000 fine, up to six months in bastille or both.BeatIn an accomplishment to get added medical aliment into the calmly of hospital workers statewide amidst the pandemic…Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched a website for bodies to accord and advertise the supplies.The website,, will acquiesce association and organizations to donate, advertise or barter analytical items, such as ventilators, N95 masks and testing materials.And addition web adeptness for you…

Supervisor Greg Cox appear a new online accomplishment alleged [email protected] that asks San Diegans to accompany 30-day fettle challenges, to alpha or accompany basal book clubs orplay amateur and contrarily about affix with accompany and neighbors. Get the accommodation at livewellsd dot org.

And for the latest coronavirus numbers: Canton admiral on Sunday appear 117 new COVID-19 cases and one added death.


I’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

It’s Monday, April 6.

Stay with me for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1

Like best added things adapted now, bounded beastly shelters are bankrupt to visitors.

KPBS anchorman Claire Trageser says this bureau apartment dogs aren’t accepting abundant absorption adapted now, but abounding locals are dispatch up to advice by adopting dogs on a acting basis.


[Notes:00:00:03] This is Petunia. She’s my dog. Can you say hi, Petunia?

Just like best of us, Melanie Murnane is spending a lot of time at home these days. But she has some added company.

SOT con’t”And afresh my beforehand dog, Charlie is bottomward beneath here. Charlie, can you say hi? He’s attractive for a home.”

But wait, there’s one more…

SOT[Notes:00:10:28] “Yeah you can appear out. Appear on baby”

Her added beforehand dog–third dog total–Baby Babe hops out of her crate and goes beeline for Murnane’s face.

SOT[Notes:00:11:01] “You’re giving me kisses aren’t you.”

Murnane has continued formed with a dog accomplishment alignment that takes dogs from bounded shelters and puts them briefly in beforehand homes.

SOT [Notes:00:04:25] “And afresh beforehand them on amusing media, either acquisition a home for them, acquisition a continued appellation beforehand or or if annihilation is found, they go aback to the apartment but with all sorts of addendum on how abundant they are in a home and whether they can animate with a cat or a dog or children.”

Since the alpha of the coronavirus pandemic, she’s had a lot of company–lots of bodies are absent to beforehand dogs. The San Diego Accommodating Association afresh asked for beforehand volunteers and got added than 400 applications in the aboriginal 24 hours.About bisected the animals in bounded shelters are now in beforehand homes. On March 11, afore the breach at home orders, 156 of the San Diego Accommodating Association animals were in beforehand homes. Now there are 342.

[Notes:00:01:57] “There was a dog that I had interacted with briefly aback I was volunteering at the apartment and he was available.”

Mary McAndrew is one of those new beforehand volunteers.

SOT con’t”And so he was aloof a absolute bout for me to booty home.”

She volunteers at an beastly apartment but hadn’t brought a beforehand dog home before. She says the new absoluteness brought on by the coronavirus fabricated it the adapted time to start.

SOT[Notes:00:08:11] “We’re home anyway. Abnormally for seniors like me, they can’t see the grandkids. Can’t go to yoga classes. There’s so abounding things that we can’t do. But aloof spending time with the dogs is aloof really, it’s fun and stimulating.”

So McAndrew and her bedmate fostered a German Shepard mix alleged Maverick.

SOT[Notes:00:04:23] “We’ve been out walking every day. We’ve explored genitalia of our adjacency that we had never apparent before. We’ve been greeting our neighbors that we’ve never met afore or out on the balustrade and we can babble with them with distance. We’re affair added people’s pets. It’s aloof been it’s gotten us not to anticipate about what we can’t do, but what we can do.”

Then, Maverick was adopted. McAndrew says she and her bedmate are already attractive for addition beforehand dog to accompany home.

Even admitting you can’t arrangement their shelters, you can acquire through accomplishment organizations or the San Diego Accommodating Society. Backer Nina Thompson says their shelters are accomplishing basal adoptions.

SOT[Notes:00:02:09] “You would acquire a absolutely all-embracing arrangement about the pet that you’re absorbed in afore you anytime alike appear down.”

She says although bodies can’t browse animals at the shelters, adoptions haven’t lagged significantly.

[Notes:00:02:55] “We’ve had added animals activity out than we’ve had advancing in.”

SOT[Notes:00:11:01] “We’ll acquisition you a home, won’t we. Yes, you’re a acceptable girl.”

Back at Melanie Murnane’s house, she’s animate to get beforehand dogs Charlie Boy and Baby Babe accessible for consistently homes.

[Notes:00:09:22] “She’s eighty bristles pounds ample by at atomic 20 pounds. So we’re demography her for a abbreviate airing anniversary day animate on her weight loss.”

She says there are added dogs accessible for acceptance too–a Mastiff alleged Big Mac and an beforehand Boxer alleged Deniro.BEAT

Claire Trageser, KPBS News

While you can acquire dogs from the accommodating society, shelters run by San Diego County’s Administration of Beastly Casework acquire abeyant adoptions and don’t charge any added beforehand volunteers.

A agent for the canton didn’t acknowledgment requests for animadversion about why.


Advocates for bodies alive in nursing homes say the California Administration of Accessible Health’s accommodation to stop sending inspectors into those accessories amidst the coronavirus communicable is a mistake..

A aberration that could acquire baleful consequences.

KPBS Anchorman Amita Sharma explains.______________________________________________INSPECTORS ______________________________________________California accessible bloom admiral say all accepted accompaniment and federal surveys of nursing homes acquire been briefly apoplectic in acknowledgment to the pandemic. They say they’re still investigating incidents at the state’s 1,500 nursing homes through “virtual, audio, or cyberbanking methods.”But advocates for association at nursing homes says accompaniment surveyors charge to be onsite now added than ever. Nursing homes are beneath lockdown to stop the beforehand of COVID-19. Ancestors and accompany can no best arrangement residents. Michael Connors of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform says that bureau association acquire no one to about-face to if they’re actuality abandoned or worse…abused. 8:50 So it’s bounden at a time like this, in the bosom of a communicable for our inspectors to be the accessible face in those accessories and to accomplish abiding that association are safe.A federal analysis of nursing homes appear aftermost anniversary begin that 36 percent of the accessories inspected didn’t chase able duke abrasion rules.

Amita Sharma, KPBS News.


Nurses at the San Diego VA say they are accepting alloyed belletrist from admiral on how to acknowledge to the Coronavirus.

KPBS Aggressive and Veterans Anchorman Steve Walsh says VA leaders acquire there acquire been inconsistencies.————————————————————–VANURSEAround the country nurses acquire been agitation about the abridgement of agents and a curtailment of supplies. This anniversary nurses who assignment for the Veterans Bloom Administration are agitation in Brooklyn. In San Diego, Brian Hebert works as a primary affliction assistant at the VAs Oceanside Clinic. A adumbrative of the California Nurses Association/ Civic Nurses United. Hebert says the VA nurses in San Diego acquire some of the aforementioned concerns. Aloof above-mentioned to the governor allurement anybody to awning their faces in public, a VA administrator told two nurses to abolish face masks they brought from home. I talked to Hebert via skype. 00;12;39;02″And they are accurately cogent you that you can’t abrasion a mask, unless you’re in a assertive situation? …….Depending on breadth you are working, it’s affectionate of a altered bulletin accustomed by altered managers. Our administrator is acceptance and says you can abrasion it if you acquire access. Meanwhile it seems like some of the managers at the capital hospital are afterward a altered protocol.”Hebert says nurses are abashed about a abridgement of consistency. He describes how the VA has stations bureaucracy alfresco best locations to analysis patients for the virus — Afterward CDC guidelines– But that’s not how it works at his dispensary in Oceanside:00;04;20;17″how able-bodied are they accomplishing aback it comes to befitting COVID-19 patients abstracted from the draft of the hospital? They are accomplishing checks alfresco of the building…… They acquire stations bureaucracy for blockage patients and isolating them at that point, but that’s not actuality instituted at all of the locations currently. Currently at Oceanside they’re blockage central the building, not alfresco breadth it would be bigger for all included. The agents and the patients. Because if addition through the questions is begin positive, they’re abashed to a accent abode and they should already be alfresco and they’re not. So they’re not blockage alfresco the building, they’re blockage inside? That’s correct.” A contempo abode from the VA Inspector General additionally criticized two added clinics at the San Diego VA for not appropriately screening patients afore they absolutely entered the clinic. Administrator of San Diego VA Medical system, Dr. Robert Smith acknowledges there acquire been issues with screening. 00;09;34;08″We adeptness awning alfresco the door, but If acclimate altitude don’t permit, we adeptness awning adapted central the aperture and again, put bodies into accent screening if they acquire any affection or agitation or annihilation else.”Smith says he has reemphasized to awning anybody BEFORE they can mix with the draft of the agents or patients. As far as whether agents was told to booty off their own careful masks, which they brought from home?00;14;37;11″I can’t allege to what an abandoned administrator adeptness acquire said but that was not policy. We do charge to accomplish ablaze that abandoned endemic gear, whether it’s a affectation or a bandana is not a acting for academic PPE.”

On the catechism of hospital brand claimed careful accessories or PPE, Smith says admiral at the San Diego VA do not appetite agents to REUSE hospital brand masks — ANOTHER Affair aloft by nurses on staff. Smith says agents has been told to accumulate the masks that acquire been adapted for them.

00;16;44;05″Under those affairs that’s not a reuse. I apperceive some of the agents were abashed that we were suggesting they could reclaim that affectation aback all we were adage is accumulate the affectation and use it as PPE in the aboriginal adapted setting, aback it’s adapted to use PPE, not reclaim masks afterwards that.”Asked whether he is able to get out a constant bulletin as the bearings rapidly evolves:

00;18;27;17″I anticipate messaging is the distinct hardest affair to get adapted for healthcare organizations adapted now. We acquire agents that is actual concerned. I anticipate the bulletin they get nationally is actual concerning. And aggravating to breach advanced of that has been challenging.”

At the moment, the VA is able-bodied beneath capacity. The San Diego VA has had 19 accepted cases of COVID-19 amidst patients. Abandoned one is ailing at the moment, admitting the arrangement is still assured a surge.


Steve Walsh KPBS News.

Even during this time of amusing distancing, there are opportunities to advice your community…

You can accord claret or beforehand at the bounded aliment bank.

The CEO of the San Diego Aliment Bank, James Floros, and Accessible Relations Administrator of the San Diego Claret Bank, Claudine Van Gonka batten to Midday Copy Host Maureen Cavanaugh.

They talked about how San Diegans can footfall up and cautiously beforehand amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.


The KPBS annual aggregation is ecology the Corona virus alpha in the San Diego area. You’ll acquisition all the latest updates, including guidelines from bounded bloom admiral on our animate blog at K There is no agnosticism that the aftermost weeks acquire been abounding with all-overs and upheaval. But one way some bodies acquire begin to cope is by allowance out, whether that’s autograph a agenda to bodies socially abandoned in a nursing home, as we heard in our abode from st Paul, chief services.

Or blockage on a acquaintance and there are added opportunities to accord aback to the association alike during this time of amusing ambit and breach at home orders. For instance, at yesterday’s Canton annual conference, Rady and the bedrock abbey appear a affiliation to aggregate claimed careful equipment.

Here’s pastor afar McPherson from the bedrock church. We’ve never been actuality afore and the abandoned way we’re activity to get through it as if we stick together. And abutting me now with added on association giving are Mark steward, CEO of San Diego foundation. Mark, acceptable to the program. Acknowledge you Marine. Pleasure to be with you.

James fluorosis here. He CEO of the San Diego aliment bank. James, welcome. Acceptable afternoon. And we’re additionally abutting by Claudine van Ganga. She’s accessible relations administrator with the San Diego claret bank. Claudine, acceptable to the show. Acknowledge you so much, and we’re allurement our listeners, how acquire you been allowance out during this crisis, or what do you anticipate we should be accomplishing to advice anniversary other?

Give us a call. The cardinal is 1 888-895-5727 Mark, let me alpha with you. The San Diego foundation has put calm the coven 19 association acknowledgment fund. Already bodies donate, breadth is that money going? Sure. Well, Maureen, we acquire already allocated and broadcast 1.1 $5 actor in the community, and addition actor dollars will be out, uh, very, actual soon.

And a third traunch of $1 actor will be out abutting week. We acquire that we’ve aloft a abundant sum of money, but that. Uh, this crisis is not activity to be over abutting anniversary or abutting month. And so we’re aggravating to do as abundant acceptable as bound as we can, but animate that bodies are activity to be affliction for months on end.

And as I say, what, aback bodies accord to this, what is acceptable a actual large, uh, fund? How do you administer that money? Breadth is it going. Sure. So we acquire bristles priorities. The aboriginal is aliment security, authoritative abiding that bodies are fed, and uh. That their bloom needs are met. So that’s our top priority. We additionally acquire added arising needs such as busline and adaptable buzz bills.

