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“Askwali,” one woman shouts.

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Her words trigger a alternation acknowledgment central the abode as an accumulation band of women shouts the aforementioned byword while moving wedding ability into a aback room. 

“Askwali” is how Hopi women say acknowledge you in their Native language. For men, it’s “kwakwhay.”

These words fill the air every day for 10 canicule as dozens of ancestors associates of Kara Honanie and Lester Honanveama work together to host a acceptable Hopi wedding.

“This is one of the ceremonies that we do,” says Watson Honanie, ancestor of the bride. “This is all Hopi history.”

The bride, Kara, is from Hotevilla and the groom, Lester, is from Moenkopi. Both villages are on the Hopi Nation in the northeastern allotment of Arizona.

The brace has been calm for 15 years, and Kara says she never advised accepting affiliated in a Western way; she consistently knew she’d accept a acceptable Hopi wedding.

“It’s a lifetime commitment, memorable and it was nice to accept ancestors acquisition from the alpha to the end,” she adds. “We all formed hard, and did what we could.”

The Honanie ancestors invited The Arizona Republic to attestant the 10-day event, commonly a actual clandestine affair, and allotment their traditions in argument and photo. 

The Hopi Tribe is a absolute nation with added than 13,000 citizens whose catch occupies allotment of Coconino and Navajo counties, and it is fabricated up of 12 villages on three mesas, according to the tribe’s website.

Having a acceptable Hopi bells is not easy. It takes a lot of assignment from both abandon of the ancestors and their relatives.

“It’s article that you should be appreciative of for the blow of your life,” says Sarah Honanie, mother of the bride. “This is a absolute accurate Hopi way of life, this marriage. Nowadays there is not a lot of this. I apperceive 10 years from now it’ll be different.”

The bells date is best by the bride’s family. It took the Honanie ancestors two years to plan because they allegation to accord themselves abundant time to adapt all the corn, ability and food needed for the wedding.

Preparation started when the Honanie ancestors buried blue, white and candied blah in their fields. They afresh harvested hundreds of blah leaves, blah crust and aerial of blah to be stored abroad for the wedding.

“You accept to accept blah to get affiliated in Hopi,” Sarah says. “If you don’t accept corn, I don’t apperceive how you’ll do it.”

The blah leaves and blah crust are acclimated to accomplish the acceptable Hopi candied dejected blah aliment alleged somiviki. The aliment is fabricated using blue corn, juniper ashes, amoroso and baking water. The chef is afresh formed in the leaves or bark and steamed. 

Tiah Honanie, the bride’s sister, carries a tray of pies to be broiled in the alfresco oven on March 21, 2019, in Hotevilla, Arizona. Mark Henle/The Republic

From August to aboriginal December of 2018, the Honanie ancestors able the blah for the wedding. Blah is shelled, cleaned, ashamed and cooked, all by hand. Afterward, they booty the adapted blah to be arena at a mill. 

The cornmeal is acclimated for affable and accustomed as a allowance to the groom’s ancestors in several 20-gallon tin debris cans abounding to the top.

“Everything is from the fields and with your hands. It’s adamantine assignment to adapt all this stuff,” Sarah says. “Everything is done with prayers.”

After the corn, the piki aliment is made. Piki aliment is a agenda dejected blah aliment adapted over a blaze application a bean cooktop. Every day, from December to mid-February, they accomplish piki bread. The final artefact fills more than 85 medium-sized agenda boxes.

By the alpha of March, they are ready.


The acceptable article acclimated by the Honanie ancestors at the bells accept been anesthetized bottomward for generations. Aback Sarah got married, her mother told her to accumulate notes, so she’d be accessible for both of her daughters’ weddings.

“This is all from my mom’s history,” she says. “It’s a lot of work. It’s been handed bottomward bearing to generation.”

The bells is planned for March 19 to March 28, because Sarah’s bells was additionally in March. Her added daughter was affiliated in March 2014.

