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One of the best absorbing and activity-filled areas of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Bank Market, the abode you appointment in Affiliate 9. There are side-quests and mini-games here, as able-bodied as a accomplished agglomeration of collectibles, weapons, and added things to find.

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We’ve gone over every inch of Bank Bazaar to advice you acquisition aggregate it hides. Our adviser will advice you alleviate all the side-quests–including some hidden ones–and accomplish the best of your time in Sector 6’s red-light district.

Check out the draft of our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides so you don’t absence a distinct abstruse or collectible. You can additionally apprehend our FF7 Remake review.

Head into Aerith’s adjustment and accumulate blame forward. You’ll action a few enemies you’ve apparent before, and afresh hit one alleged the Sweeper Prototype. This affair is anemic adjoin Lightning attacks, but watch out–once you hit it for a assertive bulk of damage, it’ll go berserk. Aback that happens, focus on spells and Punisher accident to beating it out of its binge and ample its alternate meter.

Just ahead, you’ll booty a ladder down. Analysis the bend beside it for a chest with two hi-potions.

Right afterwards angry three Terpsicolts, attending for a admission branch bottomward on the east ancillary of the area. Chase it bottomward to a aqueduct beneath the artery and a chest, which contains 1,000 gil.

The aisle will breach ahead, and you’ll allegation to arch up the admission to acquisition controls for the big apprentice duke aloof ahead, in adjustment to ameliorate the path.

Use the duke to aces up the burden alembic and move it to the right, so that it makes a aisle with the copse aisle nearby, which has a Binding materia on it. Aback Aerith active down, aces her up and abode her on the burden container. She’ll run over and grab the materia for you. Afresh abode her up by the ladder to attainable the aisle forward. Aback you bead bottomward the ladder into the area, analysis abaft the bank breadth you aboriginal confused the burden alembic to acquisition a chest with a mega-potion.

Up the added ladder, accomplish abiding you advance all the way south on this aisle to acquisition a automat apparatus that contains the Cosmo Canyon Music Disc.

Fight through Beck and his bandits–they’re anemic to Fire, but not abnormally difficult–until you get to the abutting apprentice arm section. There’s addition materia, this one a Magnify, you can grab by affective the aboriginal alembic up and to the appropriate to accomplish a aisle to it, afresh bottomward Aerith off on top.

To attainable the aisle forward, abode the crate you acclimated to get the materia in the chicken box on the larboard ancillary of the area. About-face apprentice accoutrements with Triangle, afresh grab the added alembic from the copse aisle and assemblage it on top of the aboriginal one. About-face aback to the aboriginal arm and aces up Aerith. Bead her off on the ample crates, about-face arms, and afresh backpack her over to the aisle with the ladder.

After a quick cutscene, analysis the southeast bend of the breadth for a little adit that leads to a chest with an ether inside.

Outside the gates to Bank Market, afterwards talking to the chocobo driver, analysis the arctic end of the breadth for a chest with a archetype down.

This affiliate will accommodate several side-quests, some of which are alone attainable if you accomplish assertive choices forth the way. You’ll allegation to get both altered sets of missions to complete the “Best in the Business” Trophy and the “Dressed to the Nines” Trophy, but it’ll crave abiding to Affiliate 9 application the Affiliate Select card that becomes attainable already you accomplishment the game.

The two sets of side-quests are broadly either accumbent with Chocobo Sam or with Madam M. To get the Chocobo Sam quests (“The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies”), accede with Johnny at the Honeybee Inn, accept active or cape at the bread toss, and accept the “poor man’s” advantage for 100 gil at Madam M’s. You can additionally allocution to Johnny’s dad in the inn and abreast the Corneo Colosseum.

To get Madam M’s side-quests (“Price of Thievery” and the “Shears’ Counterattack”) disagree with Johnny at the Honey Bee Inn (or don’t chase him there), accept not to comedy at the bread toss, and accept the “luxury” advantage for 3,000 gil at Madam M’s. You’ll additionally appetite to abstain talking to Johnny’s dad central the inn or in advanced of the Corneo Colosseum.

If you mix and bout your responses, the side-quests you accept will be based on whichever set of answers you advantaged most. So antagonistic with Johnny, but calling the bread bung and allotment the poor man’s beating will still get you Chocobo Sam’s quests.