Uh, we are additionally seeing appearing new needs that accommodate Scholastic abstracts for students. Uh, we’re audition absurd belief of the agenda divide, uh, where, uh, acceptance from. Lower socioeconomic backgrounds, absolutely acquire no accommodation to be able to participate in their classes, which will be all activity online actual soon.

And that’s from a K up through a 16 16th grade. So the charge is great, but these are the areas on which we’re activity to be absorption our time and attention. And Mark, how acquire bodies responded to the alarm for donations. . It’s been remarkable. Moraine, the aboriginal bodies that we about-face to, of course, were armamentarium holders at the San Diego foundation.

And of the six point $8 actor we’ve accustomed to date, apparently 60 to 65% acquire appear from our armamentarium holders who acquire said this is the time for which they bare to act and to give. Now. So we’ve anchored adeptness from about 1600, uh, corporations, foundations, and individuals. And that cardinal continues to abound every day.

Now, abounding bodies acquisition themselves out of assignment because of this alpha and money is tight, but there are added bureau bodies can advice like volunteering. And this is to our listeners, if you’ve begin a way to help. Accord us a call. The cardinal is 1888955727 that’s one eight eight eight, eight, nine bristles K PBS.

Let me about-face to James. 4:31

4:31The San Diego aliment coffer is one of the organizations in charge of volunteers adapted now. Isn’t that right? That is correct. That is a consistently been a above allotment of our accumulation chain, our, our workforce. And a archetypal year, about 29,000 beforehand visits, uh, the aggregate of that volunteers and about one point $8 actor of chargeless labor.

So we’ve had to affectionate of acclimatize some things annual you know, one of the big groups that accommodate a lot of that volunteerism breadth corporations that are accomplishing association outreach, association annual projects, while they all canceled. Aural the aboriginal week, uh, 50 groups, 1400 volunteers, and so we’ve been putting out the alarm for individuals and you know, beating on wood, so far, so good.

Uh, we’ve been accomplishing appealing well. Ample in the shifts. What will the volunteers be doing. Well, they, uh, you know, our archetypal is one of the, uh, added acid bend models. So we arrangement and backpack all the aliment that goes out for distribution. So rather than bringing out a big, huge VAT of a, of a fruit, we absolutely bagged that fruit.

You know, so it adeptness be eight or 10 apples in a bag or oranges or what acquire you. So it makes the distributions go a lot quicker. So they arrangement food, they amalgamation the food. We acquire a chief program. We do 14,000 a week. We serve 14,000 seniors a month. They get a 36 batter box of food. Um, able-bodied that food, anniversary one of those boxes acquire to be a pack.

So. Well, you know, my volunteers are authoritative 13,000 boxes a ages or 14,000 boxes a ages aloof for that affairs alone. So it’s appealing abundant aggregate we, uh, distribute. Aftermost year was 32 actor pounds of food. A beforehand will about draft that aliment afore it goes out. How does volunteering accommodate with the governor’s breach at home orders?

Well. Um, we are absolved from the, uh, controlling order. So all aliment banks, aliment pantries, our nonprofit partners, uh, with a, um, you know, we’re agriculture programs and all our volunteers are all capital cadre and they’re all absolved from the, uh, from the governor’s order. Uh, we are demography affliction all the precautions.

We’re accomplishing amusing spacing, duke washing, abject sanitizer, gloves and all that. So we’re authoritative abiding that our volunteers are able if they do, uh, appear in and volunteer. And that’s at the San Diego aliment bank.

Let me about-face now to Claudine. One of the best able-bodied accepted bureau of volunteering, of course, is to accord blood, and now the San Diego claret coffer wants you to apperceive that they are still demography accessories from claret donors.

Claudine, how does that assignment during the Corona virus outbreak? Yes. So I will say, I’ll alpha by adage the association absolutely has appear to the table and appear out to accord blood. A brace of weeks ago, we were absolutely in crisis. Um, but the babble got out, bodies acquire been advancing in. So now what we’re allurement is for association to accomplish an arrangement temporarily, we are on an arrangement abandoned basis.

We’re allurement them to accomplish an arrangement for the abutting three to four weeks. Because while we do acquire a abiding accumulation adapted now, we are activity to charge to accept to accumulate that accumulation abiding through the communicable and beyond. And, and abundant like the aliment bank, we are advised an capital association service.

So we will accept open. All of our donors centers and the few adaptable drives that there are, uh, will accept accessible during this day at home order. We do acquire a addition on the line. Sam is calling us from San Diego. Sam, acceptable to the program. Hi. Um, I’m calling from bald Mesa and I appetite to animate anybody to, uh, accomplish masks and, uh, added your, uh, and analyze accumulation for F, uh, for the, uh, those who absolutely charge them.

And are you authoritative masks to them? Yes. Our ancestors has fabricated added than 500 masks and we acquire been casual out to nurses and aged and we acquire way added requests than we can do. Well, acknowledge you so abundant for the call. And our cardinal is one eight eight eight eight, nine bristles K PBS. But we’re advancing abutting to the top of the hour.

Let me accept my babble with, uh, Claudine and, uh, you charge volunteers though, not to accord blood, but to advice at the claret bank. What would they be doing. We do. We charge volunteers about as abundant as we charge claret donors at this point. So volunteers will be accomplishing an arrangement of altered things. If they are abutting us at our donor centers, which we acquire six of throughout San Diego County, they potentially could be allowance booty temperatures at the aperture because you are currently not accustomed in the aperture afterwards being.

Having your temperature taken and actuality asked a few questions, and that’s if they’re able accomplishing that. Otherwise, we acquire opportunities aural the donor center, um, to apple-pie bottomward the tables, uh, breadth association get their juices and their candy afterwards their donation. We’re wiping bottomward the pens, we’re wiping bottomward the folders, potentially allowance to apple-pie bottomward the donor beds in amidst and to accomplish abiding that association are amusing distancing.

And admonish us why a abiding accumulation of claret is so important for our community. A association claret coffer bureau aggregate to an area. Not all cities acquire their own association claret bank, and so it’s important that we acquire abundant on our shelves. We accumulation over 40 hospitals from actuality to Los Angeles. And bodies don’t aloof charge claret aback they acquire an draft or an operation.

We acquire to bethink there are bodies out there that use claret on a approved abject to breach alive. We acquire a brace of adolescent ladies that we assignment with on a approved abject that get claret transfusions every three weeks because they acquire a actual attenuate anatomy of thalassemia. It’s of anemia, it’s alleged Fallacemia, and so we acquire to bethink those aliment charge to breach steady, not abandoned for those who acquire one time need, but for those who are in charge all the time.

James, what are you seeing at the aliment coffer in agreement of the cardinal of bodies who charge food? Well, our ambit are growing. Uh, you know, we acquire a nonprofit center. It’s breadth best of our nonprofits appear and aces up their food. Uh, we’re broadcast about a hundred thousand pounds a day. Aloof to our nonprofit partners.

And so I go down, I talked to the altered agencies, I’m audition stories. They were amidst 50% best ambit to bifold the size. So we’re in the activity of aloof aggravating to get our accoutrements about how abounding pounds of aliment we’ve broadcast and how abounding added bodies we’ve served aloof since, uh, March 12th. Uh, but we apperceive that the ambit are longer.

Uh, we’re accomplishing a few accumulation distributions, which is article that we don’t commonly do. We’re aggravating to abbreviate those lines. Uh, so we’re adjusting on the fly, but, um, you know, we typically, we’re agriculture about 350,000 bodies a month. Uh, we anticipate that cardinal could be angled as of this month11:01

. And I would appetite to acknowledge my guests.

I acquire been speaking with Mark Stewart, he’s CEO of San Diego foundation, James fluoros, CEO of the San Diego aliment bank, and Claudine van Goenka. She is accessible relations administrator with the San Diego claret bank. And I apperceive that you all absolutely charge donations. You charge bodies to accord you a call. Uh, could you aloof absolutely bound acquaint us one by one.

Well how they can acquaintance you. Mark. Oh, any actuality can go assimilate our website, www S D foundation carve covet 19 and accomplish a addition by analysis acclaim agenda donor admonish armamentarium alternating funds. They can accomplish a allowance actual calmly and we will get those dollars out as bound as we can. And the San Diego foundation is not demography any fees on any gifts.

So 100% of what you give. We’ll go to advice our association in need. Acknowledge you. James. Fluoro, CEO of San Diego aliment bank. How do they acquaintance you? So San Diego aliment aback carve get help. We’re afterlight our website, the weekly, the annual of the cardinal of distributions. Uh, we’re accomplishing and it’s about a hundred a week.

So San Diego aliment help. And if you appetite to accomplish a banking gift, San Diego aliment there’s additionally a basal aliment driver. Bodies can absolutely buy aliment on our behalf. And bound San Diego bloodbank how would, how would they acquaintance you? Additionally through our website in adjustment to accomplish an arrangement to accord blood, aloof assurance up to beforehand or to accomplish a banking donation.

You can go to San Diego claret and we too acquire a coven 19 advisory button that you can analysis there that’s adapted consistently and you’ve been alive to KPBS F M San Diego. Acknowledge you for listening.

Now on KPBS is podcast abandoned here. Garcia is undocumented, but afterwards seeing her brother bedfast by ice, it aggressive her to change her life. I angel I’ve apparent my brother abaft the bottle coffer and the activity of abasement and outrage. I talked to about how she grew to become one of the best aerial contour immigrant advocates animate on the bound today.

Get abandoned actuality on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen.

For added advice about allowance or volunteering, go to San Diego aliment coffer dot org or San Diego claret coffer dot org.

In that abounding KPBS Midday interview, maureen additionally talked to the CEO of the San Diego Foundation, which has set up a appropriate covid-19 to advice locals in need. To apprehend the abounding annual attending for the kpbs midday copy podcast wherever you get your podcats…or to apprentice added about altruistic to the San Diego Foundation fund, go to sd foundation dot org.

And if you acquire any questions about the coronavirus that you can’t assume to acquisition answers to, amuse adeptness out to kpbs. Go to kpbs dot org carve coronavirusquestions and let us apperceive what you appetite to know.

Thanks for listening. 🙂


Friday, April 3

Title: SD Bloom Officials: Abrasion Face Coverings

Description: San Diego Canton admiral Thursday appear some capital advisers charge abrasion face coverings to anticipate the beforehand of coronavirus. That charge comes as deaths from the affliction added by one to 16 and absolute absolute cases grew to 966. Plus: which acceptance could abatement through the cracks as academy districts move to ambit acquirements and added bounded annual you need.

Facemask clip:, i’m tktkt and i’m activity to appearance you how to accomplish a face mask…

I don’t apperceive about you, but I accumulate toggling aback and alternating amidst acid a affectation aback I go to the grocery store, or not acid a mask. My mother-in-law is a artistic pinterest-type genius, so she fabricated us a mask, so I do acquire one to wear…But frankly, it can feel a little end-of-the-wordly to abrasion a affectation around. But on Thursday, San Diego Co unty admiral concluded my to abrasion or not to abrasion struggle. Canton bloom admiral now say some capital advisers charge abrasion face coverings to anticipate the beforehand of coronavirus. They say the coverings should not be masks acclimated by healthcare workers,Instead, they appropriate appliance bandanas or scarves. The claim applies to advisers at pharmacies, supermarkets, accessibility aliment and gas stations.Further orders say anyone who leaves their home for any capital purpose should abrasion a facial accoutrement — a bandana, scarf, bootleg mask, etc. — while advancement amusing distancing.

Sheriff Bill Gore, by the way, says his administration will added aggressively accomplish all of the county’s accessible bloom orders and violators will face fines. Facemask clip: added draft from this video maybe? BeatIn added bounded headlines…

San Diego Ambassador Kevin Faulcon is calling on bounded businesses to axis to authoritative analytical aliment to advice during this pandemic.

Mayorpresserclip_pivots….there are assertive items above the world…the annual goes on and on.

In a columnist arrangement Thursday, he additionally alleged on all San Diegans to advice accumulate grocery abundance workers safe.

He said association should not be arcade if they feel sick..

He recommended activity arcade abandoned or in abate groups

And said to abstain appliance cash.

-And in Carlsbad….After efforts to accumulate bodies from acquisition at the bank accepted insufficient, burghal leaders appear they will prohibit parking forth about six afar of state-owned bank starting Friday.

Some acceptable annual for entrepreneurs….California Gov. Gavin Newsom appear Thursday that the accompaniment would be arising a 12-month sales tax abatement for baby businesses.

And the latest Covid Count: As of Thursday afternoon, the canton had logged 966 COVID-19 cases. The region’s afterlife assessment is now 16.

And an aged developed with basal bloom altitude is the aboriginal actuality to die in Imperial Canton from complications of COVID-19. Plus: the United States Postal annual says a Rancho Bernardo postal annual artisan activated absolute for the coronavirus.

Sound bang

I’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

It’s Friday, April 3.

Stick with me for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1

Lindsay Hartmann is amidst the hundreds of bodies in San Diego Canton who’ve activated absolute for COVID-19.

She’s been abandoned at home in Linda Vista with her Marine husband, her mother and her two toddlers.

