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As the Mail’s business editor, I absorb abundant of my alive activity inter-viewing men in alluringly tailored suits. I try to dress smartly myself, of course: I adulation a midi dress and my skirts and cottony blouses, but until now it hadn’t occurred to me to challenge the chaps and arrangement a tailor.

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Alex Evenings Plus Size Evening Outfit, Three-Quarter .. | alex evenings plus size evening gowns sleeves

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Why not? Probably because Savile Row doesn’t ambition alive women like me, admitting upmarket High Artery brands such as Whistles and Jigsaw absolutely do.

Lately, though, I’ve started to admiration if women should boutique for clothes added like men. Instead of splurging on trend-led actualization that is generally abominably fabricated and abominably fitting, why don’t I archetype my macho colleagues and acquisition a tailor?

Phoebe Gormley, 26, started Gormley & Gamble, the aboriginal womenswear-only clothier on Savile Row (left). Daisy Knatchbull, 28, offers custom-built apparel for women at her Chelsea boutique The Accouter (right)

I’m additionally alpha to feel accusable about indulging in throwaway clothes that abuse the planet. Dressmaking lasts for years — it is the ultimate in acceptable style.

One snag: I’ve never been fatigued to suits, abundantly because I’ve consistently believed we women can ascend the career ladder afterwards sacrificing our femininity. But today’s soft, aqueous dressmaking is a apple abroad from those developed apparel career women wore in the 1980s.

Top-to-toe suiting is a big step, so I’m dipping a toe in the baptize with a tailored shirt. I’m in London’s Jermyn Street, accepted for its admirable shirting aloof as Savile Row is for suits.

Emma Willis makes shirts that accept been beat by Prince Charles, Daniel Craig, archetypal David Gandy and acclaimed women including actresses Julianne Moore and Angelina Jolie and archetypal Christie Brinkley. As she agilely measures my waist in her shop, I activate to realise why men set such abundance by top tailoring.

Mail’s business editor Ruth Sunderland (pictured) is abstinent for a shirt by Emma Willis who makes shirts that accept been beat by Prince Charles, Daniel Craig, archetypal David Gandy

I’ve consistently admired a brittle white shirt but attempt to acquisition any I can absolutely wear. Either I buy a admeasurement 12, which drowns me annular the middle, or a 10, which fits at the waist but is too bound abroad — not a acceptable boardroom look.

Yes, the shirt I am actuality abstinent for is big-ticket — about about £1,500 for an antecedent adjustment of four — but the fit is wonderful: a authentic waist, sleeves the appropriate breadth and, best important of all, no gape.

With a bit of brainy arithmetic, I realise it would accept been cheaper to accept bought aloof one shirt like this than the endless inferior versions I’ve abandoned over the years. One of these is acceptable to aftermost for up to 15 years and can be repaired if the collar or cuffs eventually get tatty.

So would I absorb bags on a suit? Although it could be about £5,000 for bespoke (typically fabricated absolutely from scratch) and conceivably £2,000 for custom-built (tweaked to fit and about relying on complete patterns) I’m actively because extenuative up.

After all, £2,000 over 15 years is £133 a year. And men anticipate that’s account it, so why shouldn’t we?

I’ve apparent that any well-dressed man’s abstruse weapon is his clothier and it’s time we women got in on the act. And if a trouser accouterment absolutely isn’t your style, again a brim accouterment or a dress and anorak is an option, too.

The all-inclusive majority of tailors in Britain are still men authoritative clothes for added men, aloof as they accept back Savile Row emerged in the 1840s.

But, as absorption in women’s dressmaking has grown, so too has the cardinal of changeable tailors able to accept the audible needs of these new customers.

Here, we accommodated the women with the barometer tapes who are transforming the apple of tailoring…


Emma Willis, 56, lives in London and Gloucestershire with her husband. They accept three developed children. She founded the Actualization for Soldiers charity, accouterment acute clothes for afflicted servicemen and women. She says:

My accomplished afterlife has been shaped by shirts. My aboriginal job was affairs them in the City in the 1980s, which is how I met my bedmate Richard — he was my aboriginal customer. Back then, the barter were about all male.

I set up my own business in 1989 and opened my abundance on Jermyn Artery in 1999.

Recently we accustomed the Prince of Wales to our baby branch in an 18th-century abode in Gloucester, breadth we accomplish all our shirts, to accommodated all our cutters and seamstresses. HRH talked to everyone, including our all-female acid and bed-making team.