The draft of this adviser follows the Chocobo Sam slate of side-quests, aback these assume to action added generally if you allocution to anybody and do aggregate in Bank Market. Analysis the end of the breadth for a briefing of the Madam M side-quests. Note that afterwards you accomplishment the absolute bold once, you can use the new Affiliate Select card to acknowledgment to Affiliate 9 and accomplish new choices to complete the added side-quests.

Inside the market, abstain into the Item Boutique to buy the Honeybee Inn Music Disc. On the south ancillary of the street, you can admission an Inn; analysis central the allowance beyond from the bath for a chest absolute an adrenaline. Go bottomward the alleyway on the west ancillary of the inn, branch south, to acquisition a jukebox absolute the Beneath The Rotting Pizza Music Disc. Accumulate activity south from the jukebox to the end of the aisle to acquisition a abundance chest with a celeris inside.

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Find Chadley to the west of the Item Boutique to get some new Action Intel contracts, including one to get a new arouse from a VR battle: Fat Chocobo.

Fighting Fat Chocobo is a accomplished lot easier than Shiva, but you still allegation to accumulate your experience about you. The arouse animal doesn’t accept any aloft weaknesses, so you’ll aloof appetite to hit it with your toughest attacks and spells. The best way to burden Fat Chocobo is with ATB abilities, like Cloud’s Braver and Focused Thrust. Go with the ones you like best and that accord the better damage, while accepting Aerith accumulate up a array of spells, and accumulate beating at Fat Chocobo in an advance to alternate him.

Fat Chocobo his aback with concrete attacks, so if you accept Barrier materia, use it to assure your squad. His Wark advance has him throwing accidental debris at you, which you can calmly avoid. Aback you get in close, watch out for Boom, in which he ancestor up into the air and drops aback bottomward for a big area-of-effect strike. Afterwards a bit, he’ll alpha rolling about with Roly Poly, which you can contrivance bright of if you’re quick.

Meanwhile, the moogle that floats about with Fat Chocobo will occasionally arouse ashen enemies to arise afterwards you–specifically, Bombs and Tonberries. Beating these out bound if you can with article like Triple Strike, or let Aerith handle them with her abracadabra while you accumulate up your advance on Fat Chocobo. You’ll occasionally appetite to about-face to Aerith to acceleration her ATB accretion for healing spells, abnormally if Cloud gets walloped with a few of Fat Chocobo’s big attacks.

When you get a chance, arouse Ifrit or Shiva into the action to approaching burden Fat Chocobo–the added into the action you get, the added beloved enemies will get spawned in to add to your battle. They shouldn’t bother you too much, but if you’re award yourself demography a lot of damage, bark off and booty a added to accord with them afore abiding your focus to the boss.

Take the stairs aloof east of Chadley all the way to the top to acquisition a chest with an borsch inside. From Chadley, arch arctic up a flight of stairs. Allocution to the woman in the cowboy hat to get the Farm Boy Music Disc. Go about the bend and bottomward some stairs from there, to the south, and hug the western bank to acquisition a attenuated street; chase it to its end to acquisition a Barrier materia on the ground.

When you’ve explored the arctic end of town, arch adjoin the Weapon Boutique in the south. You’ll see Johnny from Sector 7 run by. Chase him aback to the Honey Bee Inn in the northwest bend of Bank Bazaar for a quick scene.

Heading aback south adjoin the Weapon Shop, abstain into the gym on the west ancillary of the artery and attending in the aback allowance for a chest absolute a Headband accessory.

Cross the artery and go into the architecture on the east ancillary to acquisition a guy accomplishing karaoke. Allocution to him and he’ll accord you the Midgar Blues Music Disc. Advanced at the Weapon Shop, you’ll acquisition Hardedge, a new brand for Cloud.

Keep affective south and you’ll atom Don Corneo’s estate. Afore you cantankerous the bridge, about-face appropriate adjoin the west to acquisition a chest with 1,200 gil inside. As you admission the advanced door, go about the bend to the east to acquisition addition chest absolute an ether. Aback you’ve got everything, go inside.

Return to the admission to Bank Bazaar to allocution to the aboriginal affiliate of the Trio: Chocobo Sam. As you admission him, analysis on Johnny, sitting appropriate in the admission to Bank Market. Note that your acknowledgment to the bread bung will affect which side-quests you get: Allotment active or cape will advance you adjoin the Chocobo Sam set (“The Party Goes All Night” and “Dynamite Bodies”), while allotment not to comedy will advance you adjoin the Madam M set (“The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack”).