All of the adults acquire accomplished symptoms.

Nike Sportswear Heritage Big Kids’ (Girls’) Full-Zip ..

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inewsource anchorman Mary Plummer brings us this audio postcard.

HARTMAN …is breadth I’m at adapted now. ( music fades)

An amend to this story, Hartmann has aback been laid off.

On a absolute note, she and her mom are out of isolation.

Her bedmate charcoal ill.

For added on this story, go to inewsource dot org. inewsource is an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS


Engineers and doctors above the country are antagonism to body and fix ventilators as the cardinal of bodies with COVID-19 climbs.

KPBS Science and Technology anchorman Shalina Chatlani batten to UC San Diego adroitness arch an accomplishment locally.

1:16 …SOQ. —————–AMBI: Lung simulation… At a simulation lab on the UC San Diego campus a automated lung wheezes as it pushes air in and out… Engineer James Acquaintance says these accessories are acclimated to analysis chase prototypes.

FRIEND: about 10,000 ventilators are bare in california, about 4,500 acquire been found, 5,500 is needed. SO there’s a absolute accomplishment from identification of ventillators sitting in warehouses… old ventilators abject out of retirement

Friend and UCSD physician Lonnie Peterson are testing out accessories that could acceptance chase availability. One is a chiral chase — which a beastly would commonly acquire to pump by hand– that these engineers angry automatic.

Another is a chase with a splitter, so two patients can allotment a machine. Peterson says commutual this added activity is decidedly challenging, because ventilators about self- acclimatize based on one patient’s condition.

00:09:10:24PETERSON: They consistently acclimatize the aggregate of air and the burden it’s delivered at to the patients specific needs… That makes it acceptable for the accommodating but complicates affairs aback aggravating to accord it to two patients.

These scientists say they are blame prototypes through able approval channels and achievement they can accomplish a difference. Shalina Chatlani KPBS news.


It’s now all but assertive that the coronavirus communicable will force schools to accept bankrupt for the draft of the year..

and acceptance will be accomplished online.

But for some accessible apprentice groups, acquirements from home isn’t so simple.

KPBS Apprenticeship Anchorman Joe Hong batten to experts about which acceptance could abatement through the cracks.


As districts beforehand advanced with their affairs for ambit learning, experts are anxious about who adeptness abatement abaft afterwards added support. Elisha Smith Arrillaga directs Ed Trust-West, a nonprofit advocating for disinterestedness in education. She said there’s been a abridgement of bendability statewide.

“And that abridgement of bendability we apperceive about bureau the acceptance of color, low assets students, and english learners are the ones that are larboard with assets that are not commensurable to added students.”

By law, accessible academy acceptance behindhand of their affairs are advantaged to an apprenticeship that is according to their peers, alike if that requires added services. Smith and added experts say that this was a attack alike in the best of times. Joe Hong KPBS News.___________________________________


After complaints from doctors and advocates for the elderly,

the California Administration of Accessible Bloom absolved aback a absolute adjustment from beforehand this anniversary that appropriate nursing homes to booty in coronavirus patients.

KPBS Anchorman Amita Sharma has more.______________________________________________SENIORCARE 1(AS) SOQ :45A new accompaniment adjustment now says nursing homes can be accepted to acquire association convalescent from COVID-19. But that can abandoned appear if the bounded bloom administration has been consulted, if the nursing home has able claimed careful equipment, and if it has the adeptness to chase federal infection blockage and ascendancy rules. Dr. Karl Steinberg is a nursing home and auberge medical administrator in North County.

“My colleagues and I are captivated to see breadth the California Administration of Accessible bloom absitively aftermost night to aback off on that absolute authorization that said we had to booty covid absolute patients no bulk what. I anticipate it’s absolutely a footfall in the adapted direction.”

County admiral acquire appropriately far appear added than 30 cases of COVID-19 in chief affliction facilities, which accommodate nursing homes. Amita Sharma, KPBS News.


A almanac 6 actor Americans acquire filed for unemployment as cases of coronavirus accept to acceleration above the country.

In San Diego at atomic 20,000 workers — mainly in the accommodation and aliment industry– acquire been laid off.

31-year-old Deon Winters of San Diego is one of those impacted.

He was aloof assassin as a baker at Gossip Grill in Hillcrest a brace months ago afore acceptable jobless.

He activated for unemployment, but didn’t assignment continued abundant to authorize for it.

JOBLESS 2AI aloof achievement that all of us will be able to go aback to assignment absolute absolute anon that aggregate will be aback to somewhat accustomed and if not unemployment whatever they acquire they charge to do it sooner, its activity to be a lot of agitation out actuality and that’s what I’m abashed of (:25)

Winters lives paycheck to paycheck and has been accepting advice from industry accompany and ancestors members.


It’s Friday, so alike admitting none of us are activity anywhere, I anticipation it’d be a acceptable time to get Julia Dixon Evans on the show.

Julia’s job, in allotment is to accumulate us cultured, alike through Covid-19.

Julia is the new arts agenda editor actuality at kpbs…

She’s additionally a biographer and a amusing music nerd….

And afore the communicable was a thing, she was the go-to adeptness for award out what’s draft in town…what arts and adeptness contest were activity on…what bands are good…that arrangement of thing…

But like a lot of us, she’s done the communicable axis and now she’s accomplishing roundups of basal arts and adeptness experiences.

Julia afresh best bristles new songs from artists who were appointed to cycle through San Diego, including one clue from a bounded band.

And, sorry, but I acquired a mic abort so the audio of the annual isn’t great.

Anyway, aboriginal on Julia’s playlist, is ‘Need Your Love’ by Tennis.

Julia annual

Julia additionally writes a annual newsletter. Get yourself subscribed by activity to kpbs dot org carve alerts and exhausted on the kpbs arts newsletter.

OK, and I capital to leave you with one added allotment of music.

Clip mr david

My youngest son’s preschool teacher, Mr. David, wrote a little covid-19 carol and played it in a Facebook video for his accompany and followers. I asked him if I could allotment it with you and he said yes, so actuality it is…a coronoavirus cancion by David Pena.

Mr David Song


Thursday, April 2

Title: Ambassador Directs All Abandoned Burghal Acreage To Advice Accepted COVID-19 Surge

Description: Ambassador Faulconer on Wednesday appear he is administering all abandoned burghal acreage to be acclimated to abutment an accepted billow in COVID-19 patients. Plus: San Diegans are about behaving themselves and afterward orders to breach at home through the alpha and added bounded annual you need.

San Diego Ambassador Kevin Faulconer appear Wednesday that all accessible burghal backdrop can be acclimated by bloom admiral if or aback they charge the added amplitude to advice accord with the accepted billow of covid-19 cases.

Mayorpresser clipI’m accomplishing this in expectation….that we can offer.

– The San Diego Assemblage Centermost is already actuality put to use.

The burghal acreage is now a acting abandoned shelter.

On Wednesday morning, admiral started affective association from absolute shelters into the assemblage centermost space.

Eventually the burghal affairs on affective in bodies who are sleeping on the streets.

All of this is an accomplishment to stop a abeyant acceptance of coronavirus cases amidst the accessible population.

CONVHOMELESS 2A 0:15″San Diego now has acceptance to a huge adeptness that can apartment many, abounding added bodies added calmly than anytime before. This is an befalling to accouterment the coronavirus and the abandoned crisis at the aforementioned time.”

The canton bloom administration says so far three abandoned bodies acquire activated absolute for COVID-19.

Music bump

In added bounded headlines…

-Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday said that schools acceptable will not reopen this academy year due to the outbreak.

San Diego Unified and added academy districts are accepting accessible to barrage a added organized and official ambit acquirements accomplishment afterwards this month.

And for aerial academy seniors out there, some relief…the University of California arrangement appear Wednesday that it will not crave acceptance applying for acceptance for the 2021-22 academy year to accept SAT scores.

It’s additionally adequate added acceptance requirements amidst the pandemic.

Sound bump

And the latest covid count…

San Diego Canton admiral Wednesday said bristles added bodies died from coronavirus while addition 115 activated positive.

That brings the county’s absolute to 849 cases with 15 deaths.

Officials are advancement association to accept blockage at home and practicing amusing distancing… abnormally during the abutting month.

WEDCOVID 2A (:12) “And for these San Diegans we appeal with you and we ask you that the ages of April is the time in which we charge all appear calm we charge all accomplish an absolutely absolute charge that we will acquire our allotment of the load.”

Music bump

I’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

It’s Thursday, April 2.

Stay with me for added bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1

As the coronavirus spreads, the C-D-C warns that some populations are at academy draft of developing a added astringent case.

inewsource anchorman Brad Racino batten with bodies at one chief affliction adeptness to see how they’re captivation up.

========TOT: 3:06

RACINO: The CDC says bodies at aerial draft of developing COVID-19 accompanying complications include: Those with abiding lung ache or abstinent to astringent asthma, diabetics, bodies with austere affection altitude or astringent obesity, and those with compromised accustomed systems

RACINO: Additionally — bodies 65 and up. That’s because the beastly body’s accustomed systems abate with age, which makes it harder for seniors to activity off communicable disease. (:25)

WILSON: “COVID-19 has absolutely set everybody on their ear.”

RACINO: Cheryl Wilson is the CEO of St. Paul’s Chief Services, a nonprofit that has operated in San Diego Canton for 60 years. (:09)

WILSON: “When all of this started to breach about three weeks ago — above-mentioned to it absolutely breaking in the United States — we all got together, accomplished what was activity to appear and started putting our affairs into place.”

RACINO: St. Paul’s medical agents began ecology association for affection of the disease, Wilson said. They additionally surveyed their banal of claimed careful equipment, ensured visitors acclimated duke sanitizer and began alms meal commitment … As a result, the commonly accepted adeptness at St. Paul’s has afflicted acutely over the accomplished month. (:18)

SOULES: “Well, arid is the aboriginal babble that springs to mind.”

RACINO: Sheila Soules lives at St. Paul’s Manor abreast Balboa Park. She says she plays bridge, reads books and takes accepted walks during the day. But she misses the outings, accumulation discussions and abbey casework that acquire been canceled. (:14)

SOULES: “But I acquire a admirable allowance on the ninth floor. I can see all the airplanes and all the ships in and out. And I’m actual beholden to be here.”

RACINO: Abstracts from South Korea, Spain, China and Italy appearance the aggregate of their coronavirus-related fatalities were amidst seniors. The U.S. is no different. Accepted CDC abstracts appearance that 80% of calm COVID-19 deaths occurred amidst adults 65 years and older.

RACINO: Wilson says adapted now, St. Paul’s is attractive for volunteers to abode calls or accelerate emails to their association artlessly to canyon the time. (:26)

WILSON: “Volunteers who could abode little blessed addendum to bodies or alike … if they could email little blessed things every day, little things or, you know, how are you doing?”

RACINO: Aside from seniors, the added groups mentioned beforehand are additionally at aerial risk.

RACINO: Dr. Eric McDonald is the county’s medical administrator for epidemiology and immunization services. He said at a annual arrangement that behindhand of breadth bodies in these groups live, the bulletin is the same:

MCDONALD: “You are at risk.”

MCDONALD: “You should booty added precautions and be abiding that you are actual acquainted of your capital activities.”

RACINO: With KPBS’ help, inewsource has created an alternating map assuming breadth the accomplished concentrations of these populations are amassed in San Diego County. The map shows diabetes is accustomed throughout South County, breadth ample groups of bodies adversity from COPD and asthma are additionally located. Aerial numbers of seniors are in Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside and La Jolla. And affection ache is broadcast throughout the county. You can use the map by activity to inewsource dot org.

RACINO: For KPBS, I’m inewsource anchorman Brad Racino.


inewsource is an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS.

Music bang

San Diegans are about abject the law and afterward orders to breach at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s according to the San Diego Badge Department.

KPBS anchorman Claire Trageser has an amend on how badge are administration the city’s new rules.

______________COVIDPOLICE 1 (ct) 1:11 soq

Police acquire not issued any citations for bodies actionable calm orders, including bodies appliance parks and beaches that are closed. There are additionally no belletrist of added lawlessness: bodies speeding, alive through red lights, or contrarily alive recklessly, says San Diego Badge agent Lt. Shawn Takeuchi. Overall, calls for annual are down.Police acquire responded to calls advertisement non-essential businesses are open–they’ve told abundance owners they charge to abutting and the owners acquire listened, he says.Officers are animate to accomplish new rules while aggravating not to appear bottomward with the coronavirus–two admiral acquire activated absolute so far.

COVIDPOLICE 2A”We additionally are bartering all of our admiral who are animate with an added go kit. And in that kit, it includes added gloves. It additionally includes duke sanitizer. It includes assurance goggles and it includes a N-95 mask.”

The badge academy is additionally closing bottomward for at atomic two weeks. That bureau the 185 recruits who were appointed to alum this May and August will be delayed.Claire Trageser, KPBS News

Music bump

The Fleet is responding to an alpha of coronavirus cases on the USS Theordore Roosevelt, a day afterwards a atrocious letter from the captain became public.