Kara eats breakfast with her abutting mother-in-law, Gloria Phillips (right) on March 22, 2019. Mark Henle, Mark Henle/The Republic

On the morning of March 19, Kara gets accessible to biking the 46 afar from her home in Hotevilla to Moenkopi, breadth she will breach with her ancestors for several days.

Everything the helpmate wears during her bells is borrowed. Kara advisers her sister’s bells manta, a atramentous one-shoulder textile dress, as able-bodied as three capes, provided by her mom and aunts.

Her beard is combed by her aunts and anchored into the Hopi butterfly coil hairstyle, two ample buns askance up on anniversary side, application her mother’s beard ties fabricated out of atramentous sheep wool. Afterwards she’s ready, her uncles accord her a pep allocution and offer cornmeal for encouragement.

“We all did our allotment and afresh she was led out the aperture with cornmeal,” Sarah says.

Kara travels to her in-law’s abode in Moenkopi, breadth she stays for nine days.

The breadth of the bells varies, depending on how continued it takes for the bride’s white bells apparel to be completed. One ample and one average bathrobe is handwoven by the uncles of the groom’s family. Sarah’s bells lasted nearly a month.

Weaving starts on the first day of the wedding, aback the helpmate arrives at her in-law’s house, and she stays until they’re completed, so she can wear them on her acknowledgment adventure home.

It’s the groom’s albatross to advice accumulate the abstracts bare for the bathrobe and the reeds for the bells attache she’ll use to backpack the robe. They are both fabricated central the Kiva, a acceptable anatomy congenital underground and acclimated for ceremonies by the Hopi people.

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The helpmate is amenable for cutting blah and advancing commons for the ancestors and ancestors as she waits for the aberrant to be completed. The blah cutting is done by hand, application two cutting stones.

Kara Honanie grinds blah on March 22, 2019, in Moenkopi, Arizona. She was amenable for advancing commons for the groom’s ancestors and ancestors while she backward at her in-laws’ house. Mark Henle/The Republic

On the fourth day, bodies accumulate at the groom’s ancestors home.

By the end of the day, the abode will accept mud splattered beyond the advanced aperture and addled handprints will be anointed beyond the windows. No one is agitated by the addled blend because abounding had a duke in it.

This is how it starts.

Walking abaft a Hopi badge car, dozens of the groom’s changeable relatives march up the clay alley with determination.

Over the bawl of the badge siren, the women can be heard whooping or yelling. A few alike shout, “Run, Kara!” as they walk.

Many wear baseball caps with accoutrement and agenda binding angry to them. Some backpack buckets abounding of mud, and others hold up agenda signs.

A Hopi badge agent leads dozens of ancestors to Lester Honanveama’s ancestors home for a mud action on March 22, 2019, in Moenkopi, Arizona. Mark Henle/The Republic

“Kara did not carapace her own corn. Did not ablution her corn. Did not accomplish her own kwiptosi. So, go home!” one reads. Kwiptosi is a acceptable Hopi basin fabricated from white corn.

Piled calm in advanced of the house, the women from the groom’s ancestors taunt the abutting women. Then, the aboriginal abundance of mud is thrown, and the women scream as they are attacked with added mud. The air bound fills with shrieks, laughter and mud.

It’s a affliction and antic allotment of a acceptable Hopi wedding that shows the mother-in-law and the blow of the ancestors that they affliction for Lester, Sarah says. It’s usually a action amid the women from the groom’s ancestors and added relatives.

The action is all in acceptable fun, but that doesn’t stop the women from aggressively accoutrement bodies with mud. They stick their duke in the brazier of mud and boost it into the face of their targets. Aback they run out of the mud in their buckets, they scrape it from their face or beard and throw it.

“You too,” one adult yells as she shoves mud in another’s face.

During the fight, best of the men watch from the sidelines and cheer, including the groom. That was until one of the women from the mud angry army spots him; he is bound surrounded.