When you’re done with him, arch to Honeybee Inn. You’ll assuredly allegation to go to the arctic to allocution to Madam M, afresh aback south to the Colosseum. At the basal of the elevator, use the bank and automat apparatus to prepare, afresh go into the abutting cat-and-mouse allowance to acquisition Johnny. You can additionally try the “Mystery Drink” begin on the bend of the table afore you go.

The Beastmaster and his bouncer dogs aren’t too difficult to accord with if you accent the dogs first. Note that they’ll balk abracadabra spells, but are anemic to Ice magic, so if you can animate Cloud’s brand with an Ice basal strike, you’ll accept an edge. The dogs hit hard, so be attainable with Cura and Barrier spells to assure yourself. Focus blaze on one of the dogs until it’s down, afresh hit the other, application ATB attacks like Triple Bang to advance the accident around. Accomplishment off the Beastmaster already his pets are bottomward to win the fight.

You walloped Beck and his Badasses in Aerith’s adjustment on the way to Bank Market, but there are added of them this time. All the enemies are attainable to Blaze spells and attacks. Try to focus on application Cloud’s attacks that hit lots of enemies at once, including Triple Slash, to try to beating out lots of enemies quickly. Watch out for the electric mines Beck’s men will leave on the ground, which can amaze you and booty you out of the fight. Accumulate Aerith focused on healing and you should be able to best all eight combatants.

You’ve fought Sweepers and Cutters before, so this action shouldn’t be all that difficult. You’ll appetite to aces one of the robots and focus on bringing it down. The Cutter is the bigger threat, so go afterwards its accoutrements first; accept Aerith blaze off able spells while Cloud uses ATB abilities on the accoutrements to accession the Cutter’s alternate meter. Focus on crippling the apprentice by breaking bottomward its accoutrements to abbreviate what affectionate of accident it can do to you, and accumulate bright aback it starts to rampage–use Aerith to hit it with a spell and calm it down.

When the Cutter’s dealt with, focus aggregate on the Sweeper. Spells will abate it up, acceptance you to get in close, alternate it, and put it bottomward with Punisher attacks.

The Hell Abode is a boxy fight, so accomplish abiding you’re prepared. Advance abracadabra materia amid Cloud and Aerith so you accept spells accoutrement all four elements: Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning. It’s additionally a acceptable abstraction to abolish Basal materia from your weapons for this fight. You allegation a antithesis of elements because the Hell Abode will consistently change its basal affinity, application a barrier that will avert it from your attacks. That agency that if you’re application Basal materia and the amiss barrier is up, your concrete attacks will be useless, putting you at a big disadvantage. You additionally appetite to accompany affluence of ethers to this fight.

At the alpha of the fight, watch the Hell House’s windows. Aback they’re red, the house’s barrier is acquainted to Fire; blooming is Wind; chicken is Lightning; and dejected is Ice. You appetite to casting spells of the adverse blazon of whatever the barrier is in adjustment to run up the Hell House’s alternate meter–so if the barrier is Fire, use Ice, and if it’s Wind, use Lightning, and so on.

In the aboriginal phase, the abode will cast atomic appliance and toys at you, so breach able-bodied back. The Chair Salvo advance will barrage a agglomeration of chairs that will clue you like missiles, but you can abstain them adequately able-bodied if you aloof run about the amphitheatre and try to accumulate moving. Aback the abode sprays out blimp animals, breach bright of them–they’re all bombs. And aback it uses its Hospitality attack, try to run away; it’ll blot one of your characters into the house, demography them out of the action briefly while inflicting a agglomeration of damage. If you can hit the abode with a spell adverse its barrier during that attack, do so.

The aboriginal appearance isn’t too boxy if you accept the abracadabra to accord with it. Afterwards the abode takes some damage, it’ll cast to a abundant added advancing added phase. You’ll get beneath breach of the house’s barrier from actuality on out; what abracadabra to hit it with will be dictated by its attacks, which you can arrest with the appropriate spells. Accumulate aback from its Jetstream attack, in which the abode will circuit about and aerosol fire, afresh use Ice. Do the aforementioned for the Double Rocket Allegation attack, breadth the abode will shoot itself beeline at you–run to the ancillary to abstain the aboriginal charge, but apperceive that the abode will chase up with two more. The Housing Shock advance will see the abode block you about to do electrical damage, so try to hit it with Wind. Renewed Hospitality is a Wind attack, so use Lightning.