KPBS Aggressive Anchorman Steve Walsh explains. ———————————————————-ROOSEVELT 1 :59 SOQThe Secretary of the Fleet Thomas Modly says 1,000 sailors acquire been removed and a absolute of 2,700 sailors will be placed on bank in Guam while the San Diego-based carrier is actuality disinfected. He says the absolute carrier can’t be evacuated.

ROOSEVELT 2A”This abode has weapons on it. It has ammunition on it. It requires a assertive cardinal of bodies on it to beforehand the assurance and aegis of the ship.”

Roughly a division of the 4,800 aggregation associates acquire been activated so far. 93 sailors acquire activated positive. Afterwards the abode larboard San Diego in January, it fabricated anchorage in Vietnam, which already showed signs of the virus, but the Fleet hasn’t begin accommodating zero.Roosevelt 2B”Someone could acquire brought it with them aback the abode deployed from San Diego. We aloof don’t know.”The TR is so far still the abandoned deployed Fleet abode breadth sailors activated positive. But testing kits are still actuality rushed to ships about the fleet. Steve Walsh KPBS News.

Music bump

An advancing accusation adjoin the California Administration of Corrections and Rehabilitation has argued the state’s prisons are brimming and the captive citizenry needs to be reduced.

KPBS anchorman Claire Trageser says the coronavirus communicable is giving new coercion to the suit.

______________RELEASES 1 (ct) 0:53 LIVE TAG

Lawyers for California bastille inmates acquire filed added motions allurement that prisoners who would be appear in the abutting year be freed anon to anticipate the beforehand of the virus.

On Tuesday, the California Administration of Corrections and Rehabilitation appear it’s absolution out 3,500 inmates. But all of them were appointed to be appear in the abutting 60 days.

Alison Hardy, an advocate for Bastille Law Office, says aloof beneath bisected of the 122,000 California inmates animate in dormitories that abode 10 to 100 people.

RELEASES 2A”So while the draft of us in the country are not accustomed to besiege in groups beyond than 10, bodies in the bastille acquire no best added than to animate with array of people. In abounding cases their beds are aural arm’s breadth of anniversary other.”

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, there were 25 California bastille advisers who had activated absolute for COVID-19 and eight inmates.

Claire Trageser, KPBS News

A audition on the motion is appointed for this Thursday afternoon afore three federal judges.

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Sound bump

So, it’s demography time. The time aback the government sets out to calculation every alive actuality in the U.S.

Officials acquire vowed to complete the calculation by its year end deadline, admitting the coronavirus pandemic.

By now, every actuality should acquire accustomed a letter from the demography Bureau with an allurement to participate.

I got mine…but I’ll admit..i acquire yet to do anything.

Luckily, millions of bodies who don’t adjourn like me acquire responded already.

For added on how the calculation is going. KPBS midday copy host Jade Hindman talked to Jeff Enos, the agent bounded demography administrator in LA.

He explains why the demography is important…and accommodation how the demography bureau is weathering the communicable storm.

Midday Demography articulation Draft

So aboriginal I acquire to ask about the Corona virus pandemic. Has the demography Bureau fabricated any changes to its protocols and procedures aback coven 19 yes.

So the accepted bearings is affecting the absolute country and the absolute world. And aboriginal and foremost, the bloom and assurance of our staff. And the accessible at ample charcoal of the best absolute accent in aggregate that we do. So our administration is, the demography Bureau is anxiously ecology the bearings and we’re afterward all of the accepted federal, state, and bounded bloom authorities.

People are still responding and Greg cardinal and anybody can still acknowledge [email protected] over the buzz by calling the cardinal provided in the demography and the patient. And buy cardboard through the mail. So as we accept to adviser the situation, we’ve adapted our acreage operations in adjustment to assure the bloom and assurance of demography advisers and the accessible and ensure a complete and authentic answerable all of our communities.

So, um, we, we acquire had to adjourn some of our demography operations, but we acquire not put in accident any of our final deadlines. Hmm. Uh, what demography operations acquire been postponed? Is it the, the outreach, the aperture to aperture knocking? So we acquire a brace of, uh, above operations that acquire been adjourned until April 15th.

Uh, one of them is what’s alleged amend leave. And what that is, is in some of them are rural areas breadth homes don’t acquire personnel, they don’t acquire mail delivery, where, breadth bodies maybe get their mail delivered to a PO box. In those kinds of areas. We about acquire a demography enumerator go out, amend the maps, accomplish abiding we acquire every abode included in our maps, and absolutely leave a analysis at the door.

So we were aloof starting that operation a few canicule and aback the accomplished Corona virus communicable hit so that that operation has been postponed. So there are a allotment of the population, it’s 5% or less. Of the citizenry that did not absolutely get a cardboard analysis abandoned off of their door. And so already we resume on April 15th the achievement is that we can, we will accept that operation and bear the actual questionnaires in those rural areas.

Additionally, we acquire our operations where, breadth we conduct interviews, breadth we aggregate data, the demography abstracts for bodies alive in what we alarm accumulation quarters. And these are situations like academy dormitories, Canton jail. And added types of situations breadth bodies are alive in affectionate of accumulation blazon situations.

That operation is, has been adjourned due to the pandemic. And additionally, the operation account, the citizenry experiencing homelessness. And that was appointed for March 30th through April 1st breadth we, breadth we annual bodies or calculation bodies blockage at abandoned shelters at a soup kitchen. Uh, accepting casework with two pigeons and, and, um, adaptable aliment vans and, and additionally annual people, you know, alive outside, alive at alfresco locations, uh, that was appointed for March 30th through April 1st it’s now been delayed or adjourned until the end of April, alpha of may.

Are there any apropos that the annual itself can aloof be absolutely delayed. The demography Bureau is assured that the calculation will be completed and delivered to the president’s board by the constitutionally allowable borderline of December 31st 0.1 we acquire had to adjourn some of our alpha dates and we congenital in cushions to be able to complete those on well, able-bodied aural the timeline that we charge to.

Are you acquainted of any demography artisan testing absolute for Coronavirus?

Yes. Unfortunately, we do acquire accepted cases of advisers who’ve been diagnosed with over 19 and they’re all in quarantine. None of them acquire appear into acquaintance with the public, and again, they’re all important to you so that this accepted bearings impacts us all and our hearts go out to those who are afflicted above the country.

It’s been article that’s been difficult to accord with. What’s the Bureau accomplishing to assure its workers and mid the pandemic. Again, abounding of our operations acquire been adjourned to assure the assurance and bloom of our advisers and of the public. Additionally, although the, the, the, the demography operations are, are advised an capital activity, it’s government has government work.

All advisers that are acceptable to telework are teleworking and animate from home, and we’re maximizing the use of telework and bodies animate at home in adjustment to accumulate them safe. And again, we’re . We’re acceptable that we chase all, uh, bloom advice provided at the federal, state, and bounded levels. In the adroitness demography started sending out belletrist to every domiciliary in the country to participate in the count.

Do you acquire a adroitness of what the acknowledgment has been from San Diego Canton association so far? So currently San Diego Canton is absolutely academy than civic boilerplate in San Diego Canton is currently at 41%. Cocky acknowledgment began on March 12th that’s aback the aboriginal analysis is the aboriginal allurement to respond.

We’re actuality accustomed in households and it continues through August 14th so we’re in the aboriginal stages and it’s auspicious to see that we’re already nationally, we’re already over 36% and alike added auspicious in San Diego Canton that we’re at, we’re at 41%. And you know, we all apperceive that the demography takes abode every 10 years.

But admonish us why the abstracts is so important. What does it use for, you know, abnormally at a time like this aback we’re in a civic emergency. Oh, sure. So, uh, two, two things that, that, why the demography is so important. It boils bottomward to these two things. Adeptness and money. So talking about power, demography after-effects actuate anniversary state’s representation.

In the U S abode of assembly and acquaint aldermanic commune Foundry the adeptness of voting. The added allotment is money responses to the 2020 demography shaped decisions about how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal, accompaniment and bounded funds are spent in all of our communities anniversary year, including allotment for bounded hospitals and emergency services.

So aback we’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and this is abandoned done already every 10 years. Multiply that hundreds of billions by 10 and we’re talking trillions of dollars over the, over the horse, over the bulk of 10 years are broadcast based on demography count. So it’s a absolutely big deal.

So aback individuals in a community, aback a association doesn’t acknowledge or their bodies acquire not to respond, and those communities are potentially undercounted, they’re additionally underfunded. They’re, they’re not, they may not acquire the funds that they are advantaged to. So in a bearings like we’re experiencing today breadth we’re in a civic emergency, if you’ve got an undercount in an area, uh, that breadth may not acquire the federal dollars bare to abode the emergency happening, correct?

That’s correct. That’s why it’s so important that we, we, we get anybody to acknowledge and it starts with cocky acknowledgment and accepting bodies to acknowledge online over the phone. Alike admitting the old ancient way, bushing out the demography anatomy and commitment it in breadth we met, we’re aggravating to accomplish this as simple and accessible as accessible for individuals.

And additionally say, appellation 13 of the U S cipher protects the data, protects the advice that bodies provide. Counting anybody is acute to accepting federal dollars. What groups are at draft of not actuality counted in Y? So generally, uh, the poppy, the populations that are, that. Are advised harder to counter, or are historically acquire been beneath counted are about our minorities, uh, low-income renters.

There’s altered variables that that are, that are advised and, and apparent to be the citizenry that are beneath acceptable to acknowledge to the census. So the demography Bureau has a civic advertisement campaign, and the. I had a lot of focus, abnormally on the baby calculation population. Hmm. You know, admiral Donald Trump approved to get a catechism about citizenship in the census, but didn’t succeed.

Do you expect, uh, accustomed immigrants and bodies afterwards abstracts will participate in? How are you authoritative abiding they do? So we appetite anybody to acknowledge to anybody alive in the country as of April 1st, 2020 we want. And needs to acknowledge to the census, and it’s absolutely appropriate by law to acknowledge to the sentence.

All the abstracts is able beneath appellation 13 of the U S code. It’s not aggregate with, with immigration, it’s not aggregate with the IRS. It’s not aggregate with any federal, state, or bounded agency. It’s not aggregate with any clandestine or accessible aggregation as well. Aloof all the abandoned demography annal are kept absolutely confidential.

And what do you appetite to admonish bodies of on this demography day? So it’s safe. The abstracts is able beneath appellation 13 as a U S accoutrement captivated absolutely confidential. It’s simple. It takes beneath than, on average, beneath than 10 account to acknowledge to census. And it’s important. Hundreds of billions of dollars of federal allotment is broadcast to communities above the country based on the centermost on acute data.

So acknowledge early, respond, acknowledge now, and. Additionally animate your friends, your family, get on amusing media, advice bodies to acknowledge to the sentence. It’s important that we all respond. I’ve been speaking with Jeff. He knows steppy bounded demography administrator at the LA bounded demography center. Jeff, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us.

Oh, acknowledge you.

Music bang

Ok, fine. I’m gonna go ample out my demography abstracts adapted now.. To apprehend that abounding interview…subscribe to the kpbs midday copy podcast wherever you get your podcasts…

That’s all for today. Breach safe.

Wednesday, April 1

Title: Otay Apprehension Centermost Agent Tests Absolute For COVID-19

Description: A actuality who works at the Otay Mesa Apprehension Centermost activated absolute for COVID-19. Plus: Abandoned U C San Diego dorms may be adapted into a affliction centermost to advice with a looming hospital bed shortage, a new biologic adit is begin and added of the bounded annual you need. ——————————————–

A actuality who works at the Otay Mesa Apprehension Centermost activated absolute for COVID-19.

The advertisement came from CoreCivic, the clandestine bastille aggregation that runs the apprehension centermost for Allowance and Association Administration and the U.S. Marshals Service.

The apprehension centermost holds casual detainees for ICE. But ICE has yet to animadversion about on the case.


Since the covid-19 communicable hit our region.. Bounded casual advocates acquire been calling for the absolution of detainees from Otay Mesa.

They say decidedly those who are at aerial draft for austere affection should be appear immediately.


On Tuesday, dozens of cars alternating in a assemblage organized by a accumulation alleged Otay Mesa Apprehension Resistance.


The assemblage had already been planned afore annual of the absolute case broke.

Dozens of cars — busy with beef signs calling for the detainees absolution collection from Balboa Park to the ICE arrangement in burghal San Diego.

Rally participants collection distinct book with their hazard lights on, honking their horns the accomplished time.


In added bounded headlines….

-In an attack to abatement bottleneck in accompaniment prisons, the California Administration of Corrections and Rehabilitation appear Tuesday it’s acceding absolution to 3,500 inmates.

All were appointed to be appear in the abutting 60 days

-And bloom admiral accepted Tuesday that a commuter aboard the Celebrity Eclipse cruise abode that docked in San Diego Harbor this anniversary has activated absolute for the virus. Three aggregation associates additionally activated absolute

-And In acknowledgment to the coronavirus pandemic, Covered California is accretion its appropriate acceptance aeon through June 30.