“Hey. Hey,” the added men say as the woman start to advance Lester with mud. Lester alone action and smiles, authoritative no attack to stop them. His ancestors pushes the women aback for him.

“You guys attending ridiculous,” one man yells at the women mud fighting.

“That’s not what Lester says,” a woman retorts, causing anybody to laugh.

Lester’s ancestors can’t authority off the accumulation of women for long. Soon he is surrounded already afresh by several women, anniversary of them advance their duke advanced to awning him with mud.

Bunny Coriz (the groom’s dad) is covered in mud during the mud fight. Mark Henle/The Republic

When the action dies down, the army separates and a bawl erupts from the women in the groom’s ancestors who angle in advanced of the house. The accumulation of women walking aback bottomward the alley responds with a growl, bringing the mud action to an end.

There is arresting affirmation of the action afterwards — mud cakes the women’s hair and splatters across their jeans. A bulk of agenda signs lean against the abode and clutter the arena with words all aimed at the bride.

“Nothin’ messes up your Friday like award out Kara’s activity to be your mewii,” one assurance reads. Mewii is the Hopi chat for a changeable in-law. Added affliction from the aunties in the groom’s family.

The ancestors can’t ablution the mud off the abode afterwards the fight. They accept to await on the rain to do it for them.

Later in the evening, afterwards anybody cleans off the mud, they gather in advanced of the abode and watch a band of cartage boring drive up the mesa.

It’s a attitude for the bride’s ancestors to biking from their apple to the groom’s home with aliment and gifts. The Honanie ancestors collection 46 afar with trucks full of cornmeal, Dejected Bird flour, pastries and piki bread.

The bulk accustomed is bent by Gloria Phillips, the groom’s mother, and it will be handed out to bodies who helped during the wedding. The groom’s ancestors keeps a abundant account of anybody who donated and helped. Anybody on that account receives some of the aliment and gifts.

“We alone accomplish it and booty it,” Sarah says.

Lester Honanveama (left) and others unload Dejected Bird flour. The men formed a assignment band and confused the appurtenances central the house. Mark Henle/The Republic

The cartage stop down the alley from the groom’s ancestors home. This is breadth Sarah, captivated in a aphotic dejected shawl, will agilely advance a alternation of women up the clay road, anniversary one captivation a agenda box abounding of piki bread.

Halfway up the road, she’s met by the affiliated accoutrements of the aunties from the mud action blocking them from affective forward. It’s another anatomy of teasing.

“This is a checkpoint. Open up your boxes,” a adult says.

Sarah Honanie stops briefly as the women gather in advanced of her. She inches forward, causing the women to laugh and drag to breach in formation. She moves forward again.

“Get away,” Sarah says before moving accomplished them with the band of women abaft her.

As she approaches the house, Sarah and the women are met with a aural “askwali” and “kwakwhay.”

Sarah is greeted by Gloria at the aperture and led into the house. Added women central shout “askwali” as anniversary box goes inside. Sixty-eight agenda boxes, the admeasurement of those abounding with aftermath at a supermarket, of piki aliment aregiven to the family.

The men gather in advanced of the abode and wave in one agent at a time to unload. They form a assignment band and move the appurtenances central the house. Nearly 30 cartage are unloaded.

The Honanie family’s addition brings the day’s bells activities to an end. The ancestors active central and shares a meal with all who helped.

As night avalanche on the fourth day of the wedding, March 22, 2019, the red bean abode has mud splattered beyond the advanced aperture and handprints on the windows Mark Henle/The Republic

Hours afore the sun rises on the fifth day, both mothers get to assignment in the kitchen. They start ripping up yucca basis into two turquoise-colored ablution bins on the attic in the average of the kitchen. The abode is quiet as the ancestors works.

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The yucca is acclimated to ablution the couple’s hair. Aback yucca basis is alloyed with baptize it turns into a accustomed shampoo. Sarah says Hopi bodies acclimated it in the old days, and the attitude continues.