The boxy allotment of this fight, really, is ambidextrous with God Abode Mode. The abode will actualize a barrier for itself that acutely reduces both concrete and bewitched attacks and isn’t angry to an element. Aback that happens, change targets to the Hell House’s accoutrements and focus fire. A brace of big spells from Aerith or ATB attacks from Cloud should be abundant to accident the abode and bead the barrier, aperture it up for your approved slate of attacks. You’ll absolutely allegation to be on your toes for this one, though; as anon as the barrier is down, hit the Hell Abode with whatever spell will alternate it best based on its window color, aback you accept a abrupt aeon afterwards God Mode drops breadth you can get a big addition on stagger.

This action will put you through your paces because it’ll crave you to be attainable with the appropriate spell at the appropriate time, but it additionally makes charging your ATB meters difficult as you accord with the barriers. Aback you do get a big hit with the appropriate element, abutting the gap with Cloud for Punisher attacks and ATB abilities in adjustment to run up as abundant alternate as you can. Aloft all, though, be accurate about befitting your aggregation alive; don’t be abashed to use a lot of items and healing spells here, because you’re activity to allegation them.

In the aftermost phase, Hell Abode will add an advance alleged Heavensward, breadth it’ll fly about the battlefield, cutting added chairs and added explosives at you. If you accumulate moving, you should be able to abstain the missiles, but eventually the abode will shoot itself aback bottomward at you. You’ll accept a abrupt window afore it hits it with a spell, if you can acreage it, so pay absorption and get your ATB confined answerable advanced of time.

After winning, you can now acknowledgment to the Colosseum to action added battles to acquire rewards. If you beggarly to go through the Colosseum fights at any point, booty a moment to bright the two Aerith-specific fights: Aerith vs. Wild Animals and Aerith vs. Shinra Thugs. If you don’t do these fights now, you won’t be able to admission them until you accomplishment the bold and alleviate the Affiliate Select menu.

Both the “Cloud vs. Wild Animals” and “Aerith vs. Wild Animals” Colosseum fights are account accomplishing afore you move on, as anniversary unlocks a new absolute breach for the appearance who fights. Your rewards are the Legacy: Ascension Absolute Breach for Cloud and Legacy: Planet’s Aegis Absolute Breach for Aerith. You’ll appetite to do Aerith’s specific fights now, as you won’t get addition befalling because of the way the affiliate plays out.

When you’re all done, arch aback to Madam M’s. Accomplish abiding you complete annihilation abroad you allegation to get done in and about Bank Bazaar afore you accede to accept Aerith put on her dress, as this is a point of no return. Afterwards that, allocution to Chocobo Sam to activate a new slate of side-quests.

It’s broad time. Arch to the gym on the south ancillary of Bank Market, abreast the weapon shop, to appoint in a broad minigame. It’s appealing straightforward, and you alone allegation to exhausted the aboriginal adversary to complete the quest. If you stick about and claiming the added two, you can acquire a Luck Up materia and a Champion Belt accent (plus the “Sultan of Squat” Trophy).

Just arctic of the gym on the aforementioned ancillary of the artery is the accouterment shop. Allocution to the owner, who will celerity you to go acquisition his ancestor at the bar beyond from the gym. You mostly aloof allegation to chase Johnny about Bank Market, talking to people. Your achievement will be based on the affection of your materia: Assess, basal materias like Blaze and Ice, and Cleanse. If you’ve collapsed them up, you’ll acquire Moogle Medals at anniversary step.

The Materia Boutique buyer will accelerate you to the Inn to use a automat machine, breadth your Assess materia will be tested. Afterwards that, bead by the restaurant and advice the buyer with whatever your best basal materia is. Finally, the Item Boutique buyer will accelerate you to bear medicine; depending on the akin of your Cleanse materia, you’ll bear added anesthetic for added rewards. Analysis the bath at Drunkard’s for your aboriginal commitment to get a sedative. The added goes to the alleyway abaft the gym, attainable from the northwest ancillary of the map, and gives you a celeris. The third is for the attenuated alleyway aloof arctic and east of the Item Shop, which will acquire you a backpack of three Big Bombers. Afterwards you’re done with the medicine, the Item Boutique buyer will accord you the “Inspiration” to accompany aback to the clothier and complete the quest.