-And the covid-19 numbers today, well, they aren’t good.

On Tuesday, Canton bloom admiral appear two added deaths and 131 new COVID-19 cases in San Diego County.

Health admiral said we can all apprehend to accept to see both of those numbers acceleration in the accountable future.


I’m Kinsee Morlan, and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

It’s Wednesday, April 1.

Stay with me for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1

So, here’s a little non-covid-19 bounded annual for you.

A ample booty of drugs, including opioids, methamphetamine and cocaine, was bedeviled from a cross-border adit Tuesday.

The adit was sophisticated…

It was able with ventilation, lighting and an underground abuse system.

The 2,000 bottom continued adit affiliated warehouses in Tijuana and San Diego, extending about 2,000 feet.


Back to the coronavirus beat…

Empty U-C San Diego dorms may be adapted into a affliction centermost to advice with a looming hospital bed shortage.

County Administrator Nathan Fletcher said at a annual arrangement that the abode would be staffed with doctors and nurses.

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FLETCHER 2A: “This would be for individuals anon in the hospital who are too ailing to go home, but don’t charge to breach in the hospital. If we can actualize new rooms, we can alteration those association there.” (00:09)

San Diego Accompaniment hasn’t said yet if its dorms adeptness be used.


The California Administration of Bloom is advancing beneath blaze for acclimation nursing homes to acquire bodies with the coronavirus.

KPBS Anchorman Amita Sharma has more.______________________________________________NURSING HOMES 1(AS) SOQ:______________________________________________The administration of bloom has instructed California’s some 1500 nursing homes to ban non-essential visitors to assure its aged association from COVID-19. But Monday night it issued a altered affectionate of order.The administration directed nursing homes to acquire bodies doubtable or diagnosed with COVID-19, while demography “appropriate precautions to anticipate the beforehand of the infection.” Dr. Karl Steinberg, a nursing home and auberge medical administrator in North County, alleged the adjustment reckless.

“What amenable healthcare provider would agreeably put somebody who has this deadly, catching affliction into a abode breadth it doesn’t already exist? To me, that’s about actuality an accent to homicide?”

The administration of bloom did not acknowledge to a appeal for comment. Amita Sharma, KPBS News.


As cases of coronavirus accept to rise, so do the aggregate of bodies who are agitation affairs and accession supplies.

That’s why abounding aliment acquire angry to appropriate hours for those best at draft for the virus, including seniors.

KPBS Anchorman Matt Hoffman says while some seniors can go arcade themselves, others can’t.________________________________SENIORDELIVERY 1 (:56)

It’s 7-am and CNA Maria Hidobero (Wee-do-bro) of St. Paul’s PACE is out shopping.

06;31;19;05Cart rolling in

She’s not arcade for herself, but for a senior.

06;31;47;12So adapted now she’s allurement for a lot of basal needs but abominably it’s activity to be those toilet paper, duke sanitizer wipes, lysol which aren’t accessible absolutely at any stores

That’s why grocery aliment including the North Park Vons are captivation appropriate aboriginal hours breadth abandoned seniors can shop. St. Paul’s PACE is an all across-the-board affairs for seniors and one of the casework they activity is grocery shopping.. But that’s not so accessible adapted now with abandoned shelves.

07;24;22;01I’m not accusatory about my shopping, I amount my own things out but aback you’re aggravating to boutique for addition who needs it, it’s actual sad to not be able to acquisition assertive things that they charge for their accustomed lives

Hidobero was able to get about all the aliment on her seniors arcade list, but wasn’t able to get any charwoman supplies. Matt Hoffman, KPBS News.

If you apperceive a chief who needs advice during this time, amuse alarm 2-1-1.


The coronavirus has led added than a dozen states to adjourn their presidential primaries.

It’s clear…The communicable is about-face the 2020 elections…

And that includes the chase for San Diego mayor.

Thad Cow-ser is armchair of the administration of political science at UC San Diego.

He told Midday Copy that this communicable will change both how voters casting a acclamation and how candidates campaign.

POLITICSCOVID 1A (:19)”Instead of talking about architecture new ample programs and demography on big activity challenges, the catechism becomes breadth do these candidates see themselves as acid burghal spending in adjustment to administer what will acceptable be a arrears for one or added years. That’s activity to be the acute catechism of this campaign.”

Cow-ser says that there will be added voting by mail, which bureau it will booty best to account the results.

To apprehend the complete annual with , subscribe to the Midday Copy podcast wherever you acquire to your podcasts.


The Marines accept to booty new recruits into cossack afflicted in San Diego, alike afterwards the Commandant ordered a abeyance on the east coast, due to COVID-19.

In fact, addition chic of recruits accustomed Monday black in San Diego.

Capt. Martin Harris, a Marines spokesman, says they are demography added precautions…

including added medical testing and befitting new recruits in their own breadth for the aboriginal 14 days.

MCRD 2A”We acquire had aught positives tests for COVID up to this point. There is a little bit of luck complex in that. So, a lot of training. A lot of planning and a little bit of luck has got us breadth we are today.”


OK, so, it’s April 1.

For a lot of us, that bureau appoint or a mortgage acquittal is due.

For San Diego association who are experiencing banking hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is help.

In March, the San Diego Burghal Council anesthetized a acting ban on evictions in the Burghal of San Diego.

This bureau that landlords cannot booty activity to adios a addressee for not advantageous appoint that was due on or afterwards March 12, 2020 if the addressee can’t pay because of the banking furnishings of COVID-19.

The acting ban on evictions lasts until May 31, 2020, unless the Burghal Council decides to extend it.

California Governor Gavin Newsom additionally ordered a statewide acting ban on evictions…

And he appear agnate abatement for bodies who own their homes,

But won’t be able to accomplish a mortgage acquittal because of the pandemic.

Four of the bristles above civic banks acquire agreed to a 90-day abstinence on mortgage payments for those afflicted by COVID-19.

There is no assets claim for mortgage relief, but there needs to be affirmation that the homeowners acquire been afflicted by COVID-19.

Ok, that’s all for this aboriginal day of April. Acknowledgment for alive and, if you acquire some time on your hands, amuse booty a minute to amount and analysis this podcast on Apple Podcasts. Acknowledgment in advance.

Tuesday, March 31

Title: San Diego Canton Confirms 84 New COVID-19 Cases

Description: The cardinal of COVID-19 cases in San Diego Canton added to 603 Monday, a jump of 84 from Sunday. Plus: the accompaniment is attractive for retired and apprentice bloom affliction workers to advice accommodated an accepted billow of coronavirus patients in California and added bounded annual you need.


Governor columnist algid accessible draft

Governor Gavin Newsom says the accompaniment needs added than 30,000 added bloom affliction workers..

He says we charge added doctors and nurses, pharmacists, authoritative agents and brainy bloom professionals.

So, to advice accommodated that need, the accompaniment is briefly suspending some licensure requirements..

And the governor’s calling on retired doctors and medical acceptance to advice amusement an advancing billow of coronavirus patients.

NEWSOM: If you’re a nursing student, a medical academy student, we charge you. If you’ve aloof retired in the aftermost few years, we charge you. >

Newsom says over the accomplished four days, coronavirus hospitalizations acquire doubled…

and ICU patients acquire about tripled.

He says in the advancing weeks, the accompaniment may charge an added 50,000 hospital beds.


Also in today’s bounded headlines:

San Diego Ambassador Kevin Faulconer issued an controlling adjustment Monday declaring all burghal advisers adversity workers.

The acknowledgment about makes it easier for burghal staffers to about-face apparatus and advice breadth they’re bare aback it comes to the bounded COVID-19 emergency.

And San Diego Canton accessible bloom admiral on Monday issued two new accessible bloom orders..

That absolute cruise ships from both advancing and disembarking in San Diego.


The bounded abridgement keeps demography hits…

San Diego Zoo Global appear Monday that both its Zoo and Safari Park will accept bankrupt until added notice.

For families in charge adapted now…The San Diego Aliment Coffer and Del Mar Fairgrounds is planning a drive-through aliment administration Friday.

And the latest Covid-19 numbers…. Cases grew by 84 on Monday, the bigger jump yet.

Now 603 bodies acquire activated absolute for Covid-19 in San Diego County. Deaths are still sitting at 7.


I’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters…It’s Tuesday, March 31. Stick about for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1 The burghal of San Diego is alms grants and loans to baby businesses impacted by the coronavirus shutdowns.

KPBS busline anchorman Andrew Bowen says the acknowledgment has been overwhelming.______________________________________________________________RELIEFFUND 1 (ab) 0:45 soq

AB: About as anon as the online appliance aperture went animate Friday evening, it crashed. It was aback up about bristles hours later. Marchelle McKiernan owns Bluxom Salon in North Park. She says the burghal should acquire been able for the aggression of web traffic.

MM: And what was best aching was attractive at, you know, these altered mayors aerial fiving our ambassador for accomplishing such a abundant job but not alike because that hundreds of business owners were in agitation aggravating to get in bandage for this funding, and abounding of them will abutting if they don’t get it.

AB: The burghal says it will still accord out allotment on a aboriginal appear aboriginal serve basis, and that admiral spent all weekend responding to voicemails and emails to ensure anybody was able to accept their application. Andrew Bowen, KPBS news.

Nursing acceptance at San Diego Accompaniment University and above the accompaniment acquire been pulled from animate in hospitals because of the coronavirus outbreak.

But that’s created a problem–they won’t acquire the analytic hours they charge to graduate.

KPBS anchorman Claire Trageser says this could actualize a curtailment of nurses abutting year.

Claire talks to SDSU nursing apprentice Sarah Fo-SHAY.


So, at the top of the show, you heard about the advertisement Monday from Governor Gavin Newsom…

He said he’s adequate licensing rules for nurses, but he didn’t accomplish specific changes for nursing students. He’s absolution added departments accomplish the final decision.

This adventure was done in accord with inewsource.. an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS


Lots of bounded arts and adeptness organizations are disturbing adapted now. They accomplish their money from events, which acquire been canceled or postponed.

THe Media Arts Centermost San Diego had to abolish its San Diego Latino Film Anniversary this year…

Plus abutting its Agenda Gym Cinema beforehand this ages because of the pandemic.

But KPBS arts anchorman Beth Accomando says, like a lot of added disturbing arts organizations, Media Arts is attractive to artistic online options.

LATINO 1 (ba)

Agenda Gym Cinema is now alive up to its name as it brings some films from the canceled Latino Film Anniversary to audiences through agenda alive services. Anniversary architect Ethan Van Thillo says some distributors are animate with art houses to accommodate alternating bureau of assuming films.

ETHAN VAN THILLO: They accommodate us with abandoned links breadth these links are aloof for our specific cine amphitheater and afresh anniversary time a actuality purchases the ticket, a percentage, 50 percent goes to our absolute cine amphitheater so afresh I anticipate anybody needs to acquire it’s not business as accepted not aloof for our non-profit but for the apple about us. (:23)

This anniversary Brazil’s Bacurau, which was appointed to comedy at the festival, is one of a scattering of films now accessible as allotment of Agenda Gym Cinema at home.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.

If you are out there accomplishing absorbing things to breach affiliated during the time of coronavirus, I appetite to apprehend from you.

Tell me your adventure by emailing me at podcasts at kpbs dot org, or alarm or argument (619) 452-0228‬.

Thanks for listening.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Title: Bristles San Diego Aliment Handlers Analysis Absolute for COVID-19

Description: San Diego Canton bloom admiral said Sunday that bristles aliment handlers acquire activated absolute for COVID-19 — four restaurant advisers and a grocery abundance employee. Plus: Costco is accretion its chief arcade hours, the county’s abandoned shelters are disturbing to accommodated the needs of the bodies they serve amidst the coronavirus communicable and added bounded annual you need.


San Diego Canton admiral said Sunday that bristles aliment handlers acquire activated absolute for COVID-19. Four restaurant advisers and a grocery abundance employee.Press arrangement clip: Nathan FletcherThe grocery abundance agent who activated absolute is from an Albertson’s abundance in Escondido..Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said the abundance did the adapted thing..It closed… alerted canton ecology bloom officials..Followed sanitation protocolsThen re-opening to customers.Press arrangement draft 2Costco is accretion its chief arcade hours due to aerial demand. Starting this week, Costco warehouses will accessible from 8 to 9 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for associates 60 and older. Additionally in today’s bounded headlines: San Diego gas prices acquire collapsed to their everyman point in added than two years. The boilerplate for a gallon of cocky serve abandoned to 3.11 as of Sunday afternoon.Plus…The Celebrity Eclipse cruise abode is appointed to berth in San Diego Monday…It was angry abroad in Chile amidst fears of the coronavirus.There acquire been no appear cases of COVID-19 amidst the ship’s about 1,500 passengers.

But cartage are still ordered to acknowledgment beeline home and absorb 14 canicule in home isolation.That’s per the guidelines from the Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Blockage for anyone who catholic on a cruise ship.Beat And the latest on the bounded coronavirus numbers…In #SanDiego county, accepted cases grew by 31 on Sunday to 519 total. Deaths accept at 7. BeatI’m Kinsee Morlan and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters…It’s Monday, March 30. Stick about for added of the bounded annual you need.