The brazier is abounding a division of the way with baptize and the yucca basis is rubbed calm to accomplish it soapy. Ancestors associates pile into the kitchen breadth to watch, as others angle in the active room, tiptoeing over anniversary added to see.

“This is declared to be the actual important thing, starting your activity as a couple,” Watson says. “Washing of the beard is like accepting them married.”

On the fifth day of the wedding, March 23, 2019, Sarah Honanie (in the blooming sweater) mixes yucca basis with water, while Gloria Phillips (top left) takes Kara’s beard down. Mark Henle/The Republic

Kara sits agilely on the armchair to the ancillary watching as her mother moves her easily through the water. Her beard is still up in the butterfly whorls. Her mother-in-law starts to booty her beard down. This will be the aftermost time Kara wears her beard in the appearance because it is beat alone by bachelor Hopi women.

When the bubbling baptize is ready, the ancestors allows other ancestors to add baptize to the bins. Ancestors associates line up with little containers of baptize they got from the bounded spring. One by one, they add their own baptize to the bin as a way of absolution the marriage.

The helpmate stands barefoot in advanced of one ablution bin, still dressed in her manta, with her beard bottomward and falling accomplished her shoulders. The benedict stands abutting to her on the left, cutting jeans and a T-shirt, his beard aloof almost extensive his ears. The brace kneels on pillows in advanced of the bins. Aback they lean over, Lester’s mother washes Kara’s beard and Kara’s mother washes Lester’s hair, as is the custom.

“He became my son, we accustomed him as my son,” Sarah says. The aforementioned goes for Kara; aback her mother-in-law washes her hair, she is accustomed as her daughter.

The couple’s beard is done for about 20 minutes in silence. Only the complete of the baptize decrepit aback into the bin and affable commands from the mothers is heard throughout the house. Then, the couple’s hair is intertwined and done together, bonding them in alliance and blame their union as bedmate and wife.

“This is breadth you get bonded, you become the best acquaintance of anniversary other,” Watson says. “You ablution your beard together, so you’ll be calm for the blow of your life.”

For the Hopi people, there is no divorce, he adds. Alike in death, they’ll still be married.

After the couple’s beard is done together, the mothers allure ancestors associates to ablution the couple’s hair. Ancestors band up, scoop up bubbling baptize and put it on the couple’s head.

After the beard washing, Sarah took Lester alfresco to ablution him. Inside, Kara accustomed a agnate ablution from her mother-in-law. Mark Henle/The Republic

Once the beard abrasion is done, Sarah takes her son-in-law outside to the aback of the abode breadth addition ablution bin is set up. The sun still has not appear up. The street lamp is the alone antecedent of ablaze as anybody huddles around the bin.

Lester undresses until he is only cutting a brace of abbreviate cuts. He squats down in the ablution bin, beef rising off his bark from the hot baptize as his mother-in-law and the added women ablution him. Kara receives a agnate ablution central the house, her mother-in-law abrasion just her accoutrements and legs.

“She belongs to them forever, aloof like Lester is consistently activity to accord to us, no amount what,” Sarah says.

After the bath, Lester is wrapped in a acceptable absolute and taken aback into the house. The brace is then absolved alfresco to the advanced of the abode by Lester’s mother.

Wrapped in shawls, Lester and Kara angle captivation white cornmeal in their appropriate easily and adverse east. Their beard still damp, the anew affiliated couple sprinkles white cornmeal against the ascent sun to absolve the marriage, bringing the bells commemoration to an end.

After the bath, the brace was absolved alfresco to the advanced of the abode breadth they brindled white cornmeal against the ascent sun to absolve the marriage, bringing the bells commemoration to an end. Mark Henle/The Republic


After the bells ceremony, anybody splits up to work. Central the house, the women cook, clean, feed guests, and accept and track donations.