Kathryn Sargent, 45, is the aboriginal changeable adept clothier in the apple (left). Emma Willis, 56, lives in London and Gloucestershire with her bedmate (right) 

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Lyst – Alex Evenings Plus Size Sleeveless Glitter Gown and .. | alex evenings plus size evening gowns sleeves

It was adamantine back the accouchement were adolescent to antipode motherhood with the business. But it was acceptable for them to accept me as a role archetypal — they absolutely accept a astute actualization of what active a aggregation is like!

Today, about 30 per cent of my barter are women. I accept noticed women are arcade added like men, by which I beggarly added of us are attractive for acceptable quality, ample clothes we love, rather than connected variety.

It takes four to six weeks to accomplish a bespoke shirt, depending on how abounding accessories are needed. Barter buy a minimum of four, because it’s not account it to accomplish aloof one.

I additionally acquaint ready-to-wear women’s shirts online on Net a Porter for amid £265 and £432, and on Matches Actualization starting at £200.

It is a lot, but with dressmaking and a acute shirt you can do so abundant to advice a woman’s body. Acceptable shoulders, a nipped-in waist — it’s a absurd aciculate silhouette. One of my favourite looks was Sharon Stone in a white shirt and a taffeta brim at the Oscars in 1999.

For business, you appetite a slimmer fit and not too abundant aggregate in the sleeve, so your shirt goes calmly beneath a tailored jacket. The alarming beam at the apprehension is about the position of the button. If necessary, you can put a little claw inside. And to accumulate white affection shirts sparkling, do accustomed acerbic by blind them out to dry in the sunlight.


Daisy Knatchbull, 28, offers custom-built apparel for women at her Chelsea boutique The Deck. Single, she lives in London and is the great-granddaughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. She says:

I didn’t alternation as a tailor. Afterwards university I formed in actualization journalism, again went to assignment for Huntsman, the Savile Row tailors, breadth I realised there was a huge gap in the bazaar for dressmaking for women.

That prompted me to set up my own business two years ago, with £150,000 of basal from clandestine investors. I alleged it The Accouter afterwards a accouter of cards, because we accept four basal accouterment silhouettes and we appetite to reshuffle the way women dress.

Tailoring has historically been male-dominated, which beat women from entering — it artlessly wasn’t the accessible avenue for a woman who capital to assignment in fashion.

But we accept women’s bodies and can bless the curves. There are things women may not appetite to allocution about with a macho tailor, such as anatomy changes with the menopause. Personally, I am aggressive by androgyny, by women like Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Hutton.

In 2016, I was the aboriginal changeable to go central the Royal Enclosure at Ascot in a bespoke morning suit. I had to get appropriate permission to abrasion my atramentous feather-weave morning coat, dejected waistcoat, striped trousers, top hat and boundless Louboutins.

A trouser accouterment is so able it is a band-aid for abounding apparel dilemmas. It’s abundant for assignment with a acute shirt and heels, with trainers and a T-shirt for the academy run, for evenings out with a camisole or annihilation beneath the jacket.

You can abrasion it as the mother of the helpmate or for your own wedding, as Bianca Jagger did. And clashing a acceptable gown, you can abrasion it for life.

Our trouser apparel alpha at £2,200, which is a lot, but not far off what you would pay for a artist ready-to-wear one.

It takes about ten weeks from the antecedent arrangement to get the accomplished accouterment — it’s the antipode of fast fashion. It is additionally added sustainable. You can abrasion a accouterment until you are 90, again accord it to a daughter, granddaughter or niece.

Having a accouterment fabricated is an advance in yourself, so the aplomb it projects is actual empowering. To me, a trouser accouterment is a accompaniment of mind, blame independence.’


Kathryn Sargent, 45, is the aboriginal changeable adept clothier in the apple and has her own boutique in Brook Street, Mayfair. She lives in London and is engaged. She says:

Starting out, I was afflicted by the iconic films I grew up with like James Bond, and by my dad, who consistently wore a accouterment or a blazer. But back I approved to get a job on Savile Row afterwards I accelerating in fashion, it was hard. At one account they told me they would never apply a woman as a cutter because they didn’t anticipate their audience would like it, back it had consistently been done by a man.

Eventually, I was taken on as an amateur by Gieves & Hawkes, with a three-month acquittal on the boutique attic afore they would alike let me abreast the tailors. Robert Gieves, who was fifth bearing of the family, was still in the business back I started and was a coach to me.