Midroll 1As the coronavirus communicable escalates in San Diego…

The county’s abandoned shelters are now actuality continued attenuate as they clutter to accommodated the needs of the accessible bodies they serve every day.

The coronavirus absolutely has created a “perfect storm” that’s afflicted all aspects of circadian activity for these shelters..

Including staffing struggles and a affecting abatement in donations.

inewsource anchorman Cody Dulaney has more


DULANEY: Interfaith Association Casework runs four shelters in North County, including the brief emergency apartment at Haven Abode in Escondido.

When the governor ordered anybody to breach home to stop the beforehand of COVID-19, CEO Greg Angel angry Haven Abode into an all-day shelter. With that … came a staffing challenge.

ANGLEA: “It requires added agents at a time aback we acquire beneath agents available. We acquire a lot of agents who are over the age of 65, agents with abiding bloom conditions, and so they’re all blockage home to accede with the appeal to do so.” (15 secs)

DULANEY: At Operation Achievement in Vista, Controlling Administrator Charity Singleton needs to accession over a hundred thousand dollars by June 30 to abstain laying bodies off and authoritative abandoned families leave.

SINGLETON: “Our agents works so hard. They’re the ones that actualize the amplitude for our families to be successful. That’s what goes through my apperception about 24 hours a day.” (19 secs)

DULANEY: For now, both of these nonprofits are award a way to accumulate their shelters operating.

For KPBS, I’m inewsource anchorman Cody Dulaney.

inewsource is an afar funded, nonprofit accomplice of KPBS.


Four burghal of San Diego lifeguards acquire now activated absolute for the coronavirus.

This as all burghal beaches and parks accept bankrupt in an accomplishment to stop the virus from spreading.

This is the aboriginal abounding weekend of bank closures.

And while some weren’t acknowledgment warnings before,

Lifeguard Arch James Gartland says about anybody is now complying…

LIFEGUARDS 2A The success we’re seeing and the acquiescence we’re seeing it’s great. It affectionate of restores your acceptance in altruism a little bit and makes you appreciative to be a San Diego Surfer (:09)

It’s cryptic aback the beaches and parks could reopen,

but we do apperceive lifeguards are advancing for a billow in cases.

Lifeguards are EMT’s….so they could be alleged on for added medical duties.

Chief Gartland told KPBS that all lifeguards acquire the able careful accessories and will advice out breadth they can.


The Administration of Veterans Affairs is now screening patients for coronavirus in an attack to assure the already accessible adept population.

But some admiration whether the nation’s bigger healthcare arrangement will be able to appear up with a unified acknowledgment to the pandemic.

Carson Frame of the American Homefront Activity belletrist from San Antonio.


VAVIRUS 3:42 soq

A bandage of cars snakes through the Audie Murphy VA hospital campus, and spills out assimilate an adjoining street.AMBI of agent babble and cars passingOrange barricades backpack veterans’ cars against the advanced of the hospital, accomplished little white tents. There, V-A volunteers ask questions about their biking history and symptoms.ABBEY: Hi! Acceptable to the VA. We’re starting our screening activity today. What’s the purpose of your visit?DRIVER: I assignment here.ABBEY: Do you acquire a fever? Cough? Shortness of breath?DRIVER: No.If somebody answers yes, they accelerate them to a added area, breadth bodies acid masks and gowns analysis their temperature and ask added questions.Fade bottomward ambi of trafficThe coronavirus alpha is projected to exhausted the US hospital system, but VA Secretary Robert Wilkie says veterans will be taken affliction of.WILKIE: So let me acquaint you, we are in the emergency accommodation business… we started marshaling our aliment in at the alpha of February, aback our bodies told us that there was a abeyant for this advancing here. So we acquire supplies, we acquire ventilators, we are animate with the clandestine area to get as abounding masks as we need.Wilkie has directed VA to stop all constituent surgeries to chargeless up medical cadre and bottle the system’s claret supply.Coronavirus cases are accepted to ascend amidst veterans, who tend to be beforehand and acquire basal medical altitude that put them at greater risk, admitting Wilkie says it happened yet.WILKIE: Able-bodied to be honest with you, we acquire not had the abundant beachcomber of veterans with this virus. It may come.But not anybody at the V-A thinks the bearings is beneath control.PARK: This epidemic, both for the VA and for the beyond world, exposes all the weaknesses in our arrangement that are already there.Marilyn Park is a aldermanic adumbrative with the American Federation of Government Workers, a abutment that represents abounding V-A employees.She says they’re accepting not accepting abundant advice from top admiral in DC, and that the coronavirus acknowledgment is a analysis that compromises the assurance of both healthcare workers and patients.PARK: “each adeptness has a altered screening procedure. altered entrances are closed. altered screening questions are actuality asked. altered triage is activity on already they are screened.”Since the virus emerged in Wuhan, China in December, associates of Congress acquire apprenticed VA about its adeptness to handle a pandemic.VA assembly told Congress in March that up to 1 in 5 adept patients could become adulterated and charge care.Senator Jon Tester of Montana says the administration has been apathetic to allocution about its needs and plans.TESTER: I’ll aloof be honest with you. They could acquire added beds, but I don’t apperceive that they acquire the agents to man them…is the botheration because we’e been understaffed in the VA for for a cardinal of years, and a cardinal of administrations…so we’ve got a lot of assignment to do.The VA is the nation’s bigger bloom affliction arrangement with 172 medical accessories and added than 1200 outpatient sites. But it’s additionally beforehand out, with anniversary centermost acting with a aerial amount of independence.At a time aback affective people, supplies, and accessories is all-important to save lives, Tester worries allocation could be a challenge. To accord with that, the VA has set up emergency operation centers in anniversary of its 18 networks. Wilkie says those centers are administration the aforementioned advice above all medical facilities.WILKIE: “Those centers reflect activity advancing from us on what the agreement is for ambidextrous with this situation. It is no altered at Audie Murphy than it is from Hot Springs, South Dakota. It’s the aforementioned medical standards.”SCENE / CAR SOUNDAnd at Audie Murphy Hospital in San Antonio, medical centermost administrator Chris Sandles watched the screenings in the parking lot.SANDLES: We’re authoritative adjustments breadth we charge to in the process. But ultimately, my ambition is to accomplish abiding that we’re befitting both our patients and agents as safe as we possibly can.But he says it’s a affective target.This is Carson Frame reporting.

That adventure was produced by the American Homefront Project…

That’s a accessible media accord that belletrist on American aggressive activity and veterans.

Allotment comes from the Corporation for Accessible Broadcasting


Media Arts Centermost San Diego had to abolish its San Diego Latino Film Anniversary and abutting its Agenda Gym Cinema beforehand this ages because of the coronavirus pandemic.

KPBS arts anchorman Beth Accomando says…. like abounding arts groups….. Media Arts is attractive to artistic online options.

LATINO 1 (ba)

Digital Gym Cinema is now alive up to its name as it brings some films from the canceled Latino Film Anniversary to audiences through agenda alive services. Anniversary architect Ethan Van Thillo says some distributors are animate with art houses to accommodate alternating bureau of assuming films.

ETHAN VAN THILLO: They accommodate us with abandoned links breadth these links are aloof for our specific cine amphitheater and afresh anniversary time a actuality purchases the ticket, a percentage, 50 percent goes to our absolute cine amphitheater so afresh I anticipate anybody needs to acquire it’s not business as accepted not aloof for our non-profit but for the apple about us. (:23)

This anniversary Brazil’s Bacurau, which was appointed to comedy at the festival, is one of a scattering of films now accessible as allotment of Agenda Gym Cinema at home.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.


We’ve all apparent our lives about-face online….

My accompany and I abutting the masses of bodies captivation basal blessed hours…


There’s additionally an app alleged Houseparty that’s accepting steam…

You can video babble and comedy amateur like pictionary on it…

It’s article to canyon the time and feel a little beneath abandoned than we all absolutely all…

Check it out if you’re an character like me who’s accepting a adamantine time with all this amusing distancing…


Before I go, I capital to apprehend you a quick catechism and acknowledgment from the KPBS new’s apartment Q&A blog…

Kpbs admirers and readers abode in with their covid-19 accompanying questions…

And our reporters acquisition the answers…

So, here’s a catechism from Muriel. Muriel writes…

My HOA is breach on whether to abutting our pool. Bisected of them say it should be closed. The added bisected say the chlorine in the basin kills coronavirus and so pond is safe. Which is true?

KPBS annual anchorman John Carroll did some analysis and begin that the CDC says there’s no affirmation that COVID-19 can be beforehand to bodies through the use of pools and hot tubs.

So, Able operation, maintenance, and ablution of pools and hot tubs should abolish or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

But…that actuality said, the burghal of San Diego has bankrupt all its burghal pools canicule ago.

The affair ther, though, was bodies acquisition calm in one spot, not the assurance of the basin itself.

So, if you can adore your HOA’s basin afterwards the adventitious of anyone abroad actuality about you, that could be ok. But John says it’s best to err on the ancillary of attention and abstain appliance association pools for now.

For added questions and answers accompanying to covid-19, go to kpbs dot org carve coronavirusquestions

That’s it for today. Acknowledgment for listening. And please, do me a favor and booty a minute adapted now to accelerate this podcast to a friend. Bounded annual keeps our association connected. And now, blockage affiliated is added important than ever.

Saturday, March 28

Headline: Aboriginal San Diego Badge Administrator Tests Absolute For COVID-19

Description: A San Diego badge administrator from the Western Division became the aboriginal law administration administrator in the burghal of San Diego to analysis absolute for COVID-19, Ambassador Kevin Faulconer appear Friday. Plus: Allowance apprehension accessories could become coronavirus hot spots and added bounded annual you need.

San Diego Canton bloom admiral accepted three new COVID-19 accompanying deaths Friday afternoon, bringing the absolute cardinal of deaths to six.

The deaths included one man in his mid-50s..

and addition macho in his aboriginal 80s.

The canton additionally appear the afterlife of a 25-year-old mand —a San Diego Canton citizen who died in Riverside Canton breadth he’d been self-quarantining.


A San Diego badge administrator from the Western Division became the aboriginal law administration administrator in the burghal of San Diego to analysis absolute for COVID-19. IN a columnist arrangement Friday, Ambassador Kevin Faulconer said three lifeguards from San Diego Fire-Rescue Administration acquire additionally activated positive. Kevinpresserclip Here’s a little ablaze atom for you. The ambassador additionally said that the city’s $6.1 actor baby business abatement armamentarium is now accepting applications. Baby businesses can administer at Exhausted It’s Saturday, March 28. I’m Kinsee Morlan, and you’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters..

KPBS circadian annual podcast bringing you the bounded annual you need.

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The coronavirus fabricated its austere accession at San Diego County’s chief affliction accessories this week.

KPBS Anchorman Amita Sharma says three assisted-living communities acquire accepted cases

and three others are apprehension results. ___________________________________________COVIDSRCASES SOQ:___________________________________________KPBS has articular two of three accessories with cases.Four bodies who assignment at La Vida Real’s assisted alive association in Rancho San Diego acquire activated absolute for COVID-19. Addition artisan is apprehension results, according to a account from the company.Also, four aged bodies who animate in La Vida Real’s anamnesis affliction area are actuality activated afterwards assuming symptoms. Meanwhile, at San Diego’s Stellar Care, one actuality has activated absolute and several others acquire undergone testing. Alpha two weeks ago, chief affliction accessories countywide started banning all but capital agents Workers’ temperatures are taken aback they access the facilities. But addition with the virus can be asymptomatic for two weeks. Amita Sharma, KPBS News.

San Diego’s Airport is activity the clasp of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passenger cartage at San Diego’s International Airport is bottomward 80 to 90 percent aback the alpha of the month.

The airport is advised an capital annual and charge accept open,

but bodies aloof aren’t flying.

The San Diego Airport Authority’s Scott Brickner says the industry’s seeing a huge dip in passengers.

AIRPORT 2a :1511:48:11 – 11:48:27 “at the alpha of the month, it started out we, I think, were up two percent year over year. And it started to abatement boring and afresh aloof actual rapidly for the draft of the month. And alike the aftermost week, we’re bottomward about 80 to 90 percent.”


The Fleet now has the best cases of coronavirus amidst the services.

And now they’re aggravating to get a handle on why.

KPBS Aggressive Anchorman Steve Walsh explains. ——————————————————————–TRT :49—-This week, Acting Secretary of the Fleet Thomas Modley says the Fleet now has 104 cases of COVID-19 not counting families and contractors — Calm the Fleet and Marines acquire one third of all the alive assignment cases in the US military.

“I will say our armament are all over the world. All the time. We additionally acquire big agile absorption areas such as San Diego and Norfolk and added areas breadth we acquire a lot of bodies that are calm but that’s all speculation. We haven’t done the forensics yet.”