Outside, the women set up shop to accomplish somivik. Under a ample canopy, tables and benches are lined up on the ancillary as dozens of women work together to accomplish hundreds of pieces of candied cornbread.

As anniversary sheep was butchered, a accumulation of women bankrupt the belly so they could be adapted and served the abutting day. Mark Henle/The Republic

Farther abaft the abode is the annihilation area, with a board afford and poles set up to adhere the meat. Men gather as one sheep at a time is brought in.

Nine sheep are butchered, and a accumulation of women takes allegation of charwoman the guts so they can be cooked.

The abode bursts with activity from anybody working, talking, bedlam and socializing. Aliment is served all day, and anyone who steps inside the abode is encouraged to eat.

Inside the kitchen, several tables are set up. One table is covered in food, including Hopi delicacies like sheep arch and intestines, and pikami, a candied pudding.

Kara works with her mother-in-law and makes the admixture bare for piki bread. She mixes it in a piki bowl, a acceptable Hopi ceramics bowl, application a continued board stick. Already the bond is complete, she goes to her mother-in-law’s piki house. 

It is  a small, one-room abode congenital anon abaft the capital house, solely dedicated to affable piki bread. In the corner, there is a bean baker top set up application artery and mud. 

Kara (left) and Eva Iomawaima accomplish the admixture bare for piki bread. Piki aliment is a agenda dejected blah aliment adapted over a blaze application a bean baker top. Mark Henle/The Republic

Kara sits in a armchair with a anhydrate over her lap. She uses her feel to booty a bit of sheep academician from a artificial basin and spreads it beyond the bean with a cloth. The academician serves as grease.

Using her appropriate hand, she scoops up some of the wet piki mixture and smears a attenuate band beyond the stone, beef ascent with every swipe. She starts from the top and in a annexation motion moves down to the basal until an even, thin band is advance on the stone.

Kara’s godmother and aunt sit with her as she makes the bread. They offer tips, add more copse to the blaze below the bean and chat in Hopi. 

When it cooks through, Kara peels the achromatic dejected paperlike aliment boring off the stone, so it won’t break. She cooks three layers of the piki aliment and endless them on top of one addition afore folding it into a square-like appearance for a complete allotment of piki bread.

Kara takes four pieces central the capital abode to be placed on the aliment table. She afresh sits bottomward to eat breakfast with her mother-in-law.

Kara waits for her auntie to accord her a bit of sheep brains, which serves as grease to advice baker the piki. Mark Henle/The Republic

Afterward, her mother-in-law fixes her hair. It’s ancient into the Hopi style for married women: beard afar bottomward the middle, angry to the ancillary application yarn. Her sideburns are afresh cut beeline across.

“That’s the brand aback they cut the beard on the side,” Sarah says. “So, whenever Kara should canyon away, bottomward there about they’ll see her, admit her because it’s like they branded her. She’s consistently activity to accord to that family.”

Toward the end of the day, the groom’s ancestors starts to duke out ability to the ancestors who helped with the wedding. They separate the cornmeal, sacks of abrade and baked goods.

In an accumulation line, added than a dozen women angle at the advanced aperture of the abode to advice duke out gifts. One by one, the women are handed sacks of abrade with a name on it, a artificial bag with cornmeal and a box abounding of aliment like pie, cake, accolade and somiviki.

Each woman is accustomed a name of the person to bear the ability to and acicular in the accepted administration of breadth they ability be. They deliver the ability to cartage anchored about the abode or knock on the aperture of a abode bottomward the street. Already the ability are delivered, they line back up to do it again.

The groom’s ancestors duke out cornmeal, abrade and broiled appurtenances to the ancestors who helped with the bells on March 24, 2019. Mark Henle/The Republic

On the clear, brilliant morning of March 28, the final day of the wedding, ancestors and ancestors gather at the Honanie home in Hotevilla to prepare for Kara’s return. 

Kara’s dad, Watson, and her uncles sit in the active room, chatting as they alcohol atramentous coffee from baby Styrofoam cups. Her mother and aunts are preparing the aliment and dining area, accessible to serve anybody afterwards her return.

“She’s coming!” a little babe shouts. 

Wearing a atramentous manta and a white cape, Kara absolved up the alley captivation the conjugal suitcase. Abaft her, Lester agitated a butchered sheep on March 28, 2019, in Hotevilla, Arizona. Mark Henle/The Republic

Everyone rushes outside, acquisition in advanced of the abode to watch as Kara walks across the village.

Wearing a atramentous manta, covered by a white cape, Kara walks up the clay alley in her white buckskin moccasins captivation the acceptable conjugal attache of alloyed reeds formed about her bells sash, a ample bells bathrobe and four pieces of blah for anniversary direction. Yellow blah to the west. Dejected blah to the south. Red blah to the east. White blah to the north. The tassels from the bandage adhere out from the side, anniversary aigrette symbolizing rain.

Walking abaft her, Lester carries a afresh butchered sheep on his accept and is followed by his ancestors accustomed ability and a pot of bouillon for the Honanie family.

“That’s what the ancestors do, they accompany meat to your abode on every occasion,” Sarah says.

Kara’s ancestors appropriately greets her at the house; some take photos, others move back so she can go inside. Kara hands her bells attache to her mother, who passes it to Watson.

After unpacking Kara’s attache and agreement the capacity on a bank of sand, Lester and Kara’s uncles smoked abundance tobacco to absolve the clothes and blah that was brought in with the suitcase. Mark Henle/The Republic

Kara’s bells attache stays at her mother’s abode afterwards the wedding, and it’s displayed abutting to her mother’s and sister’s cases. “I looked at it and it fabricated me so happy,” Sarah says. “We accept all the community that a Hopi woman would have.”

Watson takes the attache to the bend of the active allowance and starts to ameliorate it. He places all its capacity on a bank of sand. Watson, Kara’s uncles and her bedmate sit about the being and pull out their pipes to smoke abundance tobacco. The men smoke to absolve the clothes and blah that were brought in with the attache because they are all brand-new.

As white smoke fills the room, the women form a band beyond the active allowance and start passing bottomward the ability accustomed to Kara’s ancestors from her in-laws.

The ability go to a allowance in the aback of the house, and the sacks of Dejected Bird abrade are ample forth a bank in the active room. Already the ability are brought in, anybody gathers at the tables set up in the dining and active allowance to accept a feast.

After anybody is done eating, the women start to accomplish the final accumulation of somiviki for the groom’s family. 

Once the ability were brought in, anybody aggregate at the tables set up in the dining and active allowance to accept a feast. Mark Henle/The Republic

When Kara absolved through the village, Sarah said she created a path. Since her babe intends on actual in Hotevilla, she said she charge acknowledgment to her in-law’s in Moenkopi with somiviki to abolish it. The pot they ample is the one the groom’s ancestors brought the bouillon over in.

In amid authoritative the somiviki, Kara’s changeable ancestors get to try on all her new bells apparel for fun. Sarah says it was a way to appearance acknowledgment for all the adamantine assignment that was put into authoritative them.

By that evening, Kara and her ancestors put the pot abounding of afresh fabricated somiviki into the aback of the truck. They booty the aforementioned aisle aback to her mother-in-law’s home in Moenkopi. Kara intends on active in Hotevilla with her husband, so this cruise erases her beforehand path and signifies the end of the wedding.

Reporter Shondiin Silversmith covers Indigenous bodies and communities in Arizona. Reach her at [email protected] and chase her Twitter @DiinSilversmith.

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Kara is hugged by her auntie, Tresa Sufkie. Kara and Lester and their ancestors had banquet at Denny’s in Tuba City afterwards the 10-day bells concluded on March 28, 2019. Mark Henle/The Republic

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