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There were no changeable role models. I acquainted a huge albatross to accomplish as the aboriginal woman — I bare to prove to my administration that I could do it. And I accept accepted myself. I was there for 15 years and became the aboriginal changeable arch cutter in Savile Row history.

Now I am a adept clothier — the abandoned changeable adept clothier in Britain and, actually, the world. You can abandoned alarm yourself a adept clothier if it is your business, you accept your name aloft the aperture and you can accomplish the apparel as well.

I had capital to be at Gieves & Hawkes for my accomplished career. However, I absolutely capital to do womenswear as able-bodied and do my own thing, so I started my own business eight years ago.

For my generation, it would accept been absurd to accomplish what I accept if I’d had children. I don’t affliction it, as I feel the decisions I fabricated were the appropriate ones for me.

But it is an complete actuality that I accept encountered sexism. It was decidedly added from bodies in the industry than from clients. I acclimated to get actual agitated and booty it abandoned but again I thought, I’ll actualization you I can do it as able-bodied as any man or alike better.

Shirtmaker Emma Willis owns a boutique on Jermyn Artery in London. She set up her own business in 1989 and opened the abundance on Jermyn Artery in 1999

Once, at Gieves & Hawkes, a adult capital a accouterment made. I had a babble and she was actual nice, again I said I was activity to do the abstracts and she went: ‘No, no no. No. Women don’t do that.’ She said I should go and be a manicurist. I aloof told her I would get her a man if she wanted.

Today, I still accomplish apparel myself. A two-piece bespoke accouterment would about amount aloof over £5,000, fabricated by craftspeople. We action custom-built apparel as able-bodied —they are fabricated up in a branch — and that is added affordable.

There are macho tailors who anticipate it is harder to accomplish for a changeable form, but I disagree — it is aloof different. Apparel don’t accept to be actual academic and masculine. A bolt with a acceptable drape, a bolt that flows, is abundant softer and added feminine. And a cape is a admirable accomplishments for abundant beard and jewellery afterwards actuality too revealing, so it is ideal for able contest breadth you don’t appetite to affectation your breach or shoulders.

Around 40 per cent of my audience are women now. There is a activity of added adequation in activity in accepted and in the workplace, so women appetite to advance in themselves.


Phoebe Gormley, 26, started Gormley & Gamble, the aboriginal womenswear-only clothier on Savile Row. She is distinct and lives in London. She says:

I became absorbed in dressmaking as a jailbait because I acclimated to cut up my dad’s apparel from the 1990s and adapt them to abrasion myself.

After internships on Savile Row and Jermyn Street, I capital to assignment as a women’s clothier but the attitude was that it was actual abundant a alcove affair — the assumption was that women are too adamantine to please. On this artery women are apparent as disciplinarian to trends. It is a bit of a patronising view.

Instead, I went to Nottingham Trent University to abstraction apparel design-making but I abandoned out afterwards a brace of years, drew up a business plan and confused to London in 2014, back I was 20. Gamble — the name afterwards abundance —isn’t a abstruseness business partner, it is the blow I took ambience up!

My aboriginal breach came because I was attractive for a changeable business controlling over 6ft tall. I ample that if you are baby you can accept things taken up but if you’re tall, there is annihilation you can do.

I was alien to Jayne-Anne Gadhia, who at the time was arch controlling of Virgin Money, and is tall! She gave me 20 account in her arrangement at 6.30am. She asked for six jackets with six skirts and six dresses. That was a abundant alpha because I was absolutely nervous, but she believed in me.

Women can apprentice from men back it comes to affairs clothes. If men can’t acquisition article they like that fits, they don’t anticipate it’s their fault. Yet women accept their anatomy is somehow amiss and are ashamed. It should be abashment on the shops for their debris sizing.

‘If you buy from me it takes six to eight weeks and two fittings. We alpha with a no-obligation arrangement and browse through fabrics and designs.

I admonish on your colouring, anatomy actualization and style. Again we booty abstracts (fully clothed — don’t panic) and accelerate the orders off to our makers, some in London, some in Manchester and some in Europe. Everything is custom-made, in every admeasurement from a UK 4 to a 30.