The USS Roosevelt has at atomic 23 accepted cases of the virus. There acquire been several added cases of sailors assigned to San Diego-based ships testing positive. They were all on shore, in San Diego, aback they were diagnosed. New recruits are buried on accession at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego. Two east bank recruits acquire activated positive. An exercise appointed in April at Twentynine Palms has been canceled. Steve Walsh KPBS News.


Immigration apprehension centers could become Corona virus hotspots.

So far there acquire been no accepted cases of Coronavirus in these apprehension centers in California,

but some civilian rights groups this anniversary filed an emergency cardinal to force allowance and association administration to footfall up its efforts to assure accessible detainees. KPBS anchorman max rivlen- Nadler’s batten with allowance advocate Dorian Edgar Seto about altitude central the center.Midday Clip

You can apprehend that abounding annual on the KPBS Midday Copy podcast. Aloof chase for it wherever you acquire to podcasts.

Ok, so, it’s the weekend guys, but here’s your admonition to breach home as abundant as you can. Best all parks and abandoned are closed…and alike activity on hikes in rural spots, you run the draft of alive into crowds.

Keep on flattening that curve. Acknowledgment for listening.

Friday, March 27

Headline: Your Coronavirus Questions, Answered

Description: The KPBS annual aggregation has been demography questions from readers and admirers to acquisition out what bodies in our association appetite to apperceive about the coronavirus pandemic. In today’s podcast, we acknowledgment a catechism from addition who wants to apperceive if dogs can get the disease. Additionally on the podcast: addition bounded afterlife from COVID-19, dentists are altruistic careful accessories to bloom affliction workers, bounded media outlets abeyance because of the communicable and added bounded annual you need.


THIS TIME, it was an 87 YEAR OLD woman.

off shoulder dress for kids – Blisscollection - big girl clothing stores near me

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THURCOVID 1A TRT :09SOT it is ablaze in the ambience of what is activity on that we now acquire abundant manual occurring actuality in our canton



10 PERCENT of those acquire LED TO trips to the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT.

The acceptable news?



Sound Exhausted

I’m Kinsee Morlan, and it’s Friday, March 27.

You’re alive to San Diego Annual Matters.

KPBS’s circadian podcast bringing you the bounded annual you need.

Sound Beat

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Most of us Californians are apartment in place…trying to do our allotment to accumulate the coronavirus from spreading.

But for the Fleet and Marines…it’s tricky.

They’re aggravating to antithesis amusing breach with aggressive readiness.

KPBS Aggressive Anchorman Steve Walsh says the after-effects can assume inconsistent.


MILREACT 3:46 soq

The Fleet continues to advertise added restrictions for bases about the country to stop the beforehand of COVID-19. Alike so, clashing so abounding businesses in southern California, parking lots at Naval Abject San Diego were still abounding the day the hospital abode USNS Mercy departed.

MARINE REACT came with family.wav”We came bottomward actuality with family, my inlaws, aloof to see her off.”

Julio Quintona was amidst a scattering of ancestors associates who were still accustomed on the berth to watch their admired ones leave for LA, breadth the abode and its aggregation will advancement bounded hospitals artificial by the virus.

MARINE REACT greatest fleet in the world.wav”You consistently acquire worries and apropos aback ancestors departs. But All in Gods hands. Greatest Fleet in the world”

The military’s acknowledgment to the communicable can assume asperous at times. The Fleet has abeyant best recreational activities and events. The commissaries are still accessible but they are acceptance bodies in a few at a time. Barber Shops shut down.

However, bags of Marines are continuing to alternation in Yuma, Arizona admitting at atomic one Marine at the abject there t esting positive. Contest like this one filmed aftermost year are accounted capital and are still activity advanced now.

MIL REACT Marines “We charge to get a …we acquire too abundant burning above this front..”

Marines at Afflicted Pendleton are additionally still administering contest with the Air Wing at adjacent Marine Air Abject Miramar, admitting absolute tests at both bases. Spokespersons say the bases are isolating those who analysis absolute and quarantining anybody they came into abutting acquaintance with. Some morning formations were canceled. Others are activity ahead. This alike admitting Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered Californians to breach at home.

MARINE REACT Newsom accept by it.wav”We absolute a statewide adjustment for bodies to breach at home. That goes into aftereffect this evening. We are confidenent that bodies will do the adapted affair and accept by it.”

The Fleet and Marines are cogent non–essential cadre to assignment from home, but it’s up to bounded commanders to actuate who is essential, said the arch of the Fleet Michael Gilday, in a briefing.

MARINE REACT GILDAY people.wav”We absolutely do assurance the judgement of our commanders and we’re giving them ample ascendancy to do what they anticipate they charge to do to accept on mission and booty affliction of people.”

While the Fleet encourages bases to acquire to bounded authorities, it additionally put out advice ((this week)) that makes ablaze the Fleet isn’t appropriate to chase those orders. Nor are federal contractors, like NASSCO – a shipbuilder in San Diego, breadth the parking lots accept aloof as packed.

In the aforementioned briefing, Acting Secretary of the Fleet Thomas Modely accustomed that not every administrator may not be accepting the message.

MARINE REACTSEC NAV commander.wav”Everyone is demography this appealing seriously. We acquire heard about some anomalies and we are aggravating to abode those, but about speaking we are abrogation those decisions to the commander.”

The bearings is rapidly evolving. 15 canicule afterwards it larboard Vietnam, a country that already had a scattering of cases, three sailors aboard the San Diego-based aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt activated absolute — the Navy’s aboriginal cases aboard ship. The Fleet hasn’t bent whether the virus came from the anchorage arrangement or possibly from one of the aircraft that arrived. About all anchorage visits acquire now been abeyant for the about 100 ships deployed at sea. The Roosevelt has been beatific to Guam. Anybody of the 5,000 sailors is now actuality activated for the virus.

Though, the all-inclusive majority of those ships DON’T acquire coronavirus analysis kits. Afore the Mercy ancient for LA, the arch of Fleet Anesthetic in the west Rear Admiral Timothy Weber was asked why added sailors haven’t been tested.

MARINE REACT analysis everyone.wav”Navy medicine, aggressive anesthetic says chase CDC guidelines and CDC guidelines say don’t analysis everyone.”

New numbers appearance the Fleet and Marines acquire the accomplished infection ante amidst the services. New restrictions are expected. Steve Walsh KPBS News

This adventure was produced by the American Homefront Project, a accessible media accord that belletrist on American aggressive activity and veterans.

Funding comes from the Corporation for Accessible Broadcasting

Sound Beat

So, what’s it like to be a medical apprentice during the coronavirus?

Lots of med acceptance in San Diego are award their apprenticeship on ascendancy amidst the pandemic.

UCSD Academy of Anesthetic has apoplectic both in-person classes,

and analytic rotations breadth acceptance collaborate contiguous with patients.

But some acceptance are award bureau to help.

KPBS anchorman Andrew Bowen tells us how. _________________________________________________________MEDSTUDENTS (ab) 4:04 soq

Sewing apparatus noise

AB: Milli Desai is allowance her mother sew affection surgical masks. They’re not acceptable for doctors or nurses, but they can be advantageous for ailing or aged bodies if they acquire to go to the doctor or grocery store.

IMG_4122MD: So I’m aloof activity to put it on. And it fits appealing snug, and the acceptable affair is there’s aqueduct cleaner on top, which will fit to anniversary person’s nasal bridge.

AB: Desai is entering her fourth year of medical academy at UCSD. The coronavirus alpha afflicted the university to stop the rotations that accomplish up best of a student’s third and fourth years of medical school. Desai says it was the adapted call.

03:08MILLI DESAIUCSD MEDICAL STUDENTMD: We may backpack the ache and beforehand that both to our analytic teams, to our families aback we acknowledgment home and additionally to added patients. So there was a lot of affair about, “Are we bare in the analytic space, and what’s the best amplitude for us to contribute?”

AB: Med acceptance afterwards bed-making machines are award bureau to angle in, too. Third year med apprentice Armando Gallegos Jr. helped alpha a donation drive accession claimed careful accessories for bloom affliction workers: surgical and N95 masks, gowns…

15:01:07ARMANDO GALLEGOS, JR.UCSD MEDICAL STUDENTAG: Unopened goggles as well, disposable goggles, and gloves. They don’t acquire to be sterile, they can be nitrile gloves to aloof advice healthcare workers do their job.

AB: As babble spread, they managed to aggregate hundreds of pieces of accessories this week.

15:00:25AG: For me, I absolutely capital to do article as a apprentice physician and try to advice action the communicable in any way possible. And I anticipation this was absolutely one of the bureau we could advice our physicians in San Diego.

AB: Caitlin Breen is about to alpha her address at Rady Children’s Hospital. She’s been accomplishing childcare for a physician she acclimated to assignment with, activity on bike rides, authoritative obstacle courses. The 9-year-old she’s watching has been acquirements piano from an app.

IMG_8325, NATPOP of piano playing

12:00CB: She can already comedy some chords, she’s appliance both larboard and adapted hand. I’m thoroughly impressed, and had Tick Tock and We Are the Champions ashore in my arch all night aftermost night.

AB: Breen and some classmates helped adapt an online aperture to bout med apprentice volunteers with bloom affliction workers who charge advice with childcare, grocery runs or added errands. She says actuality a doctor is demanding beneath accustomed circumstances. Now it’s alike worse.

6:11CAITLIN BREENUCSD MEDICAL STUDENTCB: Absolutely from any akin of the bloom affliction system, from your burning affliction arrangement to your aftermost bandage ICU, anybody is all calmly on accouter adapted now. And the kids are at home, so there’s acutely that charge breadth there hasn’t absolutely been before.

AB: Added acceptance are calling patients to adapt them for telehealth visits or allowance abode accommodating acquittal orders. Breen says med acceptance can additionally use what they’ve abstruse to advice association acquire what’s happening.

10:43CB: Alike at my date of training, I’m able to accommodate added of an advisory role to accompany and family. And I’ve absolutely approved to acquire that role and embrace it, and canyon out the bulletin of … why amusing abreast and all these things that we’re accomplishing can absolutely accomplish a difference.

AB: Of course, med acceptance are adverse their own challenges, too. Booty Milli Desai.

4:36MD: So I’m bristles months pregnant, and was abundant at the alpha of this year and did not absolutely anytime apprehend that I would be afterwards abundant during a pandemic.

AB: Desai’s bedmate is a citizen neurosurgeon. Accustomed his academy draft of acknowledgment to the coronavirus, and the blackmail of the ache complicating their pregnancy, they absitively she should move in with her parents in LA. She says that break is tough… and that it’s a alarming time to be entering a career in medicine.

7:24MD: It absolutely reaffirms our accommodation to go into bloom affliction to serve patients that absolutely are the best vulnerable. (7:37) The alarming affair I anticipate is aloof how extemporaneous our accomplished arrangement is for things that can appear like this. (8:22) It is actual alarming that we’re about not accurate by basement and beyond policies.

AB: Breadth doctors are award some support, though, is amidst their approaching colleagues. Andrew Bowen, KPBS news.

Sound Beat

San Diego Canton admiral say they acquire abundant face masks for the region’s bloom affliction workers admitting the civic shortage.

But alike so, they’ve got an emergency advancement plan.

KPBS bloom Anchorman Tarryn Mento says admiral acquire purchased about 90,000 bandanas aloof in case aliment dwindle.’____________________________BANDANAS 1 S/S (tm/jc) 1:05

The bandanas from bounded aggregation Planet Apparel are meant to be exhausted over respirators or face masks. Co-owner Heather Treviño says appliance the deeply alloyed bolt on top of facemasks could accomplish them aftermost longer.

00;06;07;07 (:14) Not to alter a facemask but to use in allocation with facemasks is absolutely what’s activity to advice I feel we feel gunna prolong the lifespan of facemasks

The CDC has appropriate bloom affliction workers use bandanas as a “last resort” if there is a curtailment of careful equipment. Planet Apparel says San Diego Canton purchased the coverings aftermost anniversary for 97,000 dollars. But the county’s medical operations centermost arch Rob Sills says they don’t charge them aloof yet.

18:23 We’re accomplishing acceptable adapted now, but attractive out two months from now, we’re authoritative those affairs in case it does happen.

Planet Apparel says its polyester bandanas are beneath absorptive than the accepted affection covering. The aggregation is contacting added cities in the U.S., including Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco. Tarryn Mento. KPBS News.

This abode was a collective accord of KPBS and inewsource.

inewsource is an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS.

Sound Beat

So we’ve got the bandana backups…

And there’s additionally a accumulation of bounded dentists who are dispatch up to advice banal up added medical supplies.

KPBS Anchorman Matt Hoffman explains.______________________________________________

DENTISTS 1 (:44)

6:18.396 PfefferIf our bloom workers become adulterated afresh we don’t acquire any bloom workers to advice us

So orthodontist Lindsay Pfeffer says bounded dentists are rallying.

5:14.003 PfefferThey aloof charge a approved affectation and so we acquire those in dentistry.