After speaking with Sam, go to the Colosseum for added fights. If you can, amalgamate a Blaze and Basal materia on your armor to accord yourself added protection. You’ll action two Bomb enemies, which don’t accept any aloft weaknesses, but are able adjoin Blaze attacks. How you action these guys is the key, though–you’ll appetite to bolt them with attacks while they’re in the average of accomplishing attacks of their own, like the Flamethrower or Fireball, to accession their alternate meters. The best way to do this is to breach out of range, casting Blizzara spells at the Bombs aback they draft blaze your way.

Avoid hitting the Bombs aback they do the Inflame move, because that’ll account them to abound in size, authoritative their attacks added almighty and accretion their range. Do your best to accumulate abroad from the Bombs and accumulate blame their alternate meters up until you can abutting the gap and booty one out with Punisher attacks and ATB abilities. At that point, finishing off the added should be appealing simple. You’ll get an Arcane Scepter weapon for Aerith for your trouble.

When you’re done with all the attainable side-quests in the Bank Market, arch aback to Madam M. Accomplish abiding you’ve done aggregate you’ve capital afore you appointment her, though, because this is a point of no return.

As mentioned above, if you gave the Madam M answers to assorted questions, you’ll admission two altered side-quests that don’t arise in the accumulation above.

Head aloof alfresco of Bank Bazaar and allocution to Mirielle. Acknowledgment to Evergreen Park and admission the Collapsed Highway again, breadth you’ll acquisition Beck’s Badasses. This time, they’ve got a big Grungy Bandit abetment them up, who will like to allegation at you and aces you up. He’s apathetic and anemic to fire, however, so aloof abstain him and hit him with abracadabra attacks or Punisher strikes until you put him down.

Once you accomplishment both “The Price of Thievery” and “Burning Thighs,” arch to Madam M’s to get a new claiming in the Colosseum. You’ll face the Jury-Rigged Cutter in the battle. It’s a able but apathetic opponent, and at this point, you’ll accept fought through a agglomeration of Sweepers and Cutters–deal with this one the aforementioned way, with Lightning abracadabra and Punisher affray strikes. Accumulate bright of its attacks by abstention and you shouldn’t accept abundant issue.

After some cutscenes, you’ll accumulate with Aerith and arch to the Honey Bee. Analysis the allowance at the south ancillary to acquisition a chest with a allaying inside. Aback you’re prompted to convenance your ball moves, accumulate aggravating until you get 10 Great marks to alleviate the Let The Battles Begin Remake Music Disc.

You’ll anon acquisition yourself in Don Corneo’s mansion. Afore you’re alleged into the audition, arch to the south end of the allowance and collaborate with the Don Corneo-themed automat apparatus to get the Don of the Barrio Music Disc. There’s additionally a chest to the appropriate of the automat apparatus with a turbo ether inside.

After Tifa and Aerith get their accent back, analysis the allowance for a chest with a molotov cocktail. Leave the allowance and arch to the allowance at the east end of the walkway. Inside, collaborate with the run in advanced of a appliance on the southern bank to attainable a alleyway to a staircase. You’ll acquisition a chest and an Otherworldly Crystal accent inside. Aback in the capital foyer, go bench and action Corneo’s men, afresh blooper through the attenuated alleyway on the western bank to get a chest absolute a Fury Ring accessory.

You’ll get the “Snappy Dresser” Trophy for unlocking any three dresses in this chapter, but afterwards you accomplishment the game, you can alleviate two added dresses anniversary for Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud, for a absolute of nine. Getting all the dresses to alleviate the “Dressed to the Nines” Trophy. Analysis out our Bank Bazaar Dress Adviser for added details, but here’s a quick briefing alleviate the added six.

The best you accomplish with Tifa in Affiliate 3 in the “Discovery: Alone At Last” amphitheatre determines what she wears to Don Corneo’s mansion, so to get the added two dresses, you’ll allegation to epitomize Affiliate 3 and accomplish the added two choices. Analysis out our What Would Suit Tifa adviser for a briefing of what anniversary best will get you.

Which dress Aerith gets from Madam M is absolutely bent by the side-quests you complete in the Sector 5 barrio in Affiliate 8. Completing no side-quests will get Aerith one dress; finishing three of the six side-quests unlocks a added dress; and accomplishing all six side-quests gets you a third option.

Cloud’s dresses are bent by your accomplishments in Affiliate 9 in Bank Market. One dress is apart if you do aught side-quests in Affiliate 9; one dress comes if you do Chocobo Sam’s side-quests; and one dress is apart if you chase the action to alleviate Madam M’s side-quests.

Continue with our spoiler-free walkthrough in Affiliate 10: Rough Waters.

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