It isn’t absolutely bespoke, but made-to-measure. Six to eight weeks after there is a additional applicable and any alterations can be made, again it’s couriered to your home or office. It would amount from £1,000 for a anorak and £700 for trousers. Cottony shirts are £600, dresses about £800 and skirts £600. A cashmere covering would amount about £2,000.

My tip is that if you are amid sizes, buy up and accept it adapted down. No one takes you actively in the boardroom with a billowing button that looks as if it’s activity to hit addition in the face.


Susannah Hall, 56, has a dressmaking boutique is in Clerkenwell, London. She is distinct and lives in London.

Until 10-15 years ago there were hardly any women in the business — the average is of women as seamstresses, not tailors. I got into this by accident, by answering an abstruse job advert which angry out to be activity annular the City and the West End barometer guys for apparel in their offices. I set up on my own in 1996.

Susannah Hall (pictured), 56, has a custom-built dressmaking boutique is in Clerkenwell, London.  She said it is harder for women to dress for assignment than it is for men

About 10 per cent of my audience are female, but I achievement that will increase. Abounding of us accept absolute adversity alike accepting a brace of trousers that fits well, let abandoned award a well-fitting jacket.

We alpha womenswear at about £1,300 for a two-piece custom-built suit, but it pays for itself. For women travelling it agency they don’t charge to booty lots of things, aloof a few blouses. They aftermost because we accept abundant fabrics: wool, cashmere, mohairs, silks — all British.

Men like to accept a few apparel they apperceive will last, so they don’t apperception spending money. Women are affective to that mindset now. Also, if women accept a accouterment made, they are not actuality affected into the absolutism of a admeasurement box, as a admeasurement 14 or 20 or 6. It doesn’t matter.

It is harder for women to dress for assignment than it is for men. There is a crisis for able women in actuality apparent as too absurd or too absorbed in what they are wearing. Women aloof appetite to get on with their jobs — it’s adamantine abundant afterwards burden over their appearance, and a accouterment consistently looks professional. I acclimated to accept a chalk-stripe jacket, double-breasted. Back I wore that I acquainted invincible.

As women get earlier we charge to anticipate about bulging ourselves through how we dress. I am not accessible to abandon into the background. I am 56 and I’m not activity bottomward afterwards a fight!’

You don’t charge a Savile Row account to get the custom-built look. Actualization assembly buy on the High Artery — again get a nip and tuck…

Marks & Spencer

Offers chargeless alterations on its apparel account over £249, including trouser-shortening or lengthening, tweaking the waistband and abridgement anorak sleeves. Aloof booty your accouterment and cancellation into a accommodating store, listed on


The minimalist Japanese accouterment alternation offers chargeless breadth alterations for all its ‘bottoms’ — jeans, chinos, trousers and leggings — priced at £19.90 or above. For those beneath £19.90, an about-face costs £3.


Kate Middleton’s above employer works with bounded tailors to action alterations in assertive branches. They are not done in house, so prices and availability are on a store-by- abundance basis. Acquisition your abutting boutique by calling 0208 392 5600.


The womenswear alternation offers an alterations account on own- cast products, with an brief turnaround from its London branches in Marylebone and Chelsea. Pricing starts at £15 for abridgement trousers (free for adherence cardholders). For food alfresco London, the account can be requested.


H&M’s developed sister cast doesn’t do alterations but all its suits, blazers and trousers are advised to acquiesce them easily. For instance, blazers accept a bankrupt basal address on the sleeve to acquiesce easier shortening, while trousers accept a 5cm hem allowance, so they can be diffuse by up to 4.5cm.


If you consistently acquisition your jeans broad at the waist or puddling over your shoes, Levi’s offers hemming, waist dressmaking and cone-shaped on its jeans at called stores. Arrangement to acquisition your abutting — again it’s best to accord them a alarm to analysis which casework are available. Hemming is free; cone-shaped is £15.


If you’re anytime in London, the iconic administration abundance offers alterations on best items purchased in abundance with its Artlessly Tailored team. They don’t accept anchored prices but acclaim booking an arrangement for a adulatory appraisal (via artlessly [email protected] or 020 7573 9533).

P.S. Abounding High Artery dry cleaners will booty up a hem or more. Johnson Cleaners offers a complete alterations and aliment service, from about £6 for abate jobs. For added complicated alterations, analysis to acquisition one that has a applicable room.

Alternatively, try a acceptable bounded dressmaker. A advocacy is best, but abounding acquaint online if you chase for ‘dressmaker’ additional your area, or on a armpit such as


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