They’re accession badly bare masks, gloves and added careful wear.

3:12.853 Lindsay Pfeffer, D.M.D., M.B.E., M.S. I-OrthodonticsYou appetite to accomplish abiding you acquire a new apple-pie affectation for every patients – aforementioned with gloves you don’t appetite to be bound on gloves that’s the scariest affair in the world

The donations are actuality aggregate at the San Diego Canton Dental Association on Morena Boulevard.

1:32.517 PfefferWe are sending them out to UCSD Scripps, Sharp, 2-1-1 and absolutely firefighters and badge admiral are bodies that don’t acquire any of them and they’re bodies who charge them

Dentists are advised capital during the coronavirus alpha – but they’re actuality asked abandoned to advice patients that charge emergency services. Matt Hoffman, KPBS News.

Sound Beat

So, the abridgement is demography a adamantine hit adapted now.

One area that’s activity the bite is bounded media.

Several San Diego outlets are shutting bottomward or acid aback because of the coronavirus outbreak.

San Diego Annual and San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Annual acquire chock-full advertisement for now…

and acquire laid off best of their staff.

San Diego Reader has a bulletin on its website adage that its business is affliction because of the coronavirus alpha and is allurement for donations.

And San Diego CityBeat has chock-full putting affidavit out “until the abridgement improves,” according to an email from its editor.

Here’s San Diego Annual Publisher Jim Fitzpatrick.

COVIDMEDIA 2A 0:14″When businesses appear back, we’ll be back. And I apprehend to be aback bigger than ever. Aback this is over, I’m one of those who accept things will appear roaring aback because there is so abundant pent up demand. We aloof acquire to acclimate this storm.”

Experts who clue the business of journalism are abashed that this crisis will be the afterlife draft to abounding bounded annual outlets nationwide..

The industry has already been in cogent abatement aback the Abundant Recession.

Sound Exhausted

So the KPBS newsroom is accomplishing a lot of online Covid-19 advantage that doesn’t accomplish it on air or into the podcasts…

One absolutely advantageous affection is a new blog breadth the newsroom answers questions that bodies accept through the website.

For added covid-10 questions and answers, go to kpbs dot org carve coronavirusquestions

Hi Beth, acknowledgment so abundant for talking with me for San Diego Annual Matters.

I’ve apparent a lot of questions advancing in via the arrangement we use…so i apperceive it’s been a absolutely advantageous and admired affection adapted now. You commonly awning arts and culture, but in covid times you’ve stepped up to advice acknowledgment some of the questions…and one catechism that came is was from Guillermo Cornejo who asked…

Q: Is pet coronavirus the aforementioned affectionate as the COVID-19 that affects humans? You researched this a bit, what did you acquisition out? According to the Academy of Veterinary Anesthetic at University of Illinois, veterinarians are accustomed with added coronaviruses, not the COVID-19, that annual accepted diseases in calm animals. Abounding dogs are vaccinated for Basset Coronavirus as puppies. And breadth adeptness acquire this catechism or affair of Guillermo’s appear from? Allotment of the affair over pets and coronavirus came up aback a dog in Hong Kong activated abominably absolute for COVID-19.The Academy of Veterinary Anesthetic credibility out that his basset accommodating was in abutting acquaintance with an adulterated human, who was acceptable address ample quantities of the virus. This led to the virus actuality in the dog’s nose. So there was coronavirus on the dog, aloof like there was coronavirus on the attic in the room, but the dog was not infected.The 17-year-old dog has aback died according to Time magazine, but no articulation to the ache has been accurate at this time.Ok, so, to reiterate, the CDC says “there is no affirmation that accompaniment animals, including pets, can beforehand COVID-19 or that they adeptness be a antecedent of infection in the United States…right?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Prototype

Headline: San Diego Fishing Industry’s Abutting Big Test: Coronavirus

Description: How the communicable is hitting the region’s bartering fishing industry. Plus: new unemployment data, a accessible coronavirus array amidst associates of the bounded Democratic Party, breaking annual from KPBS’ animate covid-19 advantage and more.


It’ll booty time afore we apperceive the abounding appulse of coronavirus on San Diego’s economy.

But the communicable has already afflicted industries throughout the burghal — including one that helped ascertain it.

Clip Fisherman”We acquire had agitation with, aback I was a adolescent fisherman aback some of the adolescent canneries closed, but nothing, annihilation like this. I’ve never apparent it like this. Not this, not this bad.”


Hi, I’m Kinsee Morlan.

It’s Wednesday, March 25th.

And this is San Diego Annual Matters…

KPBS’s circadian podcast bringing you the bounded annual you need.

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If you haven’t already acquainted the bread-and-butter appulse of coronavirus yourself…

You apparently apperceive addition who has.

People are draft their jobs…or actuality briefly furloughed…hours are accepting acutely cut…

The abridgement is on lockdown adapted alongside best of us.

New abstracts from the San Diego Workforce affiliation shows about 200-thousand Californians filed for unemployment in the aboriginal few canicule of fractional business closures.

And added layoffs and restrictions could be on the way as cases of coronavirus accept to rise.

KPBS Anchorman Matt Hoffman says businesses and restaurants are aggravating to acquisition new bureau to accumulate their doors accessible and agents employed.

But it’s been tough. ___________________________________________________________WORKFORCE 1 (:44)

1:32 Brant Crenshaw, co-owner Amusing TapWe acquire to do a core.. And it sucks.. No acumen of their own

Brant Crenshaw is the co-owner of amusing tap in downtown. He’s had to lay off about all of his staff.

10:38.415They’ve all been acutely compassionate they’re all in the industry they’re seeing they’re aforementioned accompany in the industry see the aforementioned fate

Only a scattering accept as the restaurant is now aggravating to change its business archetypal from mainly banquet in orders to takeout and delivery. If he can body up that ancillary of the business he’ll be able to appoint aback added staff.

10:53.269We’re animate our base off aggravating to get.. So we can appoint our bodies aback

Crenshaw says if bodies don’t abutment restaurants now, some will abutting and never reopen. Matt Hoffman, KPBS News.


Commercial fishing acclimated to be a booming business in San Diego.

Environmental restrictions, adopted antagonism and added factors acquire eviscerated this area of the bounded abridgement alpha in the mid- to late-20th century.

Now can the once-thriving industry survive the Coronavirus?

inewsource anchorman Brad Racino looks into it.


RACINO: Already alleged the Adolescent Capital of the World, San Diego is home to some 130 bartering fishermen who accompany in millions of pounds of angle anniversary year.


RACINO: But the restaurants that buy the all-inclusive majority of their bolt acquire bankrupt to accommodate the pandemic. Now, the Saturday angle bazaar — which is accustomed to accept accessible on the San Diego Bay — is the fleet’s capital way to adeptness customers.

HAWORTH: “It’s adamantine if you bolt bags of pounds of angle to advertise to a consumer.”

RACINO: David Haworth is a San Diego bartering fisherman. Alike with decades of acquaintance in the industry, annihilation has able him for this.

HAWORTH: “We acquire had agitation with, aback I was a adolescent fisherman aback some of the adolescent canneries closed, but nothing, annihilation like this. I’ve never apparent it like this. Not this, not this bad.”

RACINO: San Diego’s fishermen acquire never lived through annihilation absolutely like this pandemic. Tim Jones, captain of the Gutsy Lady, said he’s absitively to shut bottomward and delay out the storm.

JONES: “We’ve got to pay our insurance, we got to pay our blooper fees, but as anon as we’re done with this little aliment affair we’re accomplishing we’re aloof activity to shut it down. … It’s activity to hurt. But I’m abiding we’ll get through it.”

RACINO: Coronavirus isn’t the aboriginal to analysis the animation of San Diego’s bartering fishermen.

RACNO: Ecology restrictions, adopted antagonism and added factors eviscerated this once-thriving area of the bounded abridgement alpha in the 20th century. Today beneath than 10% of the seafood captivated by San Diegans is calm and grocery abundance shelves are added acceptable to affectation angle from China, Thailand or Vietnam than from California.

RACINO: But San Diego has an accessible air angle market. I visited it on Saturday, analytical whether anyone would show. Burghal was mostly empty, save for joggers demography advantage of the accessible streets. But forth the docks …


RACINO: Hundreds of barter lined up to buy angle …


RACINO: There were indicators of the new normal. Fishmongers wore surgical masks, Harbor Badge ensured barter stood six anxiety afar and duke sanitizer abounded. But Haworth and best of the added vendors awash out aural a few hours.

HAWORTH: “It’s aloof important for us if the accessible could abutment us too and try to buy bounded and go through the little added accomplishment if they acquire to drive bottomward to let’s say the Adolescent Harbor Dockside Bazaar or added markets up and bottomward the bank breadth they can buy absolute from the fishermen adapted now. Because the average men are all briefly out of business”

RACINO: Angle markets in California are advised “essential” and will accept accessible during the state’s breach at home order. A allotment of San Diego’s aboriginal abridgement bent to survive the world’s latest disruption.

RACINO: For KPBS, I’m inewsource anchorman Brad Racino.

You can see added photos of Saturday’s angle bazaar online at inewsource dot org.

Inewsource, by the way, is an afar adjourned nonprofit accomplice of KPBS.


If you charge a admonition of why gatherings big and baby acquire been canceled, acquire up:

It now appears that canicule afore and afterwards the March 3 primary were the alpha of an alpha that’s sickened several bodies in the bounded Democratic Party.

Democrats who spent time calm on Acclamation Night and at contest afore and afterwards the acclamation acquire activated absolute for coronavirus.

Here’s KPBS anchorman Claire Trageser with details.

DEMOCRATS 1 s/s (ct) 1:00 soq

Four people, including San Diego Canton Democratic Affair administrator Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, acquire activated absolute for the virus. Two of them, Rodriguez-Kennedy and Chula Vista Councilman Steve Padilla, are in accelerated affliction at bounded hospitals.

The others are convalescent at home.

Other bodies alive in the affair are additionally self-isolating and assuming affection of COVID 19. But as of now there aren’t belletrist of added e absolute tests. That’s according to affair backer Eva Posner.

She says the four who did analysis absolute spent time calm on Acclamation Night and at contest afore and afterwards the election.

DEMOCRATS 1A”We all artlessly spent a lot of time together, but we additionally spent a lot of time out in the community, abnormally our candidates and adopted officials. So it could acquire appear from anywhere and it could acquire beforehand in several altered ways.”

Posner says the bigger affair adapted now is not politics, but that anybody gets better

Claire Trageser, KPBS News


I don’t apperceive about y’all, but I’ve almost larboard my abode at all in the aftermost few weeks.

My window to the apple has abundantly been twitter, Facebook and Instagram…

And in my amusing media feeds over the aftermost few canicule I’ve been seeing these photos of San Diego that accomplish it attending like a absolute apparition town.

It’s weird. Acceptable — because that’s what has to appear to stop the beforehand of coronavirus — but still awe-inspiring to see.

One abode that’s usually arranged but is now mostly bare — Ocean Beach.

O Beacians are accepting acclimated to their new lives afterwards their beaches and waves.

KPBS Anchorman Erik Anderson says that’s not the abandoned affair closed.

SURFER 1 (sea) soq :47

Yellow badge band is a bandage of bound and badge are on duke to accomplish abiding bodies beam the city’s ban on appliance bounded beaches. But beaches aren’t the abandoned things shut down. In Ocean Bank the neighborhood’s abandoned accessible restroom, amidst at the lifeguard tower, is shut down. San Diegan Doug Matson thinks that’s a problem.

Doug Matson, San Diego11:11:34 – 11:11:50 “There’s about a hundred abandoned bodies that adhere out about actuality a lot and I’m aloof apprehensive breadth they’re activity to go to the bathroom. I anticipate we apperceive breadth that’s activity to go. And that’s activity to actualize problems I think.”

People were mostly celebratory the cease today, and there were affluence of badge on duke to admonish them if they got too close.

Erik Anderson KPBS News

San Diego Annual Affairs Continued Abutting Music

Coronavirus annual is affective fast these days.

So, I capital to booty a minute to analysis in with the kpbs annual team…

Today, Erik Anderson is on the breaking covid-19 annual beat..

Erik acknowledge you so abundant for accepting us updated…

So, Erik, the canton is giving circadian updates. And today, it articulate like the basal bulletin was to accumulate on keepin on with our amusing breach right?

Answer TK

And the canton additionally said they apprehend things to get worse afore they get better.

What added takeaways were there from today’s canton updates?

Answer TK

And at the accompaniment level, Governor Gavin Newsom had some acceptable annual for bodies who adeptness be abashed about how they’re activity to accomplish their abutting mortgage acquittal right?

Answer TK

Alright, any added bounded annual we charge accompanying to the communicable adapted now Erik?


Get added abreast advice on KPBS’ animate coronavirus advantage beck online at kpbs org carve coronavirus….


Thanks for alive to San Diego Annual Matters. Adeptness out to the podcast aggregation anytime by texting or calling (619) 452-0228‬ or emailing us at podcasts at kpbs dot org. Thanks